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Tower Conquest is a fascinating way to explore the tactical world. You control your army to conquer a 2D animated world. You must recruit powerful warriors and build the perfect army. You have one mission: destroy all opposing towers and explore the beautiful world. You will get more treasure the more enemies you defeat. You must power up and take control of the global Player Tournament.


Tower Conquest is horizontally oriented. You control a powerful army and can defeat your enemies. There are five factions, each with about 70 characters (including heroes or unique towers). Each type of tower and hero has its pros and cons. You need to be able to quickly observe and plan, as well as have good defense and attack skills. It has a fun, adorable 2D art style. There are more than 50 battle backgrounds to choose from, as well as great models. You can collect cards over time to unlock and grow your units.

Each upgrade has powerful capabilities and unique features. There is a large map system that offers interesting rewards and the game is constantly updated with new worlds and Daily Quests. You can make up to 5 different squad positions and mix and match characters to find your preferred fighting style. You can share gifts with your friends via Facebook, and fight with friends from around the globe.

Tower Conquest is simple entertainment, but it’s also interesting and appealing. Your army will be commanded in a classic manner. You’ll need to lead them through countless levels of increasing difficulty. The game promises to deliver an intense entertainment experience through intense matches. Make sure you have the right cards and can create simple but effective gameplay. You will properly summon your warriors and destroy their headquarters.

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Tower Conquest is a classic game. The landscape-format phone screen will display the main houses of each side on the two corners. Warriors will move between the main residence of the player and the home of the opponent. The soldier’s task is to defeat the enemy and destroy the main home. In each match, players can have up to six cards.

This includes the main house, four warriors, and one leader card. Players must have enough energy points to summon the correct warrior or leader card. Each warrior/leader card requires different summoning energy. To increase their energy, players can upgrade their energy trees. When one player’s main home is destroyed, the match ends. There are many different types of warrior cards in the game, so players can choose from many.

Tower Conquest uses gold coins for upgrading cards. Each upgrade will increase your strength, speed, health, and other stats. The highest level card of any player will be equal to their level. The player can level up their cards by collecting the required amount of cards. The card’s appearance can be changed and the player can increase their power.

There are many types of cards in the game, google play store but they can all be divided into five main groups: Jade Empire (robot), Jade Empire (kingdom of knights), Undead, Robots (robot), Jade Empire (invaders), and Kingsmen (kingdom among knights). You can pick your favorite Class and choose the best fighting style, including the main house, warrior, and leader cards. Each card has different fighting styles and abilities.

Tower Conquest 23.0.7g for Android - Download

Tower Conquest’s soundtrack has a moderate, but very heroic beat. The epic atmosphere created by the game music is reflected in the matching soundtrack. The sound effects are powerful and fun, with lots of features. 2D graphics are cartoon-like and come in bright colors. The simple lines are very appealing to players. Cards featuring charming and funny characters. The cards’ battle and skill effects are presented in an engaging way. This makes the game very entertaining.


Tower Conquest has 2 main game modes. Campaign mode is the first. You will need to complete a variety of levels that increase in difficulty. Each round will feature a different and exciting theme. You will discover new kingdoms and face amazing challenges in order to win attractive rewards. An event challenge mode is a game mode that appears randomly for a brief period of time. Challenge mode offers players unique missions and gates that are difficult. The players will be rewarded with very attractive rewards if they pass the gates.

The game creates a global arena where players can match up randomly to compete against each other. To compete, players can pair up randomly with other players. The winner will receive experience points that can be used to improve their global ranking. You can also use the “Train” feature to practice. This feature allows players to earn rewards for spending a certain amount offline.

You can also play the Age of War 2 game to enjoy 2D turn-based combat in different eras. You can train an army of robot warriors or cavemen on dinosaurs, and you can also train modern tanks. You can choose between solid defense tactics or insane attacks.

Also, you should try ” Kingdom Rush Vengeance” which combines tower defense strategy gameplay with tower defense strategy gameplay. To defeat powerful enemies, you build your empire. You can defeat powerful bosses, unlock new units/towers, and train legendary characters. Tower defense is a great experience.

Tower Conquest is a 2D strategy game that offers exciting battles. Although the game’s design is simple, it is still very attractive and appealing. The game is classic horizontal, but it requires strategic thinking and judgment to win each match. You are about to embark on a journey into the Tower Conquest world in search of glory.

You must build an army, recruit soldiers, and create the perfect army. To destroy the towers of opposition, discover the vast world and find great treasures to power you up, you must do this all. To dominate the Global Tournaments, you must battle other players. Tower Conquest is a great choice if you like simple strategy games.

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