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Enjoy yourself as you join the animals of Zooba in their quest to start their rebellion against the guard. Enjoy the easy and addicting Battle Royale gameplay on Zooba with the adorable animals. Then get into exciting battles against the various intriguing characters from the game.

Discover the exciting and rewarding combats while playing with different animals, with intriguing faces and expressions. Choose from a range of weapons available to defeat your foes. Also, compete with your other online gamers and friends with exciting PvP games.

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The players are part of a group of fascinating Zoo animals while they plan their amazing escapes to fend off guards and compete against each other in epic brawls. Play as a variety of fascinating animals including a monkey even a tiger gorillas or giraffes. Experience the thrilling battles of every character, and modify them using unique costumes.

Furthermore, the game includes multiple battlefields that come with different configurations to play. Discover yourself acquiring the most powerful weapons and compete with your friends for awesome animal food in Zooba. Discover more exciting gameplay as you play the game.

Zooba 3.12.0 APK + MOD (Unlimited Sprint Skills) Download for Android

With the modern Battle Royale gameplay, you’ll be able to play with other gamers in thrilling multiplayer battles in which you’ll compete in order to become the only standing. Find a variety of weapons and items for victory. Avoid the fire rings as they slowly approach you.


You’ll discover the most amazing features the game can offer:

Simple, simple, and addictive game

Enjoy the easy but addictive game with the group of wild animals on your mobile device. Get familiar with the game with the clear instructions and tips from your lion-loving friend. Utilize the features of the easy and comfortable control to guide your favorite pets to triumph in this thrilling Battle Royale matchup.

Take part in the exciting and addicting online battles in PvP

Players encounter many other online players in a battle to be the one to live. Find thrilling Battle Royal challenges in your favorite animal park. You will be fighting another 19 animals, guards, and other creatures while you fight to survive. Find a variety of weapons and items to boost your character’s abilities. Explore a variety of battlefields using different settings and play with real gamers playing epic PvP games.

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Select your favorite characters with special capabilities

For starters, you’ll be able to play with more than 10 fascinating animals, each with its distinctive style of fighting and unique facial expressions during battles. Take on other players such as the frenzied lion, the fierce gorilla, the difficult monkey, the uncoordinated panda, and many more. Besiege your adversaries in order to claim your top positions at the Zoo.

You can pick up multiple weapons using special mechanics

Additionally, to make combat more enjoyable, players are also able to choose from a range of weapons that have unique combat techniques.

Take on your enemies in close proximity with the power of your shotguns and spears or shoot accurately from afar with firearms or bows. With many weapons in your arsenal, you are able to easily change between them while waiting for the other to recharge. Thus, you’ll have the chance to engage in endless battles with epic fights in Zooba. It never ends unless you’re the sole player that remains standing. Strive to be the King of the Zoo

Take part in the zoo’s animal festival and fight against other animals to become the king of the Zoo. Compete against players from across the globe while you battle them in endless games of the league. Take on multiple challenges and tasks which are handed to you as an emperor. You can win and be promoted or even accept the defeat and join others waiting for a second opportunity.

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Have fun playing with your colleagues in team matches

If you’re looking to get involved, you can play with your players and friends in a more friendly team battle. Get together with your friends and with other players as you create a formidable team. Take part in exciting battles against other players while you discover the potential of cooperation. Team up with your friends in order to take on other teams to take the title.

Get your Battle Pass for more interesting gameplay

For players to enjoy the game to the fullest, players can also get a Battle Pass and play the game as V.I.P Fighter. Take on the challenging challenges, and get all access to the amazing rewards and daily rewards in the game.

Play for free

If you’re in search of enjoyable and quick Battle Royale experiences, google play store Zooba is certainly the best option, particularly since you can get it at no cost. You can download to install Zooba on Google Play Store. Google Play Store without having to spend a dime.

Have fun with the game without a cool-down of skills.

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To help you to be the ultimate champion and to help you become the best, we’ve provided specific mods to the game that include the most intriguing features. This means that you can download an altered version of our game now, and get started taking advantage of the fantastic hacks like no cooldown as well as unlimited sprints, and many more. This will make your game tasks a lot easier. It’s all it takes to get and install Zooba Mod APK from our site.

Sound and visual quality


The game is exciting and intuitive 3D graphics, with friendly cartoon-like styles. Therefore, it’s appropriate for players of all ages and can be played any place you’d like. Furthermore, the adjustable settings for graphics let you select specific levels of graphics that are compatible with the device you’re using. So, you can reduce the lags and stutters that occur during your gaming experience.


Experience the powerful and memorable audio experience in Zooba while you guide your characters to victory in an array of thrilling and addicting combats. Take note and you’ll even hear the distinctive sounds created by various animals.

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With its easy and addicting gameplay, Zooba is certainly an enjoyable game to play on your mobile device whenever you’re feeling bored. If you’re one of those who are looking for similar experiences, you should consider brawl Stars as well as Archery and Archer, which are both great games that feature addicting gameplay.

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