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The description of Pluto TV MOD APK 3.16.0 (Ad-Free)

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Plex TV Have you ever wondered what it would be like to watch the largest collection of travel and entertainment in Spanish and all for free? Well, now you can do precisely that with the help of Pluto TV. This mobile application offers a huge database of content including over 1000 live TV channels that you can easily stream directly from your Android device – and it’s all completely legal as well.

What does it do?

Come and visit Plex TV, the Spanish mobile entertainment app with thousands of titles and channels available. Here you will be free to watch at least a thousand different movies and TV shows in Spanish, as well as hundreds of live Spanish channels broadcast 24/7. All of the videos are entirely free and legal, so feel free to enjoy them to the fullest. Explore this world on site the best hit TV shows or highest-grossing films and most intriguing documentaries, together with channels working with live broadcasts wherever and whenever you want.


The free Pluto TV app is pre-installed on devices such as Roku, Apple TV, Xbox, Sony Blu-ray players, HDTVs, and many more devices. You can also install it on any Android smartphone or tablet. You can also download over 100 apps or games that are part of the Plex TV platform, including CBS News, Pluto TV Comedy, Pluto TV Kids, and others.

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Awesome features

This app is full of features that will amaze and delight such as:

Intuitive and accessible entertainment app

Produced by a company called Pluto TV, the mobile app has become free for people who wish to use it. And with exciting and new features available to use in this app, you can abstain from going to the theatres anymore and have a more exciting time at home. Also, put into use in the new modern minimalistic designs and friendly layouts of the mobile app, Pluto TV provides its users with a google play store, with different theme settings that allow you to customize your experience and make it more enjoyable.

Many contents for you to enjoy

Love to watch movies and TV shows? Pluto TV, the leading free TV service, is now available on Amazon Fire TV. Upgrade your entertainment! Pluto TV has 1000+ movies and TV shows from all genres including some of today’s hottest hits and everything else you love about live TV. With over 100 live channels, 45 Spanish language channels in both native and dubbed languages, music channels, 24/7 news coverage, kids’ shows, and more it puts your antenna, cable, or satellite TV to shame.

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Best hits from multiple genres

Do you love android? We do, too! And we are proud to present an excellent application for Android users – Big movie HD. Through this app, Android users have 24/7 access to watch their favorite movies and TV shows anywhere, anytime. Yes! It is a huge database that is filled with thousands of well-selected movies that range from the beginning of the century to now including classics from Hollywood as well as foreign lands.

Interesting collections to keep you engaged

How would you like to enjoy our full video library, without a subscription or regular ads? Pluto TV has got you covered. We have thousands of shows and movies available on-demand. You can stream TV series, mind-blowing movies, and much more. There is always something new to watch with Pluto TV. If you’re an entertainment lover, Pluto TV is your best choice – where your pleasures are never-ending

.Welcome to the world of Pluto TV. Enjoy all your favorite shows and movies, whether they’re showing on live TV or are on-demand only. With over 100 free channels, you can always find something perfect for you: Comedy Central, CNN, Food Network, History Channel, and much more! You’re never late for a show or movie again. Get notifications when new episodes are live on Pluto TV and never miss an update from your favorite channels. And with access to hundreds of channels, adding new content will be easy peasy.

Intuitive playback interface to work with

Pluto TV brings the best of live TV, VOD, premium channels, and user favorites together in one easy-to-browse menu of over 100 free channels. Take control over what you watch with powerful playback features like advanced search and filtering, channels to follow, and recommendations based on your behavior. Pluto TV is smart. Interact with videos by tapping on any screen. Swipe up or down to move between recommended videos. You’re in control.”

Enjoy the full version of the app with our mod

Do not try it from unofficial websites as they are neither safe nor legal. Go straight to the source and download the latest version of the Pluto TV Mod APK Android app on our website free of cost. It is more convenient, safe, and faster than any other app out there in the market.

Final verdicts

Pluto.TV is the go-to place for free TV shows and movies in all kinds of genres, from drama and action to sci-fi and fitness. Pluto.TV also has many shows available in Spanish as well as famous TV channels from around the world, all unlocked. The app offers hundreds of shows and movies available for viewing for free on any device whether it be your Smartphone, tablet, or even TV.

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