Political Run MOD APK

Introduction of Political Run MOD APK

 Political Run MOD APK is a beautiful game which is the latest version of this game. In this game, you will play a role in politics and become the best politician in the world. You will have to run for office and win elections to become the president of America. You can also take part in different events like football matches or basketball games. You will get many opportunities to play this game and enjoy playing it with your friends or family members.

Political Run MOD APK

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 Get ready for the most intense political race of your life! In Political Run MOD APK, you are a candidate for president who must run a successful campaign to become the next leader of the country! Explore different parts of America and collect resources to expand your campaign. You can also hire workers and use them to help you win votes.


The gameplay of Political Run MOD APK is very interesting because it has many features that are not found in other games. The first thing that we should mention about this game is that it has a lot of interesting things to do and many items to collect. In addition, there are many missions for you to complete and earn rewards from them.

If we talk about the graphics, this game has some very nice graphics that make the gameplay more attractive. The sound quality of Political Run MOD APK is also very good so you can enjoy playing this game even more than before. Overall, this game is suitable for all ages, and people who want to play it must definitely try it out!

The gameplay is simple and easy to learn. You just need to tap on the screen to jump over obstacles in your way, collect coins, and avoid attacking enemies. Collecting coins will allow you to unlock new characters and upgrade your character’s abilities. You can also gain coins from completing missions or achievements. Political Run

Features of Political Run MOD APK

Political Run MOD APK is an awesome game for Android users. It is developed by the Ketchapp team. This app is a new version of the original Politic Run, but with some extra features. In this game, you will play as a politician and run through the streets to win votes from people.

  • Political Campaign Mode:
  • Political Party Mode
  • Political Staff
  • Run For President Mode
  • Easy to play
  • Challenging levels
  • Easy controls
  • Unlock new characters
  • The graphics and sound effects are great!

Political Campaign Mode

The best thing about Political Run is that it has a campaign mode. The campaign mode allows you to choose from different political parties and run for the office of President. As you progress through the game, you will gain more money and experience which will help you in winning the elections. You can also choose to run for governor or senator but this is only available if you have completed the presidential election first.

Political Party Mode

You can now run your political party in the game. You will be able to run your party as a candidate and make sure that you win the election. The more votes you win, the more money and resources you will get from the government.

Political Staff

The best thing about this mod is that it gives you access to political staff like strategists, campaign managers, spin doctors, and many more. These staff will help you in running a successful campaign for your party.

Political Run MOD APK

Run For President Mode

This is another mode where you have to campaign for the presidency by giving speeches, raising funds, etc. Once again, if you manage to complete all the challenges within the given time frame, then congratulations! You are now the next president of America!

Presidential Mode

Political Run MOD APK is a free political game that you can download and play on Android devices, this game has been developed by the developers of the famous game Subway Surfers. This game has so many features that make it unique from other games.

The first feature is the Presidential Mode, this mode is for those who have already played the game and have reached level 20 and above. In this mode, you will be competing with other players for the presidency of your country. The player who wins will win $1 million dollars as a reward and also become a legend.

Challenging levels

Political Run MOD APK is an amazing game developed by the famous game development company, ZPLAY Games. It is a game in which you can play as a politician and run for elections. The player has to complete challenging levels to win the election and become the next President of the United States.

The main feature of Political Run MOD APK is that it offers challenging levels for the players to play with their friends and family members. The best part about this game is that it takes you to different places such as London, Paris, New York City, etc. You will have to run from one place to another place in order to complete your mission successfully.

Multiple characters

This game offers different characters for you to choose from, each one with its own unique ability. You can select between a boy or girl character depending on what you like most. Also, each character has its own unique ability that will help you complete the mission successfully. For example, the boy character can jump higher than the girl character because he has more muscle mass than her; in contrast, the girl character can run faster than the boy character because she is lighter than him.

Unlock new characters

You can unlock new characters in this game by playing it more often. There are many different characters that you can unlock including Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama. You will have to play the game for some time before you can unlock all these characters because there are many levels in this game for each character to pass through before they reach their destination point where they will be safe from all dangers that may come their way while they are on their way to become president or prime minister of their country. 

Great graphics

The graphics in this game are great and they are what make it so enjoyable. The characters are very detailed, which makes them look like real people. They also move around in a very realistic manner and this makes them even more appealing. You will enjoy watching them as they compete in different races against each other.

Easy controls: 

The controls of this game are very easy to use and understand. You can easily perform all actions in your own way without any problems. If you have played some other action games before then controlling this one would not be difficult for you at all because it uses very common controls which are used in almost every action game available on Android devices today!

The graphics and sound effects are great!

The graphics and sound effects are very good in this game; they will make you feel more excited when playing this game because of their high quality. The developers have done a great job in designing this game so that it looks really beautiful and interesting at the same time as well as making it easy to play without having any trouble while playing it at all times no matter what situation we face when playing games like this one is always

Mod Features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Modded Achievements
  • Ads-free

How to Download And Install Political Run Android

Step 1: First, download the Political Run MOD APK from our website on your smartphone or tablet.

Step 2: After downloading this file, go to Settings> Security> Unknown Sources> Enable Unknown Sources (on some devices known as Allow Installations From An Untrusted Source). Then tap “OK” on the warning message that appears on your screen.

Step 3: Now open your file manager and find the Political Run MOD APK file that you downloaded earlier, then tap on it to install it on your device.


This game is one of the most popular games in this category. The game has many interesting features that attract players to play it. The game has a lot of features that make the player feel comfortable playing this game.

The Political Run MOD APK is available for free download on our website, google play store you can download the mod version of this game and play it for free. You can also download other mod versions of other games which are not available on our website. But before downloading any mod version, please be sure that it is safe and secure to download from our website.


  • Q. What is Political Run MOD APK?
  • A. It’s a modified version of the Political Run game with unlimited money and unlocked items.
  • Q. How do I install the mod?
  • A. Just follow the instructions on the site (the installation process is described in detail).
  • Q. Is it safe to use this app?
  • A. Yes, we have checked it, and there are no viruses or malware in this app!

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