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TapScanner If you’re ever needing to scan specific images or documents but don’t have a scanner available This useful Android application by Tap-Mobile is sure to help you. It is possible to scan any object using the camera on your device and then make use of the high-quality PDF outputs to be used for many purposes. Take advantage of the powerful PDF scanner application that allows you to use multiple surfaces while turning your smartphone into a scanner for your portable.

You are free to take advantage of the many features available within the mobile application with each one offering distinctive features and applications. It is easy to scan and share chosen PDF files on any of the preferred platforms. Use the management tools to make it much simpler for you to manage your documents. Make use of powerful editing features to easily customize your scanned documents.

Find out more about the application and its features by reading our extensive review.

What is it?

In the TapScanner app, Android users can enjoy working with the mobile application that is fully functional and its scanning options that are useful which allow you to scan multiple surfaces and save the results to your mobile devices. Allow high-quality PDF outputs, with a variety of options to manage its use of it.

Allow the application to automatically identify the proper edges for the material being scanned. You can easily adjust the image using various fascinating filter settings. Get access to the helpful tools for managing your files and using your PDF documents. Access the beneficial cloud integration, which lets you connect to the cloud and activate the cloud’s advanced support. You will enjoy working with the app using a variety of languages. The list is endless.

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If you want to know more about the fantastic mobile app of TapScanner You can now start downloading and installing the no-cost application from Google Play Store. Google Play Store There is no cost to purchase. Be aware that there are certain advertisements and in-app purchases available for you to take into consideration.

While at the same time to ensure that you are able to use all features available in the app without issues it is necessary to supply the app with specific access rights. Don’t forget to update it to the most current firmware, as this can improve compatibility with your device.

Amazing features

Here are the most exciting features the app offers:

Multiple applications to use

In the beginning, Android users in TapScanner can quickly scan different documents, receipts images, receipts, or QR codes. This is extremely beneficial multiple times. The application will identify the targets that have been scanned and save them as simple PDF documents.

Automatically detects borders to allow for more efficient uses

Additionally, with the automatic border detection, TapScanner will provide your documents with precise outer edges. This ensures that all scanned images are properly aligned, and there is no requirement to edit them further.

Make sure you tune your scans quickly using filters

If you feel that the quality of your scans is not as impressive, you can always enable certain filters to each level of perfection. Select the PDF files and select a variety of filters with different effects and then you’ll be able to benefit from the application and its features.

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It is easy to organize your documents

For all documents that have been scanned, You can permit TapScanner to manage your documents using the user-friendly built-in document viewer. It lets you easily browse through the library available, and utilize the beneficial options for editing, sharing, and backing up your documents.

Select different output options

In TapScanner There will be a variety of output options that you can utilize to work on your chosen scan surfaces. You can save your results both in PNG or PDF formats, based on which one is more beneficial.

Built-in OCR technology

With the built-in OCR technology, which is similar to the similar technology of Text Scanner Extra and Text Scanner OCR The application is able to easily search for images that are convertible and have text. This app will assist to convert live text generated by your scanner to editable files. This will allow a variety of useful software applications to use. This OCR technology currently supports more than 110 languages, making it highly useful and available for the majority of users.

You can enable electronic signatures on your documents.

If you are interested, now is the time to allow electronic signatures on the documents you choose to make it much easier to share them online. Just select your Sign & Send option, and then select the signature you prefer you want to add. TapScanner will then transmit your scanned documents that have the signature that you have enabled on them.

Cloud integration is useful for working with

To enhance the user experience to keep users engaged, we have also included helpful cloud integrations for Android users to use. You can now easily back up or sync your files to the drives you prefer. Connect to your Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and a variety of other devices to the application to take advantage of this feature and not lose your files.

Create custom fields for the documents

To make it simpler to edit your scanned photos or documents, users can make use of the custom field that allows users to enable certain parts of their documents to be editable. This means that you can sign your document or include certain images.

Enable a quick QR scan on your device

To help make QR scanning easier by using TapScanner The app currently includes a smart scanning feature that automatically converts certain codes into texts, emails, or links. This makes it much easier to scan your QR codes and view the results.

Optimize the size of scanned files

To ensure that you’re satisfied with the scan results, TapScanner also offers its optimized settings for documents. This app can automatically reduce the size of the file without compromising the quality of the image. This allows you to benefit from its capabilities without any issues.

A variety of share options that are intuitive

For those who are curious, you can simply share videos with friends and get them ready to be shared on multiple online platforms. With the simple sharing feature that you have, you can make the files accessible on all social networks and on online messaging applications.

Get the free and unlocked application on our website.

While you can still access the app at no cost on Google Play Store, there will be ads as well as in-app purchases which could bother you. Therefore, it’s best to download the version that has been modified of the app available on the site instead. We offer the Unlocked Version of TapScanner with unlimited features, no ads disabling analytics, and many other features optimized. It’s all it takes to run TapScanner Mod APK, install it on your device mod APK of TapScanner and follow the instructions and you’ll be prepared to start.

Final decisions

Feel free to utilize TapScanner on any surface that you want to by enabling quick and efficient digital scans on the mobile device of your choice. We’ve worked on a number of options to help make TapScanner more user-friendly and user-friendly. Most importantly you are able to get our upgraded app that has amazing features with absolutely no payment required.

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