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Vault For Android users taking care to keep your devices safe and secure is the top goal. This is why, with Vault, you’ll be being able to use a range of intriguing options to safeguard your privacy. Create your own vault to stop from accessing your most important photos, files, and apps, as well as messages and much more with some simple commands.

Join millions of internet users around the globe, and you can also safeguard your mobile devices by using Vault. Make use of the powerful and safe features within the application as you use it to safeguard your data from loss. Also, ensure your privacy when using your smartphone for various uses.

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What is it?

In the beginning, the application is designed to safeguard all your personal data, information, and privacy from being used by others. This can happen if you lose your phone, or utilize it for every job. The thieves are everywhere in your vicinity and are waiting to steal your personal information in a flash.

With the total and reliable security offered by Vault, you’ll definitely notice the phones to be safer and more secure to use. Additionally, you don’t need to worry about putting your phone on your desk because the snarky and obnoxious users won’t be able to check on the phone. Additionally, you can utilize it to hide specific apps to make sure that no one is able from seeing them. So, they will not discover the essential apps that you have on the mobile device you use.


Android users will definitely be pleased to find the Vault application extremely user-friendly and user-friendly since you can get it installed on mobile devices. Additionally, the application does not require any specific permission from your root device. So, most users will be able to use it with no need to worry about advanced installation. With the features that are optimized for optimal performance, it will perform well on low-end phones.

In addition, you can benefit from its capabilities while being completely off the internet. Be aware that to utilize certain features like cloud-based online backups download content, and others You must be connected to the Internet.

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You’ll discover the most amazing features this app can provide:

Keep your information private with vaults

To ensure your privacy when using vaults, Android users are also allowed to conceal and secure their apps by creating vaults that can be accessed. Only those who have the password can access the private apps in these vaults. You won’t be able to see your phone being snubbed by anyone else, even as they attempt to find information about your applications.

Make sure you protect your data after receiving them

If you’re curious, the app allows users to improve the security of their data by offering the protection of your password for downloaded files. This includes encrypted files that are delivered to devices from various sources. Once they arrive they just Vault with the password that is protected and will allow you to access the files.

Find your phone number in the inquiry box.

When you get calls from unknown callers you can search quickly the contact information in the box for inquiry. So, you can identify who is calling you, even if you don’t have their phone numbers saved on your mobile device.

Check your apps using secure passwords

Furthermore, for those who are interested, the advanced App Lock feature can offer additional security to your smartphone. This means that you can choose a password for your essential applications, and stop anyone else from accessing them, even after you’ve closed your vaults. Therefore, you can safeguard your social profiles, photo calls, call history, browsing information as well as other information.

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Browse on the Internet without being identified

To protect your privacy online It also has an excellent built-in browser that lets you surf through the Internet with no fear of being tracked by others. Therefore, your online history isn’t going to be a trace for anyone else to look over your activities. If you’d like to, it’s possible to open the Private Bookmark and keep all your information private.

Save your files online to ensure you don’t lose them

To ensure that your data is not lost in the future, take advantage of the cloud backup feature in Vault. The app permits Android users to completely upload all their images as well as videos, apps as well as system backups to the cloud. So, whenever you require access to them or want to have them accessible on your mobile devices, it’ll be a lot simpler.

Easy to sync with other devices

In addition, with the cloud backup feature activated, you are able to transfer your settings information to Vault as well as other apps running on your devices across several Android phones. Make use of the cross-device sync feature and you’ll be ready to go. It’ll take just some minutes to finish the procedure.

Do not lose the password again with Vault

If you’re curious, you’ll be having a great time using the vaults. They’re not just because they provide total protection for your data and apps but additionally because Vault Premium provides an online password recovery feature that allows you to recover your password by using an email that is secured in the application.

Make multiple vaults to deter from

To fool those who are trying to gain access to your private data, you may also use the available fake vaults. This feature lets you create multiple vaults to use with your multiple apps or even empty vaults which will stop them from trying to gain access to your data. Infuriate others when they attempt to into your vaults.

Eliminate the existence of your Vault

If you want to erase your vault’s existence you can utilize your Stealth Mode, in which you can make the icon for your vault vanish from home screens. Remove your vaults from existence by hiding them using specific passwords. Nobody will ever discover that they exist until you enter the correct password.

Alerts for intrusions to safeguard your devices from intruders.

Then, last but not least for those experiencing issues with suspicious coworkers looking to sniff things out of their smartphones, You can use Break-in Alert features. When enabled the device will take pictures of the intruder when they enter the incorrect password. Additionally, you’ll be able to record what was their password. This is amazing.

You can download the premium version at no cost on our website

Because the app is available in the Google Play Store as a paid version many of you may have a difficult time installing it. So to those that are interested, you could absolutely download this amazing app of Vault absolutely for cost. It’s all it takes the download and installing of the Vault Premium APK on our site. Follow the steps provided and you’ll be able to unlock the application for free.


It is possible that some might not find it extremely effective.

While the app provides many beneficial security options for your smartphones, there are some you may consider a bit insignificant, especially if you don’t have to shield your phone from the world or use your own password to secure it.

Final decisions

Alongside the Titanium backupVault-Hide Pics and Videos App Lock Free Backup is definitely a fantastic mobile app for anyone of you seeking efficiency and simplicity with regards to protecting your phone’s privacy.

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