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Be ready to leave the typical action games and be fully engaged in the fantastic mobile app of Stealth Master where you can fully take part in the thrilling Ninja-themed action, with interesting features of surprise and stealth. 
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January 11, 2022
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Description of Stealth Master MOD APK 1.10.2 (Unlimited Money)

Stealth Master: Assassin Ninja - Apps on Google Play

Be ready to leave the typical action games and be fully engaged in the fantastic mobile app of Stealth Master where you can fully take part in the thrilling Ninja-themed action, with interesting features of surprise and stealth. Have fun snooping around on the map, searching for targets you can easily target and then knock the targets down before they realize they’re in for a surprise.

You can also utilize the beneficial martial arts skills and quick movements to take part in the combat within Stealth Master, which will let Android players fully immerse themselves in this amazing mobile game. Enjoy exploring the many game’s levels, each with distinct features and gameplay, while you have fun playing the game with the various strategies available.

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In Stealth Master, Android gamers have the chance to fully immerse themselves in the thrilling mobile game that is full of thrilling ninja combat where they play the role of an apprentice ninja who’s only been given his first assignments. Have fun guiding your character through the obstacles while developing his abilities and skills while doing it.

Utilize the exciting features available in the game to play Stealth Master however you want. The endless gameplay with multiple challenges and adventures will let you immerse yourself in Stealth Master. Feel at ease exploring the many advantages, capabilities and equipment you can utilize as a ninja. It will make your stealthy actions more enjoyable and thrilling.

Explore the fascinating and fascinating life of a famous ninja and relish taking on contracts of taking down bad guys. Explore the game using various ways and styles and you’ll always have the most fun playing it.

Stealth Master - Ninja Killer – Apps on Google Play


Here are all the thrilling games features to include:

Easy touch control to begin the game

For starters, Android gamers in Stealth Master are able to enjoy their most loved mobile game due to the simple and user-friendly touchscreen controls. In Stealth Master, all you have to do is to move your characters around to block the enemies’ eyes and then approach them from behind in order to quickly eliminate them. The controls that are one-touch let you easily move the screen with your fingers and use the auto-kill system to effortlessly eliminate your opponents with no difficulty.

Amazing missions that have escalating challenges

For those who are curious, you can play endless missions within Stealth Master, which allows Android gamers to play around with the incredible ninja actions and the incredibly challenging challenges in the game. Take part in the ever-growing levels of ever-increasing difficulty levels and original gameplay. Have fun taking on villains and bosses using distinctive powers. Discover different methods to play and enjoy the game’s fascinating levels.

Unique tools to use

Thanks to the variety of new weapons in Stealth Master, Android gamers are now able to play with different weapons and appreciate their unique fighting styles within the game. Fight your enemies using Katana and knives, which will take them down in a single strike. You can also make use of weaponry that can be used at a distance to ensure you are safe from the enemy in their sights while having the ability to complete your killings. Additionally, some particular weapons are also capable of eliminating large groups of enemies simultaneously.

Stealth Master - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 (Android,iOS) - YouTube

Numerous parks and accessories to enhance your gaming

In Stealth Master, Android gamers are also able to play using a range of advantages and game-specific items that give players numerous boosts that they can enjoy.

Start by using your powerful capabilities at the right moment to temporarily boost your abilities or debuff enemies that have unique abilities. Utilize the items and equipment available to enhance your character and increase your capabilities.

during battles. Be sure to gather as much money as you are capable of paying for the special boosters that will be extremely useful when you face tough adversaries.

Epic boss fights that are fun to play with exciting gameplay

To increase the fun, Stealth Master gamers will constantly be engaged in epic boss fights with exciting gameplay and engaging gameplay mechanics. You are free to develop the various contracts you’ve completed in the game, and you’ll enjoy combating various enemies and bosses. Certain targets have distinctive characteristics and fighting strategies that require you to devise numerous strategies to defeat them. Have fun playing the game using your unique strategies and approaches in fighting your enemies.

Unique locations that have diverse settings

Each new mission and contract You can now enjoy fun playing with a totally different and exciting level layout with new locations, new obstacles, numerous engaging elements, and so on. These should all allow you to enjoy the, even more, the game. Make the most of the diverse environments and use the various components to your advantage. Making it more enjoyable and easier to kill your foes.

