Speedtest If you are worried about your Internet connectivity and want to get them tested with websites like Speedtest could be a good option
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December 28, 2021
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Description of Speedtest MOD 4.6.16 (Premium Locked)

How do I interpret my WiFi speed test results?

Speedtest If you are worried about your Internet connectivity and want to get them tested with websites like Speedtest could be a good option. In order to allow more features that are useful and easy to access for devices like Android phones, Ookla also enables their free application Speedtest by Ookla for mobile devices.

This means that Android users are able to study their Internet performance and ensure that they have the most reliable connections. Benefit from the vast global server network of servers from across the globe and get the highest quality testing result for smartphone users. Find out the limits of your connection as well as security and privacy flaws and much more using Speedtest by Ookla.

Learn more about this incredible application from Ookla by reading our detailed reviews.

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What is it?

For those who do not know, Speedtest by Ookla has been for a long time the most popular site for Internet users to test their internet connections. Now, with their mobile versions of the site accessible on Android gadgets, Speedtest is sure to be a lot more simple to use. Enjoy the speedy and simple connection tests that provide you with all the needed information. In addition, you can also access unique and intriguing features that make the application more user-friendly.

Check your download and upload speed, and the current ping for the connection. This information will help you decide if you’re able to easily access certain internet services or not. With the help of Speedtest VPN users will be able to benefit from secure and private connections. Test both your Wi-Fi as well as mobile cellular connections for more accurate outcomes. Try a variety of troubleshooting procedures to identify solutions for your faulty connections. The list is endless.


To begin enjoying the amazing application Speedtest developed by Ookla and its capabilities, Android users can simply download the app for free from the Google Play Store. Install it onto your smartphones, without paying any money. Enjoy the many available options for free anytime you’d like. Keep in mind that there are advertisements and in-app purchases that require you to buy using real money.


Similar to other Android applications, Speedtest by Ookla will require users to install the application with certain access permissions. These are required to allow the application’s full functionality for the operating system. Therefore, you should be aware of the app’s requests and then approve the application, particularly ones that require Internet accessibility permissions. To ensure that the application runs correctly for Android devices, it is recommended to upgrade your firmware with the most recent versions.

Fantastic features

Here are the most exciting features the app offers:

Access all vital information

If you are curious, you can examine your current Internet connection using the tools that are provided that allow you to access all of the crucial data to be accessed to be transferred through your network. Find out more about your upload and download speed to ensure that your Internet service is doing its job. Gather ping information and decide whether it’s sufficient for you to participate in games.

You can enjoy working with our no-cost VPN service.

To make the app more effective, Ookla also offers a free VPN service for their mobile app that is available to all users to use. You can simply enable the tools and enjoy having your Internet connection completely protected by sophisticated VPN security and privacy. In addition, you will be able to access the Internet and connect to any sites or online services without restriction.

Real-time graphs that are easy to access and understand.

In Speedtest from Ookla, Android users can benefit from the user-friendly and easy-to-use graphs that are real-time using their phones. You are free to activate the graphs available for your particular connections using real-time data that will demonstrate their reliability and performance. This makes it much simpler for you to analyze the networks.

Exclusive 5G testing capability for 5G

For those who use 5G connectivity to your Android devices, it is now possible to test your connection by using the tools provided by Speedtest developed by Ookla. With the 5G test capability that is exclusive among all network testers, The application will ensure that you get the right results.

Access mobile coverage maps of carriers

In Speedtest from Ookla, Android users can benefit from the beneficial and intuitive coverage maps that will show the coverage of your mobile network. In the end, you can pinpoint the ideal locations to sit and get the most reliable connection speed.

Effective methods for testing to make your connections more accessible

For those who are curious, you can take advantage of the efficient test method available within Speedtest by Ookla which allows users to truly unlock their connection. The application will run tests using a single connection to simulate downloading the file. At it’s same time it will have several connections in use to determine the speed at which it can be used.

Troubleshoot the current connections

To make the application more enjoyable, Android users can enjoy the challenge of repairing their connection and checking that they are working at the promised speed. While doing this, there is also a troubleshooting feature that will help you improve your online connection.

Keep an eye on your previous tests

In Speedtest by Ookla All of your previous tests will be recorded, so you’ll be able to keep track of your data by using the reposts available. This means that you’ll be able to identify your current network and figure out whether it’s been reliable recently.

Do not hesitate to share your results with other

In addition to the auto-save feature, It is easy to share your results with others by using the easy sharing options available in Speedtest from Ookla. Share your Internet tests to any social media platforms or via messages or emails anytime. This lets you openly discuss the issue with others who have issues too.

Have fun with the modified app on our website.

If you are intrigued by the amazing application Speedtest by Ookla You can now use the no-cost and unlocked application available on our site. With modified features and removing ads, you’ll be able to have fun using the app and all its options and features. Download the Speedtest app by Ookla Mod APK and follow the instructions, and you’re ready to go. Perform your tests quickly or test out a variety of Internet enhancements in the mobile application.

Final decisions

To ensure that Android users of Speedtest by Ookla will enjoy their application to the fullest extent, Ookla has done an excellent job of maintaining the web’s useful features and has also added a number of wonderful features to their mobile application. In the end, you will be able to make the most of the app and appreciate the additional features. Additionally, with the no-cost and unlocked application available on our site, You’ll have even additional reasons to get started taking advantage of the app.


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