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The description of Vector MOD APK 1.3.1 (Unlimited Money)

Vector Explore the original and thrilling gameplay in Vector where you’ll be a character on his epic journey. Play the platformer with a parkour theme on your smartphones while you lead your character through various obstacles and tackle a variety of tasks.

Keep running until you are free of those men who are following them. Utilize the terrains to escape in epic fashion by jumping off of the windows, sliding under obstacles, making incredible leaps across multiple obstacles, and landing on the floor.

Learn more about the amazing game developed by the NEKKI team with our review.

Vector MOD APK


Imagine a world in which discipline and conformity are the norms. Most of humanity has been confined to a certain level, so they’re required to live their existence by following the rules and getting rid of all their feelings, hopes, and desires.

As a result, workers have to be employed in large companies in which they must follow the exact instructions of their bosses. As robotics with no heart and mind will be what they’ll endure for the rest of their lives. In the hands of universal devices that are put all over the planet, to shut down their thoughts, humans will not think about escape.

But, there are people who are able to resist these oppressions and do not want to live dull and miserable life. In the face of all those oppressors, it was time to come to an end when one of the employees refused to comply and was successful in removing the device controlling him. Now, he’s being hunted by all the mercenaries working for the corporate.

Utilize the distinctive parkour-style running in Vector while you help your character get past all sorts of obstacles and achieve freedom. Get multiple buffs and discover new moves to improve your running experience. Take on players from all over the world to compete on the thrilling leaderboards. There are many things to do in Vector.


This page will provide all the thrilling features the game can offer:

Simple and addictive game

The game has basic controls that allow players to become familiar with the game’s mechanics quickly. Furthermore, it offers a basic concept of a platformer game that lets you take control of a character in his amazing escape from a world corporation.

Make use of the single-finger controls while you play the original and amazing parkour style of play. Move your fingers upwards and downwards to do amazing parkour moves and overcome obstacles with style.

But don’t consider the game as simple since you’ll face many challenges, with increasing difficulty. Therefore, the game might be easy to play however, it will take some time to master.

Vector MOD APK

Unique parkour platformer hasn’t been ever

This is the very first occasion ever, Android players will have the chance to play the original game that is inspired by Parkour. It is possible to perform incredible moves from the vast Parkour moves within the game. You can enjoy stunning and powerful escape moves created by the real-life Cascadeur animating tools. It’s like creating it yourself.

Face multiple challenges on incredible levels

Explore the thrilling story mode that will see you take on a global corporation trying to capture and control you. Discover yourself taking on different levels, with ever-more difficult obstacles. Compete against your friends and win with more than 40 distinct levels. Take part in the thrilling chases across diverse terrains and locations from the sky-high buildings to the massive spaceships. You’ll be able to experience the classic platformer at its best.

Multiple parkour maneuvers to make the most amazing escapes

To make the game more enjoyable and to aid your character to grow in the pursuits, the game includes a variety of parkour moves you can use to get out of difficult situations. You can choose from more than 100 moves and create amazing escapes with your amazing abilities.

Find a gadget to take on the foes

Furthermore, it also comes with numerous gadgets that allow you a variety of advantages. This means that you can make the most of the amazing buffs and unleash them at the perfect moment to gain huge advantages, from destroying the hunter in front of you so that you escape, to enabling the fastest speed of your characters.

Vector MOD APK

Refresh the look of your car with new gears

In addition to the amazing devices, you’re also able to alter your character by selecting custom-made gears. This means that you are able to give your character’s new cap, a new coat, or even set him on an airborne glider. You can enjoy the thrilling runs more when you discover getting access to brand new gear.

Play the game in two distinct styles

The game is currently available in two different running modes that gamers can enjoy. The first one is a classic vector game in which you do your best to stay clear of the chases of your enemies. Utilize all your amazing parkour skills to beat them.

But, if you’re searching for a new and exciting game Why not try to change roles? In other words, you can be the hunter rather than the hunter. Play the game in a whole new mode, with different levels and new challenges.

Compete with players online and with friends on the leaderboards

If you’re hoping to have your skills and abilities tested with actual online challenges, the famous leaderboards of Vector will certainly be interesting to you. In the end, you’ll be playing various challenges that have increased difficulty. Compete against your adversaries as you move up the rank table, and eventually become the world’s top player in the Vector game. Earn the right to be proud with your buddies and amazing rewards for your avatars.

Vector MOD APK

Get the game unlocked completely by our mod

Although the game is certainly enjoyable, it’s an expensive game. In addition, you’ll be stung by irritating ads as well as in-app purchases. However, if you’d like to play without cost, our modified version is sure to please you.

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Download and install our Vector Mod APK to make the game fully unlocked. With it, you will play the game completely free, and make unlimited buy anything you want and, the most important thing is that there won’t be any advertisements to disturb you.

Sound and visual quality


With its simple, yet pleasing graphics that are smooth and enjoyable, Vector introduces gamers to the real-life and fun platform running experience, unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. You’ll have a lot of fun dipping into the distinctive parkour running styles.


With exhilarating and intense music, Vector introduces gamers to the thrilling run and chase gameplay. Take advantage of your unique parkour style and you’ll be able to fend off your enemies using amazing moves. Play with passion when you jump into every jump and slide.

Download Vector Mod latest 1.3.1 Android APK

This game is the perfect game for those attracted by the casual, platformer gameplay. If you’re looking for an even more demanding gameplay Flip Diving and Vector 2 could be the perfect game for you.

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