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PLAYit is a mobile app that helps Android users with the playback of content. It won’t add any background processes, so you can comfortably use it when playing the media files and also to increase their playback effects, especially when you want to use it for watching movies or related media.

What does it do?

PLAYit is a combination of Music and Video player which gives access to hundreds of online video and audio content. You can now watch music videos and the latest TV shows anytime, anywhere. PLAYit presents you with all background images that are available on their servers in excellent quality along with other content like comedy clips, news, daily soaps, sports programs, and much more. Browse through theFrom everyday use to traveling, listening to music, and enjoying videos of your favorite songs/films is a must. The large library of multimedia content will enable you to listen to any of your favorite tracks or watch any of the films. From classic songs to recent films, there’s something for everyone!


The player app boasts a wide variety of features to improve the overall gaming experience. First off, you can switch off ads inside the app for a small fee. The Play Queue is also pretty convenient where you can reserve slots and playlists without affecting other users.

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Awesome features

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Work well with all video and audio formats

PLAYit is an awesome media player app for users to view, listen to, and play all movies, music, and photos on mobile phones or tablets. It is designed with a user-friendly interface that lets you choose all pictures, videos, and audio tracks you want easily. In addition to supporting SD cards, external drives, USBs, and network storage systems as playback sources, it also supports advanced video formats such as Blu-ray 3D MKV MP4 AVC H.264.

Easily organize your media collections with the auto-detect option

play allows you to make the most out of your videos and music, by offering an efficient way for you to organize, browse and manage all of your local media content on your devices. It detects all of your audio and video files on your internal memory or SD card, as well as online content you may have found on YouTube and the Play Store.

Freely explore online content with a VPN browser

Do you dread when you are on the road, forced to work or play in a restricted network? Do you miss your favorite music and videos when you are traveling abroad? Now, thanks to PLAYit’s built-in VPN browser, you will be able to view any content you like. Choose to download your favorite videos, use the VPN browser, and access any website available. If you love browsing the Internet, but hate downloading content, then we have a solution for you- PLAYit. This dedicated app will allow you to easily download videos from Facebook and other various sites.

Play videos and audio in the background or with floating windows

PLAYit is an enhanced song and video player for Android that lets you play online videos by simply tapping its title on the provided search bar. It’s also possible to stream videos and music in the background, without interrupting your current screen. To make sure that users are satisfied with its services, this app also gives users access to the Background Playback feature, which enables them to play audio files in the background while they are using other apps on their phone.

Make use of the built-in video-to-audio converter

As many of you already know, converting music videos into audio-only files is not a very simple task. But not everything is complicated in this world! The music video converter tool by PLAYit makes this process a lot easier by providing you with all the necessary tools and features right at your fingertips to allow the perfect conversion of video files into audio-only files. You can now easily turn any videos located on your mobile devices without running into any problems. All you have to do is select the desired convert format prior to starting the actual conversion process.

Enjoy working with the available subtitles

PLAYit organizes all movies, TV shows, and other videos on your mobile device into an easy-to-browse collection. With the help of our built-in browser, you can easily add subtitles to any media file while in PLAYit.

Easily manage the playback experiences with intuitive controls

The new and improved PLAYit app is now better than ever! Now, you can play videos at optimal speed and make the whole experience a lot more accessible and efficient. Just a simple tap and swipe on the screen will let you navigate around the app and make your video or audio level adjustments. Besides that, you can also easily select any available language for your convenience. And with the automated pause and playback option, which you can use when connected over Bluetooth, the whole experience will soon become effortless and convenient.

Enjoy smooth playback experiences with advanced decoders

The latest version of the PLAYit HD introduces software acceleration for all Android users. Users can now enjoy higher compatibility and improved performance on in-app media playback. The acceleration of software decoding will make the videos or audio contents in the app play smoothly at all times, regardless of the device’s hardware capability.

Work well on your laptop and computer

PLAYit is an app that hosts games and apps of high quality, having received millions of downloads worldwide. PLAYit offers a wide variety of features that have been tested with high-quality standards and are available in 100% free versions. Users can use their PC and Laptops to enjoy all their favorite games, the same way as they will use their Android phones or tablets at home or anywhere else, a unique offer on the Android market!

Have access to the updated experiences

PLAYit has released the latest version of its app. And this one comes with lots of improvements made to enhance users’ smartphone experience, especially on Android devices. That’s why hundreds of thousands of users have grown to love it even more than they used to. The new PLAYit app is now equipped with faster, smoother graphics. It’s also optimized in such a way that installing the same app will only require 1/5th of the memory space that was previously required.

Enjoy the modded app on our website

Do you love the app but couldn’t get the premium version? Sorry, we are unable to provide its free variant here, but you can always go to our website and get it. Now, let us tell you how this app seems on our website: After all the necessary VIP features in the app have been unlocked, there’s no longer any ad promotion in it. As a result, you can now download and install the app successfully. All you need to do is to complete a few quick steps below and finally enjoy using it.

Final verdicts

PLAYit is a free and useful mobile application whose features will truly make it stand out from other similar apps. Thanks to the unlocked edition that you can find on our website, start discovering the features it is embedded with and enjoy it whenever you want. You’ll be able to listen to music and watch videos of your own choice whether you like playing or working on your phone.

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