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The Description of the Status Mod APK Sticker Saver 34.6.2 (Premium Locked)


If you typically spend time on the Internet particularly browsing the Status Sticker Saver social media sites There are certain instances when you want an option to download your preferred photos, videos, or posts. But, the majority of popular social media platforms don’t offer this feature and typically limit your options to download images.

Therefore, with this fantastic mobile application called Status Saver, Android users will surely have fun moments checking their favorite social channels and pages. You are free to choose any pictures, images, or even posts that you enjoy and download them directly to smartphones. The downloaded files can be accessed easily on your devices and let you do what you like with them.

Learn more about this fantastic mobile application by Lazy Geniouz by reading our detailed review.

What is it doing What does it do?

In Status Saver, Android users will be able to use the full-featured toolbox for social status. It is free to search your feeds and download any content you like. It will work with the majority of your preferred social networks and allows users to select any content. With simple, yet highly useful features, you are able to use the app to improve your social interactions.

You can simply check your statuses, stories, and social media posts on specific social media platforms. Launch your Status Saver app and you can view all the content available for download included within the app. Just click the download button and you’ll have the entire collection ready for you to use.

Status Saver will work with different statuses from various applications and environments. You’ll have access to multiple save and download options that make the experience in the app more enjoyable. The speedy and optimized application will function flawlessly in most instances. You can make use of the simple app UI to explore its capabilities.

Status, Sticker Saver - Apps on Google Play


If you are interested in the amazing mobile application Status Saver, you can quickly download it from the Google Play Store No payment is required. Keep in mind that it’s still a no-cost application, which means ads and in-app purchases could be a problem.

In addition, users are also advised to update their devices to the most recent firmware version to make sure that the app is compatible. Additionally, you must provide the app with all required access rights, which will allow you to use many in-app features, and ensure that the app functions properly.

Fantastic features

Here are all the thrilling features the app can offer:

A mobile app that is intuitive and easy to use

In the beginning, Android users in Status Saver are now able to enjoy working using the user-friendly and easy mobile application, which lets them explore the amazing application without any issues. You can easily navigate the menus in the app and explore the many features on the move. If you’re just concerned about saving your files, these simple and quick options allow the app to efficiently complete its tasks.

Status Sticker Saver MOD APK 16.9.2 (Premium Unlocked) for Android

In-app actions that improve your posts

For those who are curious, you can take advantage of a range of different status actions that make downloading and managing your downloaded content incredibly simple. Begin by looking through the various menus for videos, posts, and images. Select any content you would like to save using The Multi Save feature. Utilize the Delete tool to dispose of offline content that is no longer needed. Utilize the handy Repost option that lets you easily share your most popular posts without having to download them.

Media viewers that work with the built-in multimedia player.

With its helpful built-in media viewer, Status Saver also allows Android users to view the video and images that are available through their menus of downloads. You can view and play them right from the Status Saver menu without issues.

It is compatible with a variety of statuses

In Status Saver, Android users will also be able to enjoy working with a wide range of statuses that are available on their media channels. It is possible to access regular statuses as well as G.B Statuses and Business and normal statuses using the space applications that are parallel to it. All of them will be accessible for you to download, access, or repost, and much more.

Status Sticker Saver Pro APK v16.4.2 (Latest, Unlocked) - Modding United

Make changes to themes for a better user experience

With the Dark themes, Status Saver users can shield their eyes from harsh lighting when they browse the app in dim lighting. Additionally, you can have fun working with a variety of themes from various social media platforms.

Allow the floating menu to be enabled for rapid use of the app

To make the application easier to use and understand, Android users can now activate the handy floating menu feature in Status Saver. This will let them easily review their current statuses. Once the feature is activated, you are able to download any status while exploring the specific social networks.

Change the options for saving

If you are interested, you are now able to alter the options for saving in Status Saver This ensures that you enjoy the app to its fullest. Begin by customizing the locations for saving so that you are able to download documents to your external or internal storage. Utilize your Auto Save option to have the application download automatically any statuses you choose from your apps.

Download the no-cost and unlocked application on our website.

If you do not want to pay for advertisements and features in the app it is possible to choose the version that is modified of Status Saver on our website instead. This version has all of the premium features removed for users. Additionally, the absence of advertisements ensures that you have all the applications without having to worry about it.

In addition, tracking and usage statistics of the app are completely eliminated to secure your information. We also eliminate unneeded files and permissions for in-app use to provide you with the most secure Android application. Simply download our Version of the Status Saver APK from our site and you’ll be good to go.

Final decisions

You are free to make use of the application to download all your favorite statuses from the internet and also to collect the media files available. With the full-featured application Status Saver available, you are now able to make use of the application at any time you’d like.


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