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Toy Blast mod apk

Get back to the basics by playing this easy but extremely addictive game by Peak. Explore the infinite possibilities with Toy Blast, where you’ll be challenged by a myriad of games that you can play. Find the cubes that have similar colors and then blast them off by using your fingers to get rid of the levels.

Mix multiple cubes together to make powerful explosions that knock all the cubes from the field. Find a variety of buffs that will assist you in winning your challenges. Play through different levels and levels with different challenges while you play. Explore new and thrilling games with Toy Blast. Learn more about this game in our reviews on Toy Blast.


It’s essentially an identical puzzle game that requires you to connect all the cubes that have similar colors in order to get them to appear. This will give you specific quantities of points and allow opportunities in this innovative puzzle table. You will be able to take on numerous challenges with distinct requirements and cube layouts. Find amazing combinations to unlock incredible clearances by using amazing boosts such as fire rockets, TNT, and more. It is also possible to play playing with your friends and players from all over the world while you battle to win the ultimate leaderboards.

Toy Blast mod apk


This page will provide all the thrilling features the game can offer:

Simple and addictive game

For starters, Android gamers will find themselves introduced to the basic gameplay in Toy Blast with intuitive and easy controls. The best feature of Toy Blast is that it’s incredibly simple, to the extent that you only need the game for no more than a minute to master it. This makes it the ideal game for those looking for easy and fun. But don’t view it as an easy game, but more of it’s a simple addictive game. In any case, you’ll quickly be hooked by the unique gameplay that is pleasantly satisfying and you’ll be begging for more.

Play the game and build your skills by playing on many levels.

To let players completely enjoy their adventure To let players fully experience their thrilling adventures Toy Blast, the game includes more than 2500 unique puzzles that offer unique and engaging gameplay that you can play whenever you’d like. Additionally, as you progress through the levels, you’ll quickly realize this game is not nearly as easy as it appears. It will require an amount of skill and calculation to win. However, that’s part of the fun of it.

Utilize the many boosters available to help you cheat your way to the next level.

The game isn’t only about finding the correct color cubes to connect them, then pop them off. It’s more than that. Begin with the fact that you are able to collect various boosters and powerful combos that will aid you in Your Toy Blast challenges. In reality, there are many ways to gather things as basic as selected buffs that grant you bonus scores, emergency help, or other help.

However, If you’re skilled at playing there are many exciting boosters you can get by combining amazing blasts. It is possible to collect rockets and TNT, as well as strong Rubik and a myriad of other boosts. Additionally, these buffs can be connected and produce an even more strong impact on your game. Therefore, make sure to utilize these buffs correctly to conquer contests with ease.

You can play the game with unique characters and find out their unique stories

More than just a matching game Toy Blast also features various characters to discover to play. Additionally, they have their own unique stories to explore throughout the process. You will be able to get acquainted with the adorable characters of Toy Blast.

You can take on different events in conjunction with the main goal

If, however, you are finding the endless levels of Toy Blast quite difficult and you require time to recover in order to play, then the entertaining and exciting events of the game will be exciting. If you feel you’re stuck at a specific stage, particularly when you reach the tougher ones such as you should try the Start Tournament, Crown Rush or Level-UP challenge could be an excellent way to play and gain new loot. Perhaps you’ll be able to collect boosters to assist you in conquering your difficulties.

Have fun playing with your players online and with friends

Additionally, if you’re keen on playing online alongside fellow Toy Blast gamers from all across the globe, you’ll find that the Legends Arena will be the best venue to play with the top players of Toy Blast. You are welcome to join in the thrilling matches whenever you’d like and to improve your game as you progress.

Find and open amazing prizes

Alongside the collectible rewards and coins you earn when you complete the levels The game also features the fantastic Star Chest. These are the most valuable things that gamers will wish to own as you are able to unlock amazing and exclusive rewards that cannot be found elsewhere.

Get amazing rewards every day

For avid gamers, Toy Blast could be an extremely rewarding game as you can get amazing loot without paying any cash. However, players will be able to collect amazing daily rewards through The Spin Wheel. Log in to the game every day and you’ll stand the only chance to collect gold-colored rewards.

Play against other players on the Leaderboards

Additionally, as well as along with the Arena where you compete against your opponents directly and also play with the amazing Leaderboards, you can check your performance on the field with your players around the world. This means that you can finish the game with a high score to get your name written on the highly regarded rankings tables. Get on the Leaderboards and get your name on the list of bragging rights.

Play for free

Despite the many exciting options, Toy Blast is currently available for free to all Android gamers to use on mobile devices. However, you can get it installed on Google Play Store. Google Play Store without any cost.

Play without restrictions by using our mods

But, as the game has only a limited number of lives that automatically generate over time, and even the in-app purchase option, you could be irritated as you play your game. In any case, it is possible to eliminate these annoying features by installing our altered version instead. Simply download to install the Toy Blast Mod APK and you’ll be able to play the game fully unlocked. You can play this game all day without running out of lives or boosters.

Sound and visual quality


Simple yet exciting and vibrant images, Toy Blast introduces Android gamers to the thrilling matchmaking game, unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. You are free to mix your cubes with ease on the board and smash them together to create stunning visual effects. Find amazing boosters, and then blow the entire screen up with amazing effects.


Players playing Toy Blast will have their chance to play with the fun and thrilling sound effects that are part of the game. With each click and tap, you’ll be experiencing distinctive audio effects that make playing the game highly enjoyable. Additionally, the characters voiced by actors will draw you into the adventure.

Download Toy Blast Mod latest 9483 Android APK

The fans of the famed Candy Crush Saga are now able to discover a different great mobile puzzle game they can enjoy. Explore the infinite challenges of Toy Blast as you enjoy the original and thrilling gameplay. With Our mod, you’ll be able to enjoy Toy Blast to the fullest.

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