Slime Hunter

The Description of Slime Hunter MOD APK

Slime Hunter mod apk

Slime Hunter v2.1 (Mod Apk) You are the slime hunter and have to kill the Slime. Upgrade your damages and defense to be stronger after each battle. Use strategy to defeat the boss/dragon, and minions (blue slimes) while protecting your base at all costs!


Slime Hunter Mod Apk is a popular action-adventure game in the gaming world. This game presents the extraordinary adventure of a hunter who must face many interesting challenges. In this adventure mode, players will have to build their own camp and fight countless enemies.


The most intense and challenging FPS game of 2018! Get to the top of the rankings!

Choose from a variety of weapons,

Fast-paced strategic action game with cuteness. You can customize the appearance of your hunter (cat) and combine multiple hunters in a party of six.  defensive equipment and skills to clear some monsters that are disturbing you. Set up a party of six hunters to destroy monsters.

The toy will travel through various locations,

Slime Hunter is an action adventure with pleasant graphics and a relaxed atmosphere. The main character, who has not seen the parents for a long time, went to look for them. He was much surprised by what he saw on arrival – everything is covered with a strange green substance. And only the toys of the hero were able to survive in that world. fight bad guys and find out where their parents hid.

Slime Hunter mod apk

Slime Hunter is a hunting game.

Your goal is to hunt various monsters in the various dungeons. Find and collect items, attack monsters with your weapon, use spells, and avoid being hit. When you level up, you can increase your Health Point, Mana Point, and Stamina Point by using skill points obtained from rank-ups and hunting for yourself.

The game has beautiful graphics

Slime Hunter is a fun casual game about hunting for slime in the dark forest. The aim of the game is to collect as many slimes as possible, find the various items, and unlock new areas.  and animations that bring life to the slimes.

Assemble your party!

Monster Hunter and Slime Rancher both have dedicated communities that place emphasis on optimizing the game. While there are still things left to be discovered, this guide is meant to provide a clear primer for those interested in getting into the meta-game of each title.

Slime Hunter MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

is a mobile game that has attracted so many users around the world with its cute graphics, nice characters and special gameplay. InnerSloth LLC., the publisher of Hay Day and 2 has confirmed the continued success of this game when it has reached 50 million downloads.

You will play the “Slime Hunter”

Angry Slime is a 3D Adventure game based on the android platform. Many innocent victims have been sacrificed by the bloodthirsty slimes. and your task is to survive in the slime world and kill all the slimes.

Slime Hunter Mod Apk is a modded version

of the original game which came with some premium features like Unlimited Money and Armor Health, which will help you in achieving everything in the game. Below we have explained all the steps that you have to follow in order to install this app on your smartphone.

Different from other hunter games,

Slime Hunter is a casual sim-style hunting game and has similar gameplay to the world-famous mobile game, “Zombie Hunter”. In Slime Hunter, you regress from a great wall to a deep forest, which is derived from the invention of the hydraulic steam engine and rapidly developed industry.  you will be able to feel real gunshot shock when you hunt in Slime Hunter.

Open new types of weapons

Slime Hunter – Protect your garden from the invasion of green slime using the bazooka. Shoot down moving targets and do not let them approach.

The greatest hunters gather here,

and the sharpest shooters from any world take aim! Compete with each other to see who can be the best hunter! This is it, this is the mod for you!

Download Yours Now!

Unlimited Money Unlimited Gems/Coins Slime Hunter Mod Apk (Unlimited Everything) Download The Latest Version of Slime Hunter Mod Apk, A Adventure Game For Your Android Device. This MOD Includes Unlimited Money, Gold & More.

all of which are made up of very colorful slime pieces,

Come to the slime world and join the fight between slimes that play each other on a fun adventure. You must bring a special element filled with strength and start crossing the obstacles of each puzzle at the highest level of difficulty. Craft, create and design your own character, you can use anything in this game to make your character look unique, this is a new mod apk and has a 4.9 score point

I created the Slime Hunter mod

I have been a fan of doing side quests and scanning the environment for resources since I played the original Skyrim. To satisfy this obsession, It adds a quest to track down different types of slimes through Tamriel, rewards you for your efforts, and uses them to help create stuff.

Slim Hunter is another magnificent game

from the creators of Dog & Pig and Play play Fun who, like their previous games, have already brought millions of downloads to popular Google Play users. This time, your challenge will be to save the survivors from evil slime from a variety of enemies including humans, animals, and even machines. Starting with the introduction stage and getting familiar with the operation process, you will enter a specific area in which you have to take action quickly!


Q: Is Slime Hunter Mod Apk safe to use?

A: Yes, it is. The app was scanned for viruses and it was found 100% secure.

Q: Is it safe to install this Mod Apk?

A: Yes, it’s totally safe because we have tested the app file and it’s 100% working.

Q: Why do I need to retrieve the old version of the application?

A: The old version is required to activate the mod.

Final Words

Slime Hunter is an open-world RPG game, where you will be hunting slimes with the slingshot. Slimes are those adorable tiny creatures that can be found everywhere in the world and there are many types of them. Play Slime Hunter to explore the big world and make your career as a professional hunter. If you want to enjoy the latest update of Slime Hunter Mod Apk then please read this article till the end and learn how to install this mod on your Android device.

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