You will enjoy the action-packed stealth game

In Stealth Master, Android gamers can play totally unique action games with the fascinating aspects of stealth. In Stealth Master, instead of facing enemies in front of them (although it is possible to take on them head-on) players are usually focused on a more sneaky and efficient killing strategy. You are free to explore the map and find excellent ways to get close to the enemy and utilize the weapons or items that are special to eliminate them.

Simple puzzles that keep the game exciting

In order to ensure that you are able to take pleasure in the thrilling gameplay of Stealth Master, besides the intriguing stealth-action, it also comes with unique puzzle elements that allow Android players to have more pleasure playing their action game.

Save the innocents and be a good Ninja

It’s hard to be a good human being especially when the task is to become the Ninja. However, you are able to make the right choice with Stealth Master, as the game lets you take the decision to not murder certain characters within the game. Always be sure to spare innocents and only kill your adversaries as you advance throughout the gameplay. Perhaps you will even get your achievements in the game for doing your best.

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Feel free to personalize your look

To make the game more enjoyable and exciting Stealth Master lets Android players customize their characters in the game, with various interesting costumes used throughout the game. In this game, you can dress up in an array of outfits that are inspired by Night bat, Sam, Lora Craft, Killman, Trooper, Imposter, Lee, and others. Every character will appear and feel distinct, making the game much more enjoyable and thrilling.

Enjoy playing games with your friends.

For those who are curious, you can enjoy the thrilling game in Stealth Master while competing with players online and with friends. From displaying your achievements and trophies to battling to win the most points and the highest scores you can earn a reputation with your fellow gamers playing Stealth Master.

You can play offline anytime you’d like

To help make the game simpler to play, Stealth Master also features its offline gaming to allow players of all Android players to play while on the move. There is no need to activate your mobile’s internet connection or seek out active Wi-Fi connections as Stealth Master will be accessible to you without access to the Internet.

Play for free

In spite of all the thrilling features, however, the game remains accessible to everyone Android players to play on smartphones.

Just download it from the Google Play Store And start enjoying the game at any time you’d like. However, since it’s an unpaid game, you’ll see advertisements and in-game purchases that could be a hassle Access our fantastic mods

Then, lastly, in the event that you’re not willing to pay for premium pricing to gain access to the full game, it’s best for Android players to choose Stealth Master’s modified edition, Stealth Master, on our website instead. We provide an unlocked and free version of Stealth Master to players of all levels to enjoy unlimited money, no advertisements, and much more. All of this should allow you to get the most of the mobile app without any hassles. Download Stealth Master Mod APK, install it on your device Stealth Master MOD APK follow the instructions and then start enjoying it.

Audio and visual quality


In Stealth Master, despite the basic 3D graphics, the game is still able to provide excellent gameplay and a variety of interesting visual elements that keep you captivated in the game. You will have fun playing with your unique ninjas with distinctive designs and realistic in-game animations. Discover the exciting visual effects as well as the precise game-play physics that will keep you fully immersed in the actions that are stealthy. Enjoy the smooth and enjoyable gameplay of Stealth Master on your mobile devices because of its optimized graphics.

Sound & Music

To ensure you Android gamers are fully immersed in this amazing mobile game of stealthy action, Stealth Master features its incredible audio environments that can create a truly intense atmosphere. With music that is on-theme real-life sound effects and the overall theme of spooky this game is able to recreate its fantastic action movies based on ninjas, which you’ve always desired.

Final thoughts

It features straightforward but engaging and enjoyable gameplay as well as the fast and relaxing action as well as the ability to solve puzzles, Stealth Master allows Android players to fully participate in this amazing mobile game.

You can play as any character you wish and use your own unique skills to take pleasure in the various challenges and levels of Stealth Master. In addition, thanks to the Unlocked and free version of the game is available on our website, you’ll get more opportunities to play the game.

What's new

Two new heroes have been added!
Crispy, a juicy burger that strikes all enemies on the spot with its tasty look.
Hacker, whose capabilities allow him to capture the will and mind of anyone who stands in his way.
Put your ninja skills to the test in the Daily Quests - return to the game every day for new challenges!

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