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Sonic Forces Sega recently revealed the Sonic green hedgehog video game. Sonic Forces lets players customize their characters. This is the first time that players have the ability to create their own character in Sonic Forces. Sonic Forces allows you to control multiple characters at once, so you can’t use every Sonic character.

Sonic Forces is an action-packed game that follows the adventures of Sonic Hedgehog, his friends, and other characters. Sonic Forces will take you on thrilling races through deserts and hills. You’ll be able to reach the finish line in order to win the highest score. This game is available now!

General Information

Sonic Forces Speed Battle allows runners to play against each other in a match-finding game to increase their attractiveness and competitiveness. You can also collect familiar characters from Sonic’s series, such as Tails, Shadows, Shadows, Shadows, Shadows, and Rogue by competing against other players.

There are seven character models in the game. Each model has distinct abilities.

Sonic Forces - Running Battle - Apps on Google Play

Sonic Forces allows you to create your own character in addition to the available characters like Tails, Sonics, and Knuckles. Sega made this announcement with a new announcement. This announcement will be focused on all the options you have, such as body adjustments, colors, and shoes. You can also use accessories such as hooks and flamethrowers in the game. You can also see the classic Sonic Forces 2D layout on a horizontal screen in 3D.

Background Story

Sonic Forces, formerly known as Project Sonic 2017, was one of the two new Sonic games that will be released this year. The game features Dr. Eggman capturing almost the entire globe for unknown reasons. Sonic, the green hedgehog, will join a resistance group that ends the Dr. Eggman dynasty. Sonic Forces are similar to Sonic Generations. They allow players to choose between classic horizontal screen styles or modern 3D settings.

Sonic Team created Sonic Forces together with Mr. Takashi Ichizuka, the long-time Sonic series producer and lead developer. Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations were also part of the team. The implementation began shortly after Sonic Lost Word was created in 2013. Sonic Forces utilizes Hedgehog Engine 2 (a remake of Sonic Unleashed’s engine). Tomoya Ohtani, the movie’s sound director, plays the music. Warren Graff, the Sonic series scriptwriter, is also familiar to fans.

Sonic Forces was announced in conjunction with Sonic Mania’s 25th-anniversary celebration held by Sega at San Diego Comic-Con, on July 22, 2017. Some believed that the trailer featured both classic and modern styles, leading some to believe it was a sequel to Sonic Generations. However, Iizuka made clear that Sonic Forces was a standalone game and not a sequel. The game will be released on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch in 2017.

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Overall Assessments


To win the race, you will race alongside two other players. You must not only race fast but also avoid obstacles along the way. To keep your life intact if you happen to bump into an obstacle, gather gold rings.

You can also use support equipment such as speed shoes or explosive bombs to attack your enemies and speed up your way to the finish. Sonic Forces offers a wide range of terrains such as hills, sanctuaries, and city roads. You can also choose to play Sonic, Tails, or Amy.

To unlock new terrain and characters, you must win through all levels. You can upgrade to stronger characters faster by gaining rings when you win the track, complete quests, or reach certain milestones.

Graphic Designs

Sonic Forces have vivid 3D graphics and a variety of designs for every detail. You can also find many characters in the game. The loud sound creates an exploratory sound and various effects, such as speeding up, collecting gold rings, and hitting bullets. They add excitement to players.

Sonic Forces players can participate in races like Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles. You can unlock rare characters such as Vector and Omega if you perform well. You can then compete in each race to upgrade and complete quests that earn rewards. You can win high ranks with your team.

Sonic Dash is a good alternative.

Sega is struggling with a confusing story that makes Sonic Runners the main protagonist. They introduced Boo, a new character, to commemorate the Halloween event. Now, the Japanese company is busy apologizing for any inconvenience caused. We will tell you more about Sonic Dash.

Sega’s thrilling Sonic Dash is now available. This chapter is based on Sonic Boom’s comic. The characters and gameplay remain the same. There are many improvements made to the gameplay and even 3D graphics. A new game mode has been introduced that allows you to play alongside three characters.

A couple of special abilities have been added. Amy can use a hammer and Knuckles can be attacked with a jump-up and slam power. Swing and Tilt, google play store a new mechanic introduced by the developer, will let you take advantage of your accelerometer.

Sonic Dash serves two purposes: it plays to the Sonic Forces of the same genre and also serves as a Sonic Dash. A spin-off video game Sonic Boom is based on an animated series with the same name. Its goal was to remake the characters and adapt them to a Western style. We may be seen by the Japanese as deformed beings due to the reproachful design of Sonic and his companions in this game.

Sonic Dash’s favorite genre is the endless runner. You can slide or jump by using three lanes and traps. The third-person perspective is slightly raised in Sonic Dash. Hardlight Studio is responsible for this. They were the ones who brought out Crazy Taxi: City Rush.


Sonic Forces’ gameplay mechanics are similar to popular Endless Runner games such as Temple Run. You can control your character by simply using swipes to move and avoid obstacles. You must speed up your progress in the game. Sonic Forces will be different because you will need to compete against other players around the world in real time. This promises to be intense.

Sonic Forces feature stunning 3D background graphics with the character roster keeping the original’s eye-catching design. This makes it easy for gamers to feel like they are back in their childhood when playing the game.

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