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Take on massive survival and strategy challenges with the State of Survival as you take on the remaining survivors of Earth in their battle against the zombies
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June 27, 2022
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Description of State of Survival MOD APK 1.13.75 (MENU MOD)

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Take on massive survival and strategy challenges with the State of Survival as you take on the remaining survivors of Earth in their battle against the zombies. Explore the post-apocalypse devastated world where the majority of the inhabitants transformed into mindless creatures.

Get your weapons ready and take on these hordes of creatures. You can join forces with fellow survivors as you establish your own bases and protect them from the attacks of zombies. Furthermore, as supplies and resources are slowly being depleted your journey to survive the game is tough and difficult.

There are a lot of things that need to be completed and very not enough time to complete these. Are you able to meet the obstacles? Your answers are waiting for you to find out. Learn more about the game that is a hit from Kingsgroup Holdings with our reviews of State of Survival.


In the game, Android gamers will end up being caught up in the ultimate life-threatening situation in which a virus called a zombie has destroyed all the inhabitants of the globe. Now, just a few survivors remain to serve as tempting prey to the dead. The world is now in the hands of zombies.

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With no areas to explore and the harsh conditions in which you have to live to make it extremely difficult for those who survive to get out of their circumstances. This means that you’ll require help from other people. When you unite in other organizations, you’ll be able to have higher chances of making it through.

Together, you’ll be able to create your own formidable bases from which you can find more survivors, gather food and other supplies, collect new resources, and then take on any invaders. Play the game with a tactical depth as you run your bases effectively and direct your troops as they fight your enemies using clever strategies.

Explore the fascinating zombie survival game in the State of Survival: Survive the Zombie Apocalypse, as you join players from all over the globe in this thrilling game.


You’ll find all the exciting features the game can offer:

Rebuild your settlement to make a house for survivors

In the beginning, when you start your survival journey you’ll have the ability to build your own secure refuge for survivors. Create a new settlement when you finally discover an area of safety from the chaos that is out there.

Feel free to create base structures of your own, pick from a variety of buildings, begin creating food items and other materials create weapons, and begin to outfit the survivors. Combat the zombies that are invading your base and defend your home at all times. Once you have that you can begin with your plan to take out the foes.

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New survivors are sought out all over the world

After you’ve secured your base with formidable defenses and plenty of resources, you’re able to send search teams to search for specific sources and help other survivors close to you. Increase the strength and number of survivors in your base to defend it better. You’ll also see that every survivor has distinctive characteristics which allow you to build your base. Gather valuable members who need your assistance by participating in thrilling rescue missions.

Do your research to ensure you are able to effectively fight the zombies

Additionally, to improve your odds of survival in the zombie-apocalypse scenario, players can also acquire numerous upgrades and other researches that will power up their arsenals and make their expedition teams more effective, or help the affected people. Since the number of zombies growing quickly, you’ll require appropriate strategies and fully equipped forces to fight these creatures. Furthermore, the need for upgrades and research is not to be left out. Inflict a stop to the infection and stop the zombies from trying to attack the new victims.

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Unique heroes with valuable capabilities and traits

For those who are curious, the game includes distinct heroes each with its distinct abilities and abilities. You can create your ideal army of super soldiers. Make use of their capabilities to defeat the vile zombies, and effortlessly overcome difficulties. Finish the tasks and move closer to your goal.

Join other survival groups all over the world

In this final life-threatening situation, you’re certainly not the only one. In addition to the zombies watching you, there are many groups of survivors who are looking to destroy you or are willing to collaborate with you. Select your friends and strengthen your relationships as you fight to stay alive during the terrifying disease. Don’t forget to be aware of threats from others.

Many games-related challenges and missions in the game will help you to enjoy

As you embark on the ultimate survival adventure, State of Survival will provide players with a variety of challenging missions and games which you will take pleasure in. You will be completing several missions while participating in various events within the game. Of course, there are many exciting rewards that you can pick up.

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Experience thrilling strategy battles with the zombies

To increase the fun players will get a chance to battle enemies and zombies in thrilling battles of strategy. Try different ways to take on your foes and beat them when you develop the best strategy. Pick the ideal team compositions and choose the most powerful heroes with the best abilities to beat your opponents.

Have fun playing the game with players from the internet and with your friends.

For those that are interested, you could always join your friends and other gamers online in thrilling multiplayer games. Allies together to battle the ever-growing zombie plague and bring order back to the universe. Take pleasure in the Alliance game by joining an existing alliance or creating your own alliance.

Stay active and take advantage of the rewards of your day

To reward players who are active to reward active players in the State of Survival, the game has a variety of daily rewards that you can get each time you play the game. By stacking rewards, you’ll end up getting access to even exciting rewards.


Play for free

If you’re one of those that are interested, google play store you could install the game on mobile devices absolutely free. Simply search for the State of Survival on the Google Play Store and download the game without paying anything.

Get unlimited cash with our method

But, the game includes advertisements and in-app purchases which some players may find a bit annoying. Therefore, you may consider looking at our redesigned version of the game, which allows for unlimited money and removes advertisements. We’ve also added a that doesn’t have a cooldown to let you use your skills to your advantage. Thus, the battles that you face in the State of Survival will be significantly more engaging and fun. However, all that is required for you to play the mod is downloading and installing the State of Survival Mod APK State of Survival Mod APK on the website.

Audio and visual quality


With gorgeous and intricate 3D images, State of Survival introduces Android gamers to the eerie settings that exactly match what you’d imagine from a post-zombie world. Rubbish piles abound over the city, groups of dead roam the countryside blood and gores fill the streets and on. With its immersive environments and high-quality graphics, The game will make you feel as if you’re living in this massive zombie-infested nightmare.


Additionally, with a variety of immersive sound experiences and clear soundtracks, State of Survival allows Android players to be completely glued to their adventures in the State of Survival.

The State of Survival Mod Download version 1.13.75 Android APK

The fans of the classic Dawn of Zombies and the acclaimed Last Day on Earth Survival are going to have the chance to play a new great mobile game featuring zombie-apocalyptic settings. With deep gameplay, strategic battles, and intriguing stories, you’ll find this game to be extremely entertaining. Additionally, our free gameplay will enable players to enjoy the game to the max.

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