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VLC Mobile Remote Prepare to experience this handy mobile app of VLC Remote, which will enable Android users to effortlessly make remote control options available for their PCs and Mac devices by using mobile phones, tablets, as well as your Android, Wear gadgets. 
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January 3, 2022
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Description of VLC Mobile Remote MOD APK 8.7.5 (Premium)

VLC Mobile Remote - PC & Mac - Apps on Google Play

VLC Mobile Remote Prepare to experience this handy mobile app of VLC Remote, which will enable Android users to effortlessly make remote control options available for their PCs and Mac devices by using mobile phones, tablets, as well as your Android, Wear gadgets. This allows you to experience a more enjoyable and efficient remote control with the go with your smartphones.

Select the devices you want to connect using the VLC Remote. It can be turned into a wireless controller for your VLC player or other media player that lets you enjoy audio and video files without needing to be next to your computer. You can also make use of the functions available to convert the VLC Mobile Remote into a fully-featured remote to use with your Android devices.

Find out more about this amazing mobile application and all its fascinating features in our comprehensive review.

What is it?

In essence, once you have VLC Mobile Remote downloaded on the mobile device, you are able to connect to your desktop or laptop by using the VMR Remote tool that is installed on either your computer or Mac device. After that, you can begin using VLC Mobile Remote and its features to experience the features and capabilities of the application to control either your computer or Mac via mobile devices. Take advantage of the many diverse options and features the application has to offer that will let you enjoy the incredible mobile application for VLC Mobile Remote. VLC Mobile Remote to the maximum.

Set up a remote control for your VLC Media Player or any other application without needing to be close to the setup. Take advantage of the fast playback settings on your smartphone and your touchscreen interactive. Set up a variety of settings to control other applications that run on your system. Navigate to your browser and access any web pages by using the VLC Mobile Remote controller without having any problems. Feel free to discover other exciting applications that allow you to get the most out of it.

VLC Remote Control for Android & iPhone - VLC Mobile Remote


If you are intrigued by the amazing mobile application VLC Mobile Remote, you are now able to use the free version available on the Google Play Store which is always accessible to all users who want to download it. However, if you wish to maximize the use of the mobile app, there will be in-app purchases you have to make to be able to use the full version of the app.

However as with other Android applications, VLC Mobile Remote requires specific access rights to your system in order to allow its full capabilities. This means that you’ll need to ensure that the application has all of the necessary actions in the order in order to function according to its intended purpose. Don’t forget to keep your Android devices upgraded to the most current firmware versions, which will improve the stability of your device and make it compatible with your operating system.

Additionally, you’ll be required to install in addition, the VLC Media Player app enabled on your Android system to play video and media files that have remote controls using the application. To control your remote on your PC or Mac generally, you’ll be required to have the VMR Connect app from VLC installed on your PC for full control of all remote controls. Your devices must have the ability to connect via the network, either Wi-Fi or LAN for the remote connection to be enabled.

Fantastic features

Here are all the thrilling features the app can offer:

You can play media files without needing to use your desktop

In VLC Mobile Remote, Android users can choose to have full control over this VLC Media Player on their computer or laptop. This lets you easily play, browse, and modify the settings for playback in the application. This means that you will have a universal control device for playbacks of media.

Download VMR Connect for PC or Mac - VLC Mobile Remote

Simple set-up for all devices

Once you have all the necessary apps and access permissions activated in the application, Android users in VLC Mobile Remote can easily install and install the mobile application on their systems. Just follow the easy set-up wizard that provides step-by-step directions for the device. Follow the steps to download the application and then you are able to begin working using its functions.

You can control the app from the control panel on your Android Wear devices

For those who are curious, you can be able to control the app using any of the Android Wear devices This will make the system more accessible. Connect it to your Android Wear devices to make use of the features in the app. This is where VLC Mobile Remote lets you manage the remote devices without difficulty.

Automatically connect with VLC Player

The auto-connect feature is included within VLC Mobile Remote, the app allows you to join the internet via your PC or Mac when you’re on an identical Wi-Fi connection. This will make it simple for you to operate VLC Remote.

Very responsive and fast

Thanks to the clever quick, responsive, and fast remote controllers, VLC Mobile Remote will enable Android users to use the full-featured remote control for their TV without lags or features that aren’t there. With both gesture controls as well as touchscreen actions to utilize, Android users can easily benefit from the mobile app.

