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recorder If you want to record what’s happening on an Android display it won’t be possible to do so using the built-in features which can accomplish this. Therefore, you’ll require external applications that can allow you to record stunning videos in a snap. In addition, Android users can now benefit from the powerful mobile app the XRecorder.

This app will enable you to quickly record your screen actions using the option of quick recording. Additionally, you can make use of the other settings that allow you to further personalize the app using your own individualization. Additionally, you can use Live stream features if would like to have your monitor access to the channels.

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What is it?

In XRecorder, Android users can benefit from its capabilities to record clear and smooth screen videos with their mobile devices. You can also easily capture any type of screenshot without the need to search for the option to do so on any of the Android devices. Draw freely and show your message on the screen for a more natural visual experience. Also, feel free to add sounds to make your videos more thrilling and entertaining.

Have fun making your best screen-based videos without having to contend with frustrating watermarks. You can unlock the powerful brushes to draw your images on your screen however you like. Use the options to pause and resume to allow you to comfortably work with the

tools. It is easy to adjust the screen to either horizontal or vertical screen recording. Make sure you enable the helpful video settings to experience the best quality video. Additionally, you can have fun working with the various options in the mobile application. These will all ensure that you take advantage of the amazing app to the max.

Download XRecorder, the best screen recording program for PC and mobile free


If you are curious, you can use the free version of XRecorder available on the Google Play Store without having to purchase it. Although it’s still free there will be premium features you need to buy in-app.

In order to ensure the app’s compatibility with your device, It is also recommended that you keep your Android devices upgraded to the most recent firmware versions. Don’t forget to supply the application with all necessary access permissions for you to make the most out of it.

Amazing features

Here are the top features the app offers:

Enjoy recording your videos and enjoy them with no watermarks

If you are curious, you can capture your screen without the hassle of the irritating watermarks that are typical of other similar apps. This means that XRecorder will give you a better experience for you capturing your screenshots and videos without any hassles.

Allow internal audio recording

In order to make the video appear more real, XRecorder will allow users to take videos using internal audio. It could make a big difference from recording the footage on its own. It is now possible to add sound to your screen recordings and make videos more enjoyable and accessible for the majority of users.

Work freely with the brush tool.

In addition, due to the brush tools available it is easy to work your brush on the screen while making recordings or streaming live. You are free to draw whatever that you like or draw lines on your screen to help understand your ideas. The features and settings included in XRecorder can make it much more user-friendly.

Screen Recorder & Video Recorder - XRecorder v1.4.1 (Pro) APK Download | ApkMagic

Pause and resume recording effortlessly

If you’re experiencing issues with your recording, we recommend that users pause the video and begin working to adjust the settings. If you only require a couple of minutes of the timeout, users of XRecorder can effortlessly use the Pause/Resume feature to finish their recording. It won’t impact the final record and you’ll still be able to enjoy the smooth videos.

Recording adaptive with support for full resolution

With the adaptive recording option accessible, Android smartphone users are able to use the screen vertically and horizontally. the recorder will automatically alter the orientation of the screen as well as the ratio to ensure that your recordings are in line with your experience. With the help of the Resolution settings, you are able to effortlessly capture videos using numerous options, ranging from 240p to 1440p 60FPS 12Mbps, and many more.

Work comfortably with the handy floating windows.

Thanks to the floating windows accessible in XRecorder Android users are able to easily turn on the single-touch control within the mobile app and continue their live stream without problems. You can also easily remove the floating controls to ensure clean and pure recording experiences with XRecorder at any time you’d like.

Capture screenshots easily

If you are interested, you can use the helpful screen capture feature to take clear images in XRecorder without needing to access the specialized settings on mobile devices. This lets you swiftly utilize the feature to capture any moment instant on the screen.

Utilize the countdown timer in order to plan your recording

With the countdown clock available in XRecorder Android users are able to manage their data. Just setting certain schedules to enable to allows the app to perform the operation automatically at the proper time.

Turn on Facecam to allow others to see you.

You can also make use of the fantastic Facecam to interact easily with the crowd while making your screen recordings. It is possible to show your faces and have interactions with other people. This feature is great when you’re trying to play games or even react to videos to your audience.

Enjoy unlimited recording periods

With XRecorder, Android users can have unlimited recording times without restrictions. In the end, you’ll be allowed to record your screen to the length wanted.

Make use of this powerful image editor.

To make the application more engaging, all footage within XRecorder can be edited easily with the built-in videos along with photo editors. You can cut, merge, alter speed as well as add text, music or adjust the ratio and even crop your videos in various ways. Additionally, you can use the compression option to reduce the size of your videos without affecting visual quality. Additionally, you can edit your photos easily using the crop brush, text rotates, and other common options. Last but not least the camera’s beauty settings let you stream your videos and engage with your viewers more effectively.

You can work with various video platforms

XRecorder users are now able to use multiple Livestream platforms while using the mobile application. In the end, you’ll have your mobile gaming streams and video reactions in a matter of minutes.

Customizable storage location

To ensure that your devices have sufficient capacity for storage, Android users can now have fun working with internal Storage as well as the SD Card. Choose from a variety of options available and save your files to any of the locations you choose.

Set up different themes settings

In XRecorder, Android users can benefit from the helpful Dark mode as well as a variety of unique themes, which will let them comfortably use the app on their mobile devices. You are free to choose any of your preferred layouts for your preferred images so you are able to have fun with the XRecorder app. This will ensure that you’re constantly encouraged to try the application.

Have fun using the modified application available on our website.

Thanks to the updated version of XRecorder available on our website, you’re now able to benefit from the ad-free and free features without paying any fee. Just download the Mod APK of XRecorder Follow the instructions to install it and begin using the application. You are free to utilize the application to record every video on your screen as well as live-stream your display with no issues.

Final decisions

Together with Mobizen Screen Recorder, Android users can benefit from working with XRecorder to record their screenshots and videos on-screen. It is free to use the mobile app that is fully functional and take advantage of many of its features without any issues. In addition, with the free and unlocked version available on our website, you’ll have even more reasons to get started using the application.


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