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Description of Rosetta Stone MOD APK 3.14.0 (Premium Unlocked)

Everything you ever wanted to know about the Rosetta Stone - British Museum Blog

Rosetta Stone is an English learning software, however, it’s also the very first language learning software that is international that is available globally. It uses the most sophisticated technology for recording and voice recognition currently.

The American Speech Recognition Engine helps students learn to speak using a local accent rapidly within just 90 days. We utilize Rosetta Stone in rapid language training programs in large corporations all over the world. Rosetta Stone is regarded as the most popular name in self-learning for language at home software.

Rosetta Stone is one of the top language learning software accessible. The range of Rosetta Stone languages is also quite diverse, with the most well-known languages being the 12 around the globe. With more than two million users across the globe, Rosetta Stone is the most popular software for learning foreign languages that are endorsed by some of the most respected organizations in the world, including NASA, and the US State Department.

General Information

Rosetta Stone, a copyright-protected application that facilitates computer-based language learning. Anyone who has difficulty learning new languages, regardless of the reason, can reap the benefits of the Rosetta Stone.

The program makes use of images and text, audio and video to aid users to learn vocabulary and grammar quickly. This method of repetition over distance is known as”the “Dynamic Immersion” method by Rosetta Stone. It helps learners create sentences and think about the language they have just learned.

In languages that don’t have the Latin alphabet, The program includes an on-screen keyboard that can be used to input characters during exercises. The program allows users to practice their speaking by using the program’s microphone to test their pronunciation.

Following each course, Rosetta Stone will review the lessons and provide an interactive dialogue that includes the learned information added. You can also evaluate how you are doing, as well as the number of questions you have not answered and the percentage of incorrect and correct responses, and the percent of correct answers within the lesson.

It’s the quickest and easiest method to assess the progress you have made in your learning and to determine what skills require additional work. With Rosetta Stone, it is possible to discover a unique, revolutionary language learning technique without classes.

Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics - The Rosetta Stone

What is the technology that this Rosetta Stone software use?

Rosetta Stone is the first international language program that uses different technology. Today’s most sophisticated speech analyzer can be described as one of the American Speech Recognition Engine.

This technology allows students to practice speaking directly using software built around elaborate communication materials that are bursting with vivid images and sounds. The software can detect mistakes in semantics and pronunciation and will help students get to communicate in different languages greatly increased.

What’s the content of the curriculum in Rosetta Stone software?

Rosetta Stone is one of the applications that have a variety and extensive content repository. Here is information on the content that is available in Rosetta Stone.

  • 1200 Vocabulary: Rosetta Stone provides 1200 words to ensure the best possible handling in most situations. The learning process of vocabulary is a combination of pictures and sounds, making the language 300% more efficient.
  • Speak Recognition It is among the most popular features that come with Rosetta Stone software. This program helps you to learn to speak a foreign language using the most sophisticated technology of speech analysis (Speech Recognition). It lets you interact with a native teacher. Your pronunciation and proficiency in foreign languages will improve in a short duration.
  • Structure: The 165 grammar structures range from simple to complicated. Spaced Repetition: The Spaced Repetition method helps learners use grammar in speaking and listening as naturally as they can.
  • 220 Subjects topics in communication that range from the beginner level to aid you in learning a language with ease. The most relevant topics include greetings and introductions, but also more difficult issues like shopping, asking for directions, or traveling, for example. Learn to communicate in every situation.

Rosetta Course is the foundation of your learning experience in the language. Learning is conducted through total immersion in the language you are learning without the need for translation. So you’ll develop the confidence to speak.

Rosetta Stone’s Dynamic Immersion method immediately allows you to learn the language of a different culture by connecting words with scenes that are connected to real-world situations to help convey the meaning of words to you. Rosetta Stone’s program tracks your progress and allows you to integrate what you are learning wherever you go with Audio Companion. Audio Companion.

What Is the Rosetta Stone? - HISTORY

Special Features

It will take some amount of time for installing the copyrighted Rosetta Stone instead of the version. It is great software because it is able to be used on a variety of operating systems, including Mac as well as Windows.

Rosetta Stone can be scientifically designed that includes 20 lessons, each with five levels. Each course user is required to devote four to eight hours. For 20 tasks, you require 100 hours. Here is a list of the main information that you must know before making use of the software.

Core Lesson

At the beginning and gaining knowledge, you’ll come to the core Lesson idea – the basis of the entire lesson. This is a long section and, if you can master the concept well, you’ll provide a solid foundation in the future.

One of the core lessons consisted of 33 exercises that are clearly illustrated. The video is not included subtitles, which can help you learn to speak clearly and effectively. The most unique feature is the fact that Rosetta Stone integrates the voice recognition feature.

If you pronounce it correctly you will automatically be taken to the next part. If you don’t pronounce it correctly Try again. This is why this software can help to improve your listening and pronunciation extremely well.

For every lesson, take five Core Lessons. This is which is equivalent to 100 core classes over the entire course. The number of core lessons rises until the end of the course to allow you to integrate your skills.

Rosetta Stone Listening

In Rosetta Stone, the focus is to develop your listening skills by looking at images. The listening portion is usually completely predictable. Rosetta Stone has a clear audible sound that helps you identify the correct strand of word phrases.

You can also listen to the conversation repeatedly using the green buttons inside the program. It is possible to listen in on the conversations, and then select the image you believe is the correct one, although not always completely understanding the conversation.