Additionally, the user-friendly gestures and layouts mean it will not take time to become familiar with the application and its functions. You can also access physically-activated buttons in your device to be used as controllers for your computer, using the volume controls available or to control the phone calls that are incoming to your mobile phone.

The most important thing is that VLC Mobile Remote will allow Android users to modify their gestures and touch controls, allowing them to enjoy a more remote control experience on their PC.

It is a useful remote control feature while playing

If you are interested, you can use various remote-control options within the app, without having to reach for your laptops or desktops. Simply turn on the stop Play, Stop, and Play buttons to control streaming media. Control the volume as well as the next and the previous track using simple gestures and actions. Utilize the touchscreen to make smooth transitions in the rewinding and forwarding controls. You can also enable the various screen ratios by using the Quick Action Menu that is available from Playback’s interface.

Additionally, you can utilize the app to control the DVD controls on your device. It is your choice to pick the files you would like to work on and begin playing them. Use the simple option to switch the audio output to the audio output devices on your computer or switch back to mobile phones. It is easy to close and quickly end your VLC Media Player app directly from your mobile devices without needing to interact with the PCs. This should let you use the amazing application on your mobile as well as its capabilities to their fullest.

You can access all your folders and files

To allow you to search for all folders and files on your computer, VLC Mobile Remote also allows access remote to the computer through VLC Mobile Remote. You can effortlessly look over the various folders and files to improve their functionality. Use the settings for folders to choose any collection of videos as your home location. Save your most-loved folders for quick access later. Use the helpful sorting feature to manage the entries available and organize your playlists. Access many files on your computer’s addresses through their various storage options, and browse through multiple files on all platforms at the same time.

Manage and enable subtitles on your devices.

To make the most of your videos You can opt to add subtitles to your videos to provide a better experience when playing back. Select your subtitles from sources you downloaded and then have them easily enabled in the mobile application. Choose the playback speed and alter the duration of the subtitles in order to ensure they are more precise. This is applicable to the videos that are playing and also those available on your device. Just select the videos, and then add subtitles without difficulty.

Play media online without issues

If you are interested, you can take advantage of the streaming media on the internet with VLC Mobile Remote, which is now available to all Android users to use. You just need to find your online streaming URL and then add it to the application so you can play online videos. This includes websites, radio channels streaming live, live streams, and much more. All of these should let you enjoy the mobile app to the max.

Create screenshots in accordance with frames

While you’re watching the videos on your desktop, you can take screenshots using your keyboard without touching it, with the built-in features of VLC Mobile Remote. In fact, the application allows you to capture your screen image using a precise video frame, which could enhance the quality of your screenshot in the event that you need to make an exact copy.

Set up your PC and Mac Remote app

Alongside the remote functions in VLC Media Player, Android users can make use of the features of VLC Mobile Remote to work on other applications and documents that run on either the Windows as well as Mac system. Just enable your VMR Connect application on your laptops and desktops to establish a remote connection between mobile devices and PCs.

You can now take full control of your Windows as well as Mac system by using the keyboard and mouse access that can transform your Android gadgets into the second destruction. Utilize your remote control to access additional applications as well as features of your computer and take advantage of it to the fullest. Start Chrome, Firefox, and other browsers available on the system; open media files you want to play with other players, and connect to your streaming service online to transform your desktop into an advanced smart TV and use the other applications available that are available on the system to use the best.

Home screen widget that is useful and lock screen widget

In order to help make the mobile app more user-friendly, VLC Mobile Remote also includes a security screen, home screen as well as lock widgets which makes it more manageable to control the playback of media files. Use this widget on your home screen in order to personalize the experience of playing back without opening the application. The lock screen and notification bar widgets ensure that you have the ability to change basic playback settings when shutting off the devices or using other Android applications, which will make the mobile app much more user-friendly.

Download the no-cost and unlocked app by using our unique mod

Last but not least You can now download the completely free and unlocked version for VLC Mobile Remote on our website. With ads completely eliminated or in-app payments, it is possible to enjoy all the features of VLC Mobile Remote without any issues. All you have to do is install VLC Mobile Remote Mod APK, install it on your device. VLC Mobile Remote Mod APK Follow the instructions and you’ll soon be enjoying it.

Final decisions

With simple ideas and endless apps, VLC Mobile Remote allows Android users to make greater usage of their smartphones and desktops with remote controls. You can now use a universal remote for your TV on Android devices, which will effectively operate your VLC Media Player software and various other apps running on Windows as well as Mac OS devices. So, you will have many exciting apps to use.


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