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Description of Viva TV MOD APK 1.7.5 (Ad-Free/Extra)

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If you want to watch live TV channels as well as television shows online, films cartoons, as well as other videos You can now experience using the mobile app from VivaLive TV, which will ensure that you are able to watch whatever you want at no cost. Access the almost endless collection of videos that can be streamed directly to your devices, and then take advantage of them to the max.

Utilizing the powerful devices, VivaLive TV will make sure that Android users will have access to all of their most loved TV and films without the need to host videos on its servers. Just enable the search feature to find streams of your preferred videos for free on the app. VivaLive TV will make sure that you enjoy a full entertainment experience.

Learn more about this amazing mobile application from VivaLive TV and all of its features in our thorough review.

What is it? 

In VivaLive TV Android users can access their complete application for streaming TV and films without the need to pay for subscriptions, like other streaming services. This means that you’ll save a significant amount of money while being in a position to stream the best video content you like in high-quality. You can enjoy watching streams and videos while on the move.

Offering the remarkable multi-faceted search engine for videos, VivaLive TV allows Android users to search for TV and movies available shows on their host websites. Choose what you’d like to watch and then watch the movies using VivaLive TV without any trouble. Thanks to the user-friendly and useful features, you’ll be able to take pleasure in watching your most loved movies and shows with VivaLive TV to the fullest.



For those who are intrigued by this fantastic mobile application, You can download the app for free on its official website. Also, since VivaLive TV does feature ads and pop-ups that collect the money of their users, it may be a bit annoying when you watch your shows. But it shouldn’t alter your overall experience in the application.

Additionally, to be sure that the application can function properly on mobile devices, you need to supply VivaLive TV with certain access permissions from your Android system, which is required to enable certain functions.

Make sure to keep your Android devices upgraded to the most recent firmware versions. This will also ensure the application’s stability and compatibility with your system, especially when working with the latest version.

Fantastic features

Here are the most exciting features the app can offer:

Simple and easy-to-use application

For starters, Android users in VivaLive TV are able to work comfortably with the easy and user-friendly mobile app on their mobile devices. Enjoy exploring the user-friendly application UI that lets you freely play with the capabilities. Additionally, with the innovative layouts available for television and phones it is possible to use VivaLive TV like a real content-hosting application. The shows that are featured will be on the screens at home in various categories to be accessed. The results of your search are also categorized into their own categories and genres to help you manage your library. Be sure to enjoy the gorgeous and soothing layouts of VivaLive TV as the fantastic mobile app allows Android users to take advantage of its capabilities.

Live HD Streaming Channels for TV, Radio, and Programs

Find unlimited online video content

In VivaLive TV, Android users can benefit from unlimited online video content available through the app. This will ensure that they will always have access to their most loved TV and film shows with no hassle. With the powerful search engine that is modular, it will allow you to find the most popular videos from a range of websites and hosting services. Watch your videos at 1080p or even 4Kresolution, because it allows Android customers to completely enjoy the experience.

Support your Trakt accounts

If you are curious, you can connect the application directly to Trakt accounts to sync all of your viewing data toVivaLive TV. Take advantage of the helpful mobile application that lets Android viewers store their history of watching, their favorite shows and movies list of watchlists, and much more. Don’t lose track of them thanks to the handy application called VivaLive TV.

Video player built-in with lots of options

In order to ensure that you use the streaming services to the max, VivaLive TV also offers built-in video playback features that let users stream their preferred shows, with complete control of the playback options. Additionally, you can connect to an external player application for an enhanced experience with your video streaming.

Many link providers that you can work with

To increase the appeal of the app, Android users in VivaLive TV will now have the choice of exploring high-quality content offered by a variety of hosting link providers within the application. In this case, VivaLive TV supports Real-debris, Alldebrid Premiumize, and Alldebrid, as well as several other top-quality services to use.

Use all of your devices

With VivaLive TV, Android users can easily use the app on their devices of choice to enjoy the immersive gaming experiences to the maximum. It is possible to download the application downloaded on all of your Android gadgets, Amazon Fire TV, Nvidia Shield, and many other devices. This should enable you to enjoy your films and TV shows to the maximum.

Take advantage of the modified version of our app available on our website.

Because VivaLive TV currently features ads and pop-ups, some of you may find it to be a bit irritating. So, it is possible to download the no-cost and unlocked version on our site instead. We offer a modified application, which has removed advertisements banners for promos promotional apps, and pop-ups. This ensures you are able to experience the fantastic entertainment to the maximum.

In addition, we removed unnecessary or irrelevant permissions from the application so that it is able to run without having excessive access rights to your devices. All trackers and analytics within VivaLive TV will be disabled to ensure that you don’t lose crucial information. Additionally, the enhanced application that has many features and links removed allows you to feel comfortable and satisfied with the application. In addition, it won’t force you to upgrade to a more recent version while running the modified.

All that is required is to download the VivaLive TV Mod APK and follow the instructions and begin enjoying the world of films and shows streaming online.

Final decisions

If you are curious, you can have fun using the incredible application called VivaLive TV, as it lets Android users enjoy watching their favorite TV and films at any time, without paying anything. In addition, the no-cost and unlocked version of the application found on our site will provide many more reasons to download the app.


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