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Smart AudioBook Player Although people have many ways to learn by browsing online for articles, watching documentaries or through lectures, books are the most important source of information
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January 14, 2022
Varies with device
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Description of Smart AudioBook Player MOD APK 4.4.6 (Paid Unlocked)

Smart AudioBook Player - Apps on Google Play

Smart AudioBook Player Although people have many ways to learn by browsing online for articles, watching documentaries, or through lectures, books are the most important source of information. The knowledge you receive from the above sources of learning comes from books, and those that have compiled and summarized the information. Therefore, it is essential to establish your reading habits if you are determined to improve and enhance your abilities.

But in the hectic pace of work, we can’t take the time to unwind with our favorite books and that’s disappointing. To counter this the majority of people are opting for audiobooks that provide the most convenient experience, and at times, some individuals will discover them to be more easy and efficient.

In the end, you’ll definitely be able to find this amazing application called Smart AudioBook Player to be truly amazing. Enjoy engaging yourself in the realm of information and fascinating stories using any of the books available in the system. Use the application to categorize, organize and play the audible books easily.

Learn more about its capabilities through our in-depth review of the Smart AudioBook player.

What is it?

Through Smart AudioBook Player, Android users will be equipped with an effective app for managing and listening to their audiobooks in the system. Just install the app and allow it to manage your system via the simple library. Make sure that all your books are classified into a variety of collections and playlists, so that you can easily enjoy them. The app can also function as your own smart audiobook player to make your listening enjoyable to the max.

Just use the simple and helpful playback feature to completely alter your listening experience. Set up the correct covers for any book by downloading them from the Internet. Have fun with your books more by using personalized character lists. You can also access the helpful widgets for apps that are sure to delight the majority of Android users.

Smart AudioBook Player V8.0.5 Mod Apk Premium Unlocked


If you are interested, just get and download the no-cost application Smart AudioBook Player on the Google Play Store without paying anything. Enjoy the app’s features at any time you’re willing. However, since the app includes ads and in-app purchases, you’ll be required to pay to get access to the entire application.

Like many other Android applications, Smart AudioBook Player will require specific permissions from your device, that are required to allow the mobile application to fully function. Therefore, you must accept the app’s requests when you launch the app’s mobile version the first time. Also, it is essential to keep your devices running the most recent version of the firmware. This will guarantee its functions and features, particularly when using the latest versions.

Fantastic features

Here are the top features the app offers:

Playback interface that is intuitive and has many available options

To begin, Android users in Smart AudioBook Player can comfortably work using the user-friendly interface for playback within the mobile app with a wide range of options to use. Simply alter the playback speed according to your preferences. Press the playback speed button to customize the desired speed for all books. Concentrate on the most important sections and then quickly eliminate the irrelevant ones.

Additionally, you are able to review the history of your playback within Smart AudioBook Player and see whether you missed any information. The app will display the remaining time of your file within the player window which will display the remaining time for all books. This ensures that you’ve got a clear estimate of how long it will take you to finish your book instead of being unable to discern the time using the conventional forward timer.

Smart AudioBook Player Pro v8.3.9 APK - FileCR

Customize the sound signatures of the equalizer.

If you’re one of those who are curious, you can take pleasure in making adjustments and customizing the sound outputs that are available on your system. Change the sound signature and allow distinct sound presets within the equalizer. You can select various levels of equalizers for your various books. This allows for a totally individual experience through the mobile application.

Do you have all your books classified?

You can also be able to categorize your books within Smart AudioBook Player so you can identify which are newly released, recently started, or completed. This ensures that you don’t complete one book before you can go to the next. You are free to read books you enjoy. However, we recommend finishing them prior to purchasing new ones.

Find the correct book covers

Here in Smart AudioBook Player, Android users can access many interesting book covers available on the Internet. It is now easy to search for book covers online and then download them onto your device. You can place each cover in its own folders of files, and then show the audiobooks with appropriate covers in your library. This makes it much simpler for you to manage and find your books.

Make lists of characters to create more audible stories.

While reading, readers are able to enable lists of characters in various books. This will allow you to be more involved in the story and appreciate the whole experience more. Tap to add or edit any group of characters from your audiobooks and experience your own personal experiences.

Smart pause option that can improve the comfort

Additionally, Android users in Smart AudioBook Player are now able to be able to sleep asleep while listening to their favorite stories without having to disable the playback feature. This time, the automatic pausing feature will be able to quickly recognize your actions and end the playback when you’re asleep. This means that you won’t be interrupted by constant sounds, and you can quickly return to reading once you’re back.

App widget that can be used to work with

If you use LibriVox Audiobooks it is something you’d prefer to have on your device. With the addition of the widget, the application will be more efficient since it allows you to easily work on the features available within the app without having to open the main app. You can make quick and simple adjustments to the system at any time you want to.

Smart scan options for loading the entire library of audiobooks are available.

To ensure that your books are included for you in Smart AudioBook Player, the application comes with smart scan features to quickly search for audiobooks available in the app. In addition, you are able to skip any other folders that do not contain your books. Select the root folders, and allow the app to load books available on the system. Then, you are able to browse the books available on your device.

Compatible with Chromecast devices.

Now, with Chromecast compatibility, Android users can enjoy listening to their audiobooks on a variety of supported devices. Get new features on these platforms, and experience an improved version of Smart AudioBook Player.

Use the application without ads

With the ad-free app that is Smart AudioBook Player available on your devices, Android users won’t find themselves being interrupted while listening to their most loved books, which is incredible.

Enjoy working with the unlocked app available on our website.

Then, last and not least, with the unlocked and free Version of this app that is available on our site, you’ll have many more reasons to use the app. Download the Smart AudioBook Player Mod APK Follow the instructions, and then use it to your heart’s content. In this case, there aren’t any in-app purchases added to cause you to worry. Therefore, you’ll be able to make the most out of the mobile application.

Final decisions

With just a few settings and intriguing options, Android users in Smart AudioBook Player can work comfortably on improving their audiobook experience. In addition, with the modified app available on our site there are additional reasons to be delighted.


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