Rosetta Stone Speaking

In Rosetta Stone Speaking, you will hear a phrase at first. After that, you’ll need to repeat the phrase you heard. It’s helpful to prepare an audio microphone prior to participating in Rosetta Stone Speaking.

If you correctly pronounce the word The software will verify and approve. In the previous paragraph, if you do not pronounce correctly then try it again. Sometimes, we need to speak around 20 times before we get the correct sentence.

Rosetta Stone will provide you with an English text. You must be able to read and comprehend the meaning of the text and choose the appropriate image. Easy, right? In addition to reading, press the Listen button in this section, to listen to the way people pronounce.

Rosetta Stone Writing

This issue caused many to have the most issues. Utilize a virtual keyboard and if you damage your computer, it’ll require a long time. This is a major negative feature of Rosetta Stone. In general, you should concentrate on listening and then input your answers into the computer. In spite of all the trouble, it’s an opportunity to test your endurance.

Rosetta Stone Grammar

Rosetta Stone knows how to highlight what they want you to note by using color to highlight fundamental grammatical structures. If you are able to practice regularly and improve your grammar, you will see improvements rapidly.

Rosetta Stone Vocabulary

In this section, the students listen to the audio, read the text, and then choose the picture. Rosetta Stone Vocabulary does not teach just one word, therefore you’ll be able to do many vocabulary exercises in one class.

Overall Assessments

Rosetta Stone software is a computer program to help you learn English and is the most effective method of learning for those aged 14 or over. It comes with five different levers that allow you to go from a beginner level to advanced. The software is continuously updated with the most current and most effective techniques to help learners absorb information quickly, enabling quick reactions in the field of communication.

Rosetta Stone has advantages such as the ability to learn a new language without having to rely on the native language of the user and the program is used in real-world situations and images. Students need to think to discover the meaning behind a word on their own in different situations.

This will assist you to retain unfamiliar words more quickly and over a long period of time. Knowing the meaning behind the story, and creating appropriate contexts to understand the significance of the word that is that you are learning is crucial. The software also employs repetition methods at a certain rate, which is thought to be the most effective method for learning in the present.

The software helps learners learn just like a native instructor by providing a thorough scientifically-based curriculum. Apart from the advantages mentioned above it also has a speech recognition technology that can also be utilized to assess the learners in their pronunciation.

If the pronunciation isn’t accurate compared to the native language it will be necessary for the user to repeat it. Rosetta Stone also records all the time spent by the student and their results to help them assess their capabilities and progress in learning. In contrast to other programs, Rosetta Stone software takes learners from novice to professional, without worrying about going down the wrong road.

When you’ve used Rosetta Stone, we are sure you won’t be tempted to try other methods to study foreign languages and will want to keep using this program. Rosetta Stone’s method is similar to playing a game with language, making learners feel not bored, but interested in their studies.

There is no need for other aids to learning, such as pen, paper, or a dictionary. However, you must do your best to study. We remind you that we shouldn’t be overly quick in our observation, but remain calm as you learn to observe and try to comprehend what the word means.

You could study twice each day and each time you will only study for around an hour. By following this strategy we believe that you’ll achieve amazing results without stress when studying. We hope that you will all improve your performance quickly.

Recommended Alternatives


Babbel, a wildly successful Berlin software, was developed in 2008 by electronic engineer Markus Witte, developer, and consultant Thomas Holl, and Lorenz Heine. Along with a smaller group of six co-workers, They created this platform which allows you to learn 14 different languages, ranging from English up to Indonesian.

Once we’re able to access the Babbel application the first thing they ask is to choose the language we would like to study. Then, you have to enter some information like your name, email address, as well as and account password. With this, you will have access to both the app and the website. the application.

There are 14 different languages, then the game begins. The languages that are available include: Italian, English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Dutch, Turkish, Polish, Indonesian, Norwegian, Danish and the most recent addition is Russian.

For every language, you can find different levels. Those starting out can use this app with ease. Those looking to improve their understanding of a language that they have learned before can do so also.

Lessons are brief and contain a brief review of the vocabulary and speech recognition exercises and many more. Babbel constantly analyzes the student’s progress and adjusts its approach in line with the user’s progress. In this manner, it customizes the refresher lessons to provide maximum efficiency.


Duolingo is a fun app. It helps you master vocabulary by playing games. Learning is fluid and the app is user-friendly. It’s an excellent application to experiment with language.

The illustrations are fun. It’s a great way to start to begin the process of learning into learning a foreign language. It is easy to use and appropriate for those who are new to the field. Duolingo’s strategy is, thus offering an application to help you learn a language with fun.

The developers have insistently insisted on the importance of gamification in this learning experience. The contest between users and the offering of bonuses and the activities that are planned are designed to reintroduce the most exciting aspects.

Final Words

They split Rosetta Course into sections with specific lessons and exercises. Core Lessons introduce the language of the future, while the Focused Activities let you improve your skills and consolidate the lessons you’ve learned. The Review Activities test your understanding of the Core Lesson material.

After the completion of every course, there is a Milestone that will allow you to prepare for the actual exercises within Rosetta Studio. Rosetta Stone MOD APK is an all-year coursebook that includes five levers that are consecutive. The next chapter continues from the previous quarter and shares an intimate connection.

Learn any language around the globe using the Rosetta Stone and an abundance of information. We believe it’s the top language learning tool available to assist students to learn more effectively. It is also the best option because you can study at your own home without needing to visit a center and save time, effort, and money. Furthermore, you can study wherever and whenever you’d like.


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