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This is the description for Photo Translator MOD APK 6.4.6 (Premium Unlocked)

Language Translator

While traveling it is very easy for you to get confused and aren’t sure in which direction the signs point. In such cases the use of a translator app accessible on smartphones is definitely beneficial particularly if you locate a reliable OCR (optical character recognition) translator. The helpful OCR technology lets you to translate any word without the need to type them into the translator box. This could be a huge issue if you’re working with a new language.

Also to those who are curious about the benefits that OCR technology as well as its astonishing application, Screen Translator is always an awesome app to use. It allows Android users can take pictures or images or documents. Then, you can take advantage of the translator tool that is compatible with the majority of languages. It will then translate to the language of your choice.

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What is it?

With Screen Translator, Android users are now able to have fun working with the full-featured OCR translation toolthat lets them translate text and documents instantly. You don’t need to input text into the app in order to begin your translation process since you are able to work with OCR