PUBG Mobile 2022


PUBG MOBILE 2022 is a multiplayer online battle royale game developed and published by PUBG Corp. It is based on the Vikendi map of the original game. The player can choose up to 20 players per match, who parachute onto an island with little food, water, and ammunition. They have to search for weapons, ammo crates, and equipment scattered around the map while fighting other players to obtain in-game rewards such as gold coins and weapons.

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Through the terrain through the maps Orange, Miramar, and many more. Survival is the only way to win the game. to be the last player standing to grab the chicken dinner or be killed to lose The choice is yours. It is possible to play the game with your buddies all the time while communicating via the chats and voice conversations available in the game. You can also give instructions and progress through the game. 


Mobile friendly and free 

This is a console-quality game developed by the game’s developers on your smartphone powered by the Unreal Engine 4. This game offers jaw-dropping HD visuals and 3-D sound that simulate the game that is based on reality. It has different training modes, voice chats easily without voice chats, and mobile controls that you can configure the way you like. Download it now to experience authentic ballistic weapons and smooth control on your smartphone. 

Massive battle maps 

The maps range from Erangel from Erangel to Miramar, Vikendi to Sanhok, PUBG Mobile Mod Apk has a vast selection of maps in varying sizes and styles that feature both night and day cycles, different kinds of weather urban cities to dense jungle, a variety of vehicles, and more. Find your unique strategy to conquer the battles, and master the techniques of each battleground in order to learn the game’s rules and win the chicken dinner. 

Variety and depth 

You can play by yourself as a solo player or in a group of four players, you can play the light-hearted and fast 4 deathmatch modes or the classic 100-player modes. You can also dive into the world of the undead to beat the competition by learning how to play. In this game, there’s every game to suit anyone! Whatever your mood, you can enjoy that kind of game. PUBG Mobile offers first-person and

third-person shooter games that include TPS and FPS TPS, you can play with a variety of vehicles that can be played in different types of gameplay, riding the bicycle, in a car, or any other vehicle available on the battle arena. Make use of the arsenal of realistic weapons to find your ideal vehicle and put all of it together to make the final circle, and then toward victory! 

Always expanding 

The game is always getting increasingly engaging, addictive, and challenging by having daily challenges, events, and monthly updates that give you new gaming features and modes that keep the PUBG Mobile ever-expanding and expanding. The robust and effective anti-cheating systems that are provided by the developers give players a fair and balanced setting where you can play according to the rules and fight with fairness.

PUBG Mobile

Map of the new map 

PUBG Mobile 2.0 update release

This edition brings you the latest arena map called a town, with its vast area of terrain, and a stunning adventure on this massive map. 

New Royal Pass 

Royale Pass Season 11 will begin tomorrow, and brings new missions and rewards with premium outfits that will surprise everyone! 

Modification in a new way 

New modes are being introduced of which the most popular is Domination with thrilling and exciting backstreet firefights presented, so get ready to smash your opponents by using the latest powerful weapons. ! 

The training map is returned and the firearm 

The map for training is available with this update. You can go to your store and pick any weapon you like and begin training to get stronger and more effective in the field. Then take possession of your own customized controls. Weapons are now balanced with this latest version, as the Groza bullet destruction in the Arena has been reduced to 45. 

HOW to INSTALL Pubg Mobile Mod Apk?

  • Scroll down the page, and locate the link or download button. Download the apk file. 
  • It could take a few minutes because the file size is quite large and is dependent on the speed of your internet and connectivity. 
  • When it downloads, visit your security settings and settings. 
  • If you are in the settings for security, you can allow installation from unidentified resources. Then return to the downloaded file. 
  • Install it, and then allow the additional files to download following it. you’re ready to join the battle. 

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