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Push'em all If you're bored of cooking, farming fighting, or any other kind of game, yet you want to play some sort of game to unwind your mind What options are available to you? You're not alone, there are numerous games that will aid in letting your mind relax.
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December 15, 2021
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A description for the Push’em ALL MOD APK 1.36 (Unlimited Money)

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Push’em all If you’re bored of cooking, farming fighting, or any other kind of game, yet you want to play some sort of game to unwind your mind What options are available to you? You’re not alone, there are numerous games that will aid in letting your mind relax.

Have you had the pleasure of playing ” Crowd City“? If the answer is yes, then you’re aware that the game is famous for its bizarre and addictive gameplay. It is about collecting as many players as you can while crushing your opponents. However, do you want to play another game like “Crowd City” but perhaps more enjoyable?

” Push’em all” was first announced by VOODOO in the year 2019, and the game has been a huge hit from the beginning. The game is about pushing everyone you meet along the way, and then rushing to the finish and winning the victory. But, will you cross the finish line first or do you prefer to clear everything? It’s your choice! You can play however you want since this game doesn’t require any equipment. You just need an internet-connected device that is stable and has a good time, this game is truly fantastic. Are you looking to find out more about the features it is? Let’s get started!


“Push’em all” is not a game with an established storyline. Instead, when players start the game, they are swiftly instructed on how to control the character. Your finger will be dragged across the display in an endless shape and play as you would do, and your character is now ready to challenge all of the opponents. If you’d like to only push one side on the field, that is fine so long as you get to the end of the road.

Push'em All (by VOODOO) Android Gameplay Walkthrough 1-11 Levels - YouTube

Be sure to believe my word when I claim that it is an easy game because it is. All you need to do is guide your character to the finish and you’ll be good to go. Of course, once you have completed one level, you will be able to pass more. It’s not a problem since playing more the more comfortable you are with it. When you read about it, are you intrigued enough to give it a go? Let’s get to the features and discover the reasons “Push’em to all” is so well-known.


Amazingly simple and engaging gameplay

“Push’em to all” is possibly one of the most simple games I have ever played and thoroughly enjoyed. It doesn’t require anything other than a mobile device. Many believe that due to its simplicity, the game isn’t appealing in any way. “Push’em all” is proof that this notion is incorrect. I’ve done a quick questionnaire for my friends asking them to tell me what they think of having played “Push’em the entire time” for a couple of weeks.

And the results are positive. Nearly all my friends think it’s a great sport to let them relax after a stressful day or to enjoy their leisure time. How about other people? They would like to play all day long But they’re too busy.

The most significant part of their responses is that they like the game because of the simplicity of the gameplay. The game’s main and only objective is to bring all competitors down. Make sure to not fall along with them or else before the game is ended. If you face so many opponents, don’t abandon the game because incredible prizes are waiting ahead.

Push'em all - Apps on Google Play


Your character’s default look will be like your adversary, however, it will be in an additional color. Don’t worry if he appears boring, because you can earn coins to get stunning outfits like clothing and hats for him. Coins can be collected at any stage. The more enemies you take down the more coins you’ll get.

The players can also unlock the characters’ movements with various dance moves. What can one say about “Push’em to all” is boring with plenty of features to explore you must be thinking? I’m always amazed by this game to the point that I can’t stop looking at the game.


Each normal level contains three zones to get rid of. Your character will utilize the large and long roller to push opponents around and collect coins. Each level differs from the others, so be sure you don’t slip as the game will come to an end. The final phase of each round is a single zone, however, you will encounter three different waves and each one has plenty of enemies to take on. When pushing these enemies, gamers will also get boosters to complete the game quicker.

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The higher you climb the more obstacles will be encountered, including large boulders and difficult ways to move. Be sure to avoid these obstacles and take down all the enemies. On certain levels, enemies will shoot guns at you. In the course of playing, you will discover new weapons, such as that magic stick.

After a specific amount of levels, you’ll change into a new theme like the sea, buildings, lava, and many more. Players can explore a variety of themes and take pleasure in these.


There is a wide variety of enemies that you’ll confront during the game. They come in a variety of colors, like red, yellow blue, purple-black, pink, and so on. Yellow is the biggest stronger, tougher, and more powerful person, but they’re slower than the other.

The most common one you’ll always encounter is the red one. it is simple to beat however, in certain stages there will be many. As players advance through the game they’ll encounter more enemies. The stages are more challenging, with complex elements that make the game more exciting.

Unlimited coins

Users are now able to freely make use of their coins since they can use them all. Mod APK has now supported their coins with an unlimited amount of money feature. There is no need to think about what should be purchased first and then.


Although the design of the game is simple, Google plays stores with decent colors, and it’s extremely captivating. The frame rate is steady and smooth. There are some bugs that may pop up, however, because the game is continuously being updated, players don’t have to be concerned about it. The sound effects of the game are authentic, capturing the screams and the shouts of the enemy very accurately.

Final Thoughts

In the end, “Push’em all” is definitely an exciting and addictive game that players can play alone, or with families and friends. Although it can be boring, however, it has fantastic features that players can enjoy.

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