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The New York Times (The Times) is among the most influential newspapers in US time and has an enormous daily print volume. But, due to the advent of a variety of electronic devices as well as the trend toward digital change, the newspaper is facing several risks when the newspaper revenue decreases dramatically.

To address this issue to overcome, they developed an intriguing application called The New York Times. It’s an app that is a mobile-friendly version of The New York Times in print, with only a handful of articles as 30/200 bulletins, compared to the ones that are officially published. It does not include the desktop version. It is a mobile app that is created for users who would like to pay a lesser amount to read since the premium version is priced at $15.

Considered a failure or lacking business significance, The New York Times has grown into a symbol of the leading industry in pioneering digitization. on mobile devices. This is something no paper newspaper could ever do. Making a mobile-friendly version and enjoyable aspects that are available in The New York Times integrated into the final version of The New York Times application. It has received very favorable feedback from users.

General Information

In the media, it is easy to find success stories from tech giants such as Facebook and Google. For those businesses which haven’t even integrated technological innovations into their company model what do they have to do to make themselves more adaptable?

The rise of electronic devices and their unquestionable popularity and ease of use have impacted traditional media, such as newspapers and magazines printed on paper. Advertising revenue for traditional magazines or newspapers has significantly decreased. Instead, advertising on digital media on the web has increased.

Around 70% of the budget for advertising has been spent on newspapers in the last 15 years. The New York Times (The Times) the longest-running editor of a newspaper in the United States, is also not immune to the influence. The Times has had a remarkable turnaround after turning an issue with digital technology to an advantage. Because of their smart digital strategy, shares of the company increased by 60% over the last six months, reaching the highest since the beginning of nine years. The company May issued its earnings report, which reflected the effect of its digitalization initiatives on them.

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The New York Times achieved more than $709 million in digital revenues in the year 2018. We anticipate that, with this pace of growth, they’ll hit their goal in the range of $800 million before time 2020.

Based on 2017 and according to the 2017 Earnings Reports, revenue from subscriptions for The New York Times digital platform has grown by 40 percent from year to year. Even though printed ads within The New York Times dropped by an average of 18% each year, this has been offset by the growth in the number of subscribers and electronic ad templates.

This increases sales and profits each year. It is said Mark Thompson, CEO of The New York Times said that these numbers demonstrate the potential and strength of digital strategies. These strategies are expected to generate substantial revenue for The Times.

Viral Content Strategy

The New York Times capitalized on the power of virality the most popular platform for social media. Facebook, Facebook Live, and Snapchat are the platforms chosen by them to interact with their readers using contemporary formats for content, such as VR (virtual real-time user experience) and 360-degree videos. It was completely new to the people who read the newspaper.

In Snapchat Discover, The Times has launched a brand new podcast named The Daily and enjoyed tremendous popularity with the app. There have been forty million downloaded and online watching within The first 3 months.

We see The Daily as an original product making the content from The New York Times in audio format in the homes of the readers and making it an essential part of their lives. The Daily has launched a campaign to promote The Daily, The Times team has placed billboard advertisements outdoors in three cities. The show drew five million monthly viewers and was broadcast on more than 30 radio stations across the country and became the basis for a brand new show created and produced by The New York Times co-produced by The Weekly. The Weekly.

Its success in The Daily results from amazing digital content that communicates the full message of the campaign’s image across digital media. The Daily’s staff of 12 people has been rewarded with very good campaign results. With 20 minutes of programming every week, The Daily is well-loved by viewers in a variety of areas, and many are experts.

Key Features

Utilize customer information as leverage to boost subscription fee tracking

A subscription-based model (subscriptions for use on a time or by subscription) is the most effective way to monetize applications for developers. This is why The New York Times invested in boosting subscribers’ value by using data. Specifically, they:

  • Make the most of the new data infrastructure and concentrate on data-driven analytics.
  • Make use of data analytics to discover subscribers-points that can be used to track the brand’s tracking and reach points at which interested individuals, as well as their readers, will be more likely to follow brands.

As of now, The New York Times has identified the following elements from its readers. The New York Times will try to give them an experience that is better for customers to return more frequently, which will lead to an increase in subscriber follow-up.

Create a culture of digital transformation in the leadership team

Nowadays, many businesses must find themselves in the exact spot as The Times, while digital appears to be the new norm. The money is being generated by old product lines and distribution networks. It raises the question of what should an organization concentrate on implementing digital transformation to its existing business model. To answer this question, The New York Times is taking a very different, however, very determined approach. The approach is showing numerous positive indicators.

When The Times Didn't Print on Sundays - The New York Times

Even though two-thirds of its income is from printing, The New York Times has chosen digital transformation to be its primary strategy for development. In particular, with a structure of the leadership team consisting of 14 employees with only one person who can manage and oversee that the printing press is moving forward segment. The remaining 13 individuals, which includes the founders concentrate on thinking of future ways to plan digitally.

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The Wall Street Journal is the most comprehensive reading and digital app. You can access all the information that you find you would find in a traditional newspaper, including news, expert opinions on the money market, as well as investments. Columns are included in the WSJ weekends and also in the Wall Street Journal. In addition, it includes videos, graphs, and data to give a complete overview of the market. It also offers a separate watch list.

Subscribe to The Wall Street Journal on iPad for breaking news such as morning updates, as well as an archive of the latest news 7 days in the past. Find the most recent stories of the day in New Edition available on both iPad and iPhone.

Save your most-loved articles to read on the go. If you sign up for a monthly subscription you will have access to all of the content. Each morning it downloads the newspaper to the device you are using for it. iPad as well as your iPhone. Be aware it is that WSJ images will then be located in the newsstand folder on your phone.

Final Words

The digital revolution has brought about a complete transformation of the New York Times MOD APK one of the most storied newspaper offices in America. This quick and effective transformation has helped the newsroom tackle one of the most important challenges of journalism as technology evolves and electronic devices rise to the top.

The New York Times deserves to be recognized as an icon in the field of digital transformation through its unending wealth of information. With the help of practical advice learned from The New York Times, businesses will also select for themselves the most appropriate step in their digital transformation.

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