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Survivalist: invasion MOD APK

Survivalist invasion MOD APK – The player will have to try to survive in a reality where the zombie apocalypse has taken place. His main task will be to find food, build a base and fight off attacks from the dead. You will have to collect resources and search houses for useful objects. In addition, it is necessary to constantly replenish the supply of food, create weapons, strengthen the defense and upgrade protection by finding new characters who are able to join the group of survivors.


Survivalist invasion MOD APK is one of the best survival games I have played on my Android device. It features awesome gameplay, graphics, and a deep storyline which you will love to experience on your Android device. Survivalist invasion is developed by ShinyShoe Ltd. and published by Headup Games GmbH & Co KG for Android devices.

Free Shopping, more money at the start. Survivalist invasion MOD APK is an offline survival game from Silicon Joy with high graphics. this is a survival game set in a world you do everything to survive. In Survivalist invasion MOD APK, your character gets on a strange island where he just knows that there are many aggressive zombies in his life …


Welcome to the flooded city. You are one of the few survivors, who have to fight for food, weapons, ammunition, and medicines.

This means danger is waiting for them everywhere.

The first thing that attracts players to Survivalist invasion MOD APK is the unique gameplay and unique images of the post-apocalyptic style. The characters in this game always bring a compass in their hands.

Survivalist: invasion MOD APK

Welcome to Survivalist invasion MOD APK,

where the infected are waiting around every corner. Whether you’re a keen survivor or an absolute beginner, you can find this game a challenge because of its vast world and incredibly realistic graphics

Then he has to search for various

The Survivalist invasion MOD APK is a Free-to-Play game published on the Play Store by mobirix. The game revolves around a plumber and his struggles to survive the zombie rest. Initially, he will be having a small home that keeps him safe from the zombies.  resources every day from nearby areas. He needs water, food, and weapons to stay alive

Survivalist invasion MOD APK is a tactical strategy game

with survival elements from the studio Armor Games Inc for Android devices. The implementation of this game took 3 years, but recently it was finally released in the form of a paid and premium game. However, we decided to release the latest version of it as soon as possible at Farsiweb, and give you your loved ones. In this game, you play the role of a survivor who wants to rescue other survivors.

A management system is provided on the map.

In the year 2032, there was a big disaster in New York City, which apparently brought about massive destruction and devastation. A new kind of virus has spread all over the city, turning everyone into zombies! Your main goal is to save survivors from this danger zone! To do so, you must be given soldiers and weapons.  You can equip weapons and armor for each soldier. The types of weapons and items that you can use are different; they include machine guns, shotguns, revolvers, pistols, rifles …

Welcome to the most immersive,

robust and realistic 3D survival game on mobile, a survival game that focuses heavily on hunting, crafting, and base-building. In Survivalist invasion you are left for dead in a post-apocalyptic world, it’s now up to you to survive and move forward with the wreckage of society.

In the game, you will see a lot of zombies.

A bunch of new weapons are used to fight them. You need to build your base and take some survivors into it

Survivalist invasion MOD APK is a survival game for Android.

Download the latest version of Survivalist invasion MOD APK for a fully loaded game with a lot of gold and diamonds

The virus has spread around,

The survivalist invasion’s goal is to have a player survive in the city where all people have turned into zombies.  and as far as you know, you were the only survivor. You must find food, weapons, and other essentials in order to survive and feel safe. Your main goal will be to find more survivors and get them out of this hellhole.

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The last word of Survivalist invasion MOD APK we would like to share. No doubt, the google play store can give you many things. You will love this survival simulation game for sure! Don’t wait any longer to download and install it on your device for free! And if you have any trouble with the game or the link, feel free to leave a comment below this post. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Have fun.

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