The Description of PK XD MOD APK


PK XD MOD APK is a brand new Android MMO game where you can create your avatar, build your house and unite with friends. Pick up every landmark that you have always wanted, create icons, play games, chat with friends, and more. Become an amazing PK in the amazing universe of PK XD! Make your character by selecting the skin color, eyes, and hair, and adding makeup. Fill your closet with hats, shirts, pants, dress shirts, and dresses – pick a style that best suits you.


PK XD MOD APK is a good simulator, very similar to Minecraft, in which the player can create their own world. The game gives you complete freedom and allows you to act as you want. Do that’s become the most famous, popular or evil player of all.

PK XD MOD APK is a modded version of the PK XD game. PK XD is an open-world sandbox MMORPG where you can look for adventure, meet other players from around the world, and interact in fun ways! It’s easy to play with simple controls. Decorate your avatar, build your house, and then set off to discover amazing worlds. Join the fun!


PK XD MOD APK MOD Features Unlimited gems, coins were released and updated on 20 April 2020! Version: 0.9.0!

The PK XD MOD APK has unique and amazing features

that you will not find in any other game. These include unlimited diamonds, unlocked characters, no ads, infinite stamina, and defense and attack strength are also increased.

Every individual has their own dreams.

Everyone wants to be in a cozy and comfortable environment. A place where they can feel safe and where they can enjoy themselves without any worries. Gaming is the only platform where one can actually get this experience and PK XD MOD APK makes it possible for you to give this experience for free.


PK XD is a wonderful and very interesting game

that gives its players plenty of leisure and entertainment. Being in a virtual world offers you the possibility to meet friends, play with strangers, build houses and customize your character. The 3D graphics are so good that sometimes you forget that you are playing a mobile game!

Do whatever you want!

Create your avatar and enter a whole new world.  Explore the virtual world of PK XD: interact with other players, make friends, create your own avatar and help create your family in this fun game.

Create your avatar and go on adventures in a world full of fun.

Explore it with your friends and make new friends with other players. It is a colorful and happy world, just as you’ve always imagined! Create your own character by customizing the hair, facial features, expressions, and clothes. Design and customize every room in your house! Download PK XD MOD APK as unlocked now!!!

You can design and create

PK XD MOD APK for Android – Welcome to the world of an amazing adventure.  your own virtual world in PK XD! Go on an adventure with your friends or family members. You will experience great things in this game when you explore the vast field, chat, and make friends with other players

PK XD Mod apk is your virtual world

of socializing and gaming with friends. It has got many interesting features such as; ‘Create your avatar’ by customizing the looks of your friend, ‘Explore the world to meet new friends, ‘Bake cookies’, ‘Build your home by decorating it and throwing parties, ‘Adopt pets’ and much more!

It saves a lot of time as well as real money.

There are many features of the app that you will enjoy in the modded version. The first one is that you can get unlimited money for free to purchase whatever you want from the game store.

Explore a universe full of surprises and adventures.

Play with your friends or make new ones, dress up your avatar, decorate your house and get cool t-shirts and stickers. Share them with everyone!

The game has two modes:

PK XD MOD APK has a wonderful first-person mode and also a third-person mode where you can see your character.  multiplayer and single-player. When we talk about the game, we can call it a mix of the Sims and Animal Crossing, which are both games that have been released for Android in recent months.

We offer the best visuals and chat options.

PK XD is your online life simulation game that offers you a unique gaming experience to explore unlimited possibilities. If you like playing life simulation games, you should definitely try this fun and amazing PK XD MOD APK by PlayKids Inc.

Connect with friends or meet new ones!

Play games and complete all the fun quests. Customize your character and home, chat, and team up for weekly challenges. It’s a whole new world to discover!


Q 1: I can’t get the diamonds and gold. Why? A 1: This is a server-side issue. We try to update the game online as soon as possible so you won’t face any problems.

1.Q:Can I play PK XD APK on desktop? A: Yes, you can play on a BlueStacks emulator. 2. Q: What are the main features of PK XD APK? A: Decorate your avatar and home. Dress up your pet. Meet new friends. Talk to other players in the chat room! 3. Q: What is PK XD APK? A: PK XD is an open-world virtual game where you can play with your friends or family. It is free to play and there are no rules like in reality that you need to follow

Final Words

So this is some strange retro virtual world. Here you can do almost everything that you are accustomed to seeing in others such as toys, communicate, google play store make friends or enemies, get a job, visit other people’s houses, sell your stuff, and much more. On the whole, PK XD MOD APK is a pretty good game for those who want to submerge into a virtual world and live there for a while to forget about their problems.

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