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Smiling-X 2 Be ready to follow our characters through an entirely new adventure with the sequel to Smiling X In this game, you'll join forces with the fight against the perilous X Corporation who are trying to control the entire population through their evil schemes
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June 29, 2022
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Description of the game Smiling 2. MOD APK 1.8.6 (Unlimited Life/Immortality)


Smiling-X 2 Be ready to follow our characters through an entirely new adventure with the sequel to Smiling X In this game, you’ll join forces with the fight against the perilous X Corporation who are trying to control the entire population through their evil schemes. Enjoy the classic puzzle-solving game as well as horror-themed adventure. You can also enjoy engaging role-playing with Smiling X 2, as you are fully immersed in the amazing in-game experience. Smiling-X 2

Plan your brilliant infiltration strategy to break into your enemy’s establishments, demolish their vital facilities without being noticed and get out of the dangerous place before you’re discovered by the terrifying adversaries Smiling-X 2Robots that are dangerous are aplenty, as are creepy and evil hunters, and the smiling weird cyborgs that are always in pursuit will let you play the thrilling game of horror for hours and hours Smiling-X 2.

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Story/Gameplay of Smiling-X 2

In Smiling X 2, Android gamers will be able to continue their adventures in the original Smiling X game, in which you’ve managed to escape the terrifying Smiling-x. It’s now time to join with the resistance forces to plan your strategy against the villainous X Corporation. Get involved in a brand new adventure, where you’ll uncover the dark secrets of these formidable adversaries.

Speak to the Hari, the commander Hari for your mission for the game Smiling-X 2, where you’ll be tackling a variety of challenging puzzles in which you have to hide from your enemies while searching for ways to derail their infrastructure mailing-X 2. Certain missions require you to complete specific assignments and have various locations to explore. But the terrifying enemies, amazing jump scares, and ever-increasing difficulty will keep you occupied.

Always move in total silence while playing the game smiling-X 2. Find a suitable location to hide from enemies, if they’re near. Make use of stations for teleportation to different locations throughout the game. Smiling-X 2 From these locations, you’ll help the opposition fix the communication. Be able to overcome the obstacles and try to take down your adversaries in this exciting and thrilling adventure.

Features of Smiling-X 2

Controls for touch that feel intuitive with a first-person experience

In the beginning, Android gamers in Smiling X 2 will discover it easy to guide their character through the levels in the game and interact with the environment due to the intuitive touch controls in the game  Smiling-X 2. It is possible to use the various virtual buttons to allow your character’s movements. Always enjoy the view from the first person of the game. This will enhance the game’s experience by making it significantly more engaging.


There are many puzzles to solve

In Smiling X 2, Android gamers can play various games that let Android gamers be more engaged with the game smiling-X 2. Discover the diverse puzzles by using diverse settings and challenging obstacles that you need to work through. In addition, the game’s challenges that are constantly increasing ensure that you will always be able to enjoy the puzzles Smiling-X 2.

Insane missions and creepy locations to take in

To enhance the fun, Android gamers in Smiling X 2 can freely explore all the areas in the game. The different missions in the game will provide you with a wide range of places, each with its own distinctive settings and exciting in-game experience to make you want to experience Smiling-X 2. In the end, you’ll never find your game boring or monotonous. Additionally, various locations will also include different elements and game-related interactions.

Many different enemies with intriguing mechanics

In Smiling X 2, Android gamers will be required to face a variety of adversaries each with its distinctive and intriguing in-game Smiling-X 2 mechanics. This means that you’ll be able to experience the game entirely differently when playing specific players. Prepare to be scared by their unique yet terrifying looks, while being amazed by their unique strategies throughout the game of Smiling-X 2.

Enjoy playing the game in ghost mode of the Smiling-X 2.

To let players have greater fun playing Smiling X 2, the game also comes with its exclusive Ghost Mode, in which Android players can turn into ghosts and explore the levels without fear of being snatched by monsters. You are free to explore the different maps, solve their puzzles that are unique and complete the tasks to be able to win the game as quickly as you can.

Be vigilant against your enemies.

Contrary to many horror games, where you just run away or hide from the creatures, on Smiling X 2, Android players can join forces and battle the enemy. Enjoy the thrilling action of the horror genre with a variety of weapons and equipment that each has its specific advantages. In addition, you could make use of these items to plan your escape ways or plot your way to victory smiling-X 2. This will enable you to take a more active role when playing.

An interesting story that will keep you interested

In the course of your game adventure, Android gamers will have the chance to experience the amazing story mode of Smiling X 2. Explore the intriguing stories and exciting in-game smiling-X 2  experience which will surely delight the majority of you.

A variety of jumpscare activities will keep you interested

Fans of the iconic horror games Ice Scream Episode 2 and Friday 13th: A Killer Puzzle are not likely to have forgotten the intense and thrilling jumpscare experience of the two excellent mobile games. In Smiling X 2, you are now able to enjoy the thrilling game of adventure and horror with epic jump scares that come from the creepy smiley faces of the foes. Don’t let yourself lose concentration, even for just a few seconds in this amazing mobile game Smiling X 2.

Smiling-X APK

Enjoy your offline game of Smiling-X 2

If you are interested, you can play offline in Smiling X 2 whenever you wish. In the end, there’s no requirement to switch on the mobile data or search for Wi-Fi networks that are active in order to play the game.

Play for free Smiling-X 2

In spite of all the thrilling features, it’s available for players of all Android players to play the amazing mobile app that is Smiling X 2. Enjoy the fun in-game adventures whenever you’d like.

Take advantage of the game for free and unlocked by using our mod

But as Smiling X 2 is still an open-source game it will have advertisements and in-game purchases which could be a source of irritation for you. So, you’ll need to download the no-cost and unlocked version on our site instead. We offer unlimited game money, free advertisements, and unlocked content. The whole package is available to all Android players for free. Just download Smiling X 2 Mod APK, install it on your device game’s mod, Smiling X 2, APK Follow the instructions and then begin enjoying the game.

Sound and visual quality

Graphics of Smiling-X 2

In Smiling X 2, Android gamers will be able to enjoy the stunning graphics in the game, which will let them enjoy the addictive game of survival to the max. Explore the amazing graphics and animations in the game that feature HD-quality graphics. You will be able to experience the full-on Smiling-X 2ambience thanks to the spooky and dark themes in the game. Additionally, the terrifying characters will surely increase your enjoyment when you play the scary challenges.

Sound & Music of Smiling-X 2

In addition to stunning visuals, Smiling X 2 also gives you a rich audio experience that allows gamers to fully immerse themselves in the game’s addictive mobile experience. You can enjoy engaging voiceovers of the game’s characters, google play stores authentic audio effects that have accurate images to keep you absorbed in the present levels, and also listen to many high-quality audio tracks that increase your fear of the game.

Final thoughts of Smiling-X 2

With an engaging story and amazing game features, Smiling X 2 allows Android gamers to experience another adventure in the renowned horror game series by Indie Fist Horror Games. Explore the intriguing 3D worlds within the game by exploring different settings that feature unique designs and numerous challenges to be overcome. Play with a variety of puzzles in the game as well as interactive props, that let you freely tackle the problems. The most important thing is that the unlocked and free versions of this game that is available on our website will ensure you will enjoy it to the max.

What's new

Fixed problems with weird textures.
Fixed smiles that do not hypnotize.

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