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If you’re looking to be heroes and save the world from evil creatures, Shop Titans Design & Trade is a fantastic adventure that is perfect. It’s not the classic hero game you’re familiar with In fact the game is so simple that there’s not much fighting, since all you’re doing is creating weapons and equipment for the heroes. However, that doesn’t mean you’re not valuable.

You’re likely to be the most significant player on the map. Because of your skills in crafting objects, you’ll become an extremely valuable asset to your friends. Begin with a small shop, and then grow it with time. In time you’ll be the world’s most renowned crafter. So, let’s learn all you should be aware of about this incredible Android title.

Shop Titans MOD APK

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Story of Shop Titans

The game begins with you becoming the latest maker in town. With just your basic know-how, you’ll be required to start your own business. Slowly, but steadily you’ll have to turn it into the most popular shop in the entire region. Collaborate with other priestesses, tailors, blacksmiths, and carpenters in your community in order to create a prosperous craft empire.

Help the heroes that are fighting for your community and earn money by selling them quality goods. You can hire the heroes to gather materials for you, and then repay the favor by completing their orders. Let’s form a strong community to ensure that everyone can be secure to live in.

Shop Titans MOD APK

Features of Shop Titans

The game features a variety of exciting options that you’re unlikely to find in other games:

Personalize your characters

When you first begin your journey with Shop Titans Design & Trade You can personalize your character with a variety of options to adjust options. You can pick from a variety of styles, nose shapes and skin tones, eye styles, and so on.

You should spend time in it to create a character that stands above the rest. Additionally, you’re allowed to modify the clothing of your character or accessories and other accessories.

Learn to become a master shopkeeper and transform yourself into an entrepreneur

In CCC your ultimate goal of yours is to establish a flourishing crafting business in your community. Gather high-end materials to make powerful weapons and other items. Offer them to heroes and, as a reward, they’ll guard your village from intruders.

Continue doing this when you grow and expand your business. Get new items and services in your store to attract more customers. Also, you can expand your business until you are a local business entrepreneur.

Create your own shop of dreams out of scratch

In the beginning, you’ll need to begin your business by scratch and build everything yourself. In the end, you’ll have to construct your store from the items you’ve gathered. Receive those first purchases from your heroes and ship them as fast as you can to build your reputation.

As your business grows larger, you can look into new products or recruit employees to join your team. Make your furniture more customizable to make your shop more appealing and easy to access.

Shop Titans MOD APK

Create incredible weapons and gear

Begin with the most basic commands from the heroes and then gradually progress to higher levels. It also introduces various heroes, so you’ll have to master the art of making various types of weapons that fulfill their needs.

Explore different locations and battle epic monsters to obtain the tools you require. Make sure to put your all effort and energy into making the famous weapons. Most importantly, you are able to design your own unique weapons which could be a hit with everyone.

Join the game with buddies and help build a flourishing town

The game doesn’t intend to be played on its own In actual fact, it is a multiplayer game. Shop Titans Design & Trade players can join thousands of players on the internet. Collaborate with your friends while you turn your town to become a successful and well-known one.

You are the boss, and you can recruit your employees to be your heroes

As you grow wealthier and wealthier, going out and taking risks to obtain the materials for crafting isn’t needed anymore. In reality, you are able to sit back, unwind, and employ capable heroes to gather the materials for you.

You can recruit your own team of warriors and ensure that you take great treatment of them. Make sure your heroes have the most effective tools and weapons to aid them in their mission.

As we do have different hero classes in this game, you’ll need to consider the composition of your team. You must ensure that you have the right team is required before sending the team out on their mission.

Shop Titans MOD APK

Explore trading options with online players

To help you grow your business, players on Shop Titans Design & Trade are able to trade with other artisans from around the world. You can spend time working on negotiations to secure the most favorable deals. You can quickly make money by selling your items across the globe.

Be a slayer and take on bosses of epic proportions to get rare loot

In the world that is Shop Titans Design & Trade, There are also mysterious creatures who hide in deep caverns and dark forests. It is possible to gather your heroes and defeat the beasts. The majority of the time you’ll be rewarded with important loots.

Complete all quests and missions in your campaign mode

Although the game is largely accessible for free, players can take on various quests and missions which are offered to them. Do your best to complete your assignments and earn rewards. This is very beneficial to shop owners who are brand new, and who often do not receive orders.

Shop Titans MOD APK

Play for free

The game is available for accessible for free and accessible to all regions of the world, meaning that you’ll find it simple to get started. Log into the Google Play Store Download then install it and dive into the world of famous artisans and shop proprietors.

Audio and visual quality


The game is characterized by a casual aesthetic, where the players are only involved in peaceful pursuits. Even if you need to search for loots, that will primarily be the task for the hero. Thus this game is very enjoyable and is playable with anyone, anyplace.

Furthermore, the clear illustrations and detailed products will make you feel as if you’re a real crafter and that’s not even including the.


Enjoy relaxing and peaceful music while you play for endless hours enjoying Shop Titans Design & Trade.

Download Shop Titans Mod latest 9.0.1 Android APK

If you’re looking for adventures and tycoon games, Shop Titans Design & Trade is an excellent crossover between two different categories. Play a variety of games while you explore this world full of cheerful artisans.

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