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Stay Alive is a survival multiplayer FPS game that pits players against a sinister network of corporate forces, rogue and murderous zombies.
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July 29, 2022
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The description of Stay Alive MOD APK

Stay Alive mod apk

Stay Alive is a survival multiplayer FPS game that pits players against a sinister network of corporate forces, rogue and murderous zombies. During the game, players must be able to outwit enemies and stay alive as long as possible. Keep your team alive with tactical combat, cover, traps, and laser sights to help you kill the enemy


Stories of Stay Alive is a new survival horror game for Android and iOS. In Stay Alive, the player controls a man who is trapped in an abandoned building with only one mission: to stay alive. With limited ammunition, he must use all his wit and cunning to navigate through a twisted maze of complex puzzles and traps while trying not to get killed by other survivors that trail behind him, or by completely random events such as earthquakes or civil defense sirens.

When the player visits darkened rooms in his search for new supplies and clues, he’s forced to fend off increasingly aggressive enemies including murderers that chase him down corridors, children armed with deadly guns, and zombies that are usually overcome by starvation. A journal records the player’s progress and provides details about his character, which will be explored further in future DLC packs.


The Stay-Alive key is essential to unlocking access to the real world’s features.

The app allows you to configure how long

Stay Alive is totally unlike any other apk mod app available. You can make sure that your phone/tablet is toast before you leave the house by turning off the screen and making it to a power source.  you would like to be able to use your phone for (1-10 minutes) and will sound an alarm when that time is up. If your phone/tablet does not have a restart button (like most tablets) then you may want to consider an external battery charger instead of this app. Note: this apk mod is only for android devices, and will not work on ios devices

Stay Alive mod apk

With its unique gameplay,

Stay Alive is a simple but addictive game in which you press a button to keep anything alive, from fish in a tank to robots and even the universe. Your job: stop the elements and stay alive at all costs.  that’s constantly changing, Stay Alive will test your reflexes, your ability to plan ahead, your strategy, and your judgment. Watch out for the dangerous world around you in order to ensure that nothing dies!

A Personal Safety mod apk that delivers emergency notifications.

You can set up recurring or one-time emergency alerts using an emergency contact list. stay alive is the most popular Android Theme, the app was developed by a Chicago-based firm, the app is simple, sleek, and beautiful with attention to detail. The design is no-nonsense, with clear straightforward text,… Read more

The game challenges players to solve a series

Stay Alive combines deadly suspense, chilling action, and unexpected twists that have people begging for more.  of deadly situations through the use of a unique system of traps that allow the user to pull off amazing escapes.

Stay Alive is hard lock security and personal safes,

and portable safes, we have 46+ Years of experience in this industry. and Stay Alive secret code will open your safe without any codes or keys. We can add more slots for you and buy them from a source if you don’t want to buy from our service

Lots of other great features.

Each player has his own unique experience with this game, but one thing is for sure: you will like it! This is a baseball game with realistic physics and a real player’s personality. I bet that you won’t just like it – you will love it! Now let’s talk about what you will get in the game package:1. User-friendly HD graphics, optimized to perfectly display your screen resolution with minimum fuzz;2. Huge stadiums where you can really try to score home runs with all your favorite players or stick to pitching and field;3. Big rosters of all the teams – both pro and amateur;4. New game modes include Extraction mode, where you have to get home safely after thieves rob the bus;5.


Q: What is Stay Alive?

A: It’s a survival horror game where you equip your phone with unique items and have to try and survive a zombie apocalypse.

Q: What is this app associated with?

A: This app is associated with the game Stacy Alive.

Q: Can I play this offline?

A: To play offline, delete all files in your device’s cache data area, or uninstall and reinstall the app after entering your login information.

Final Words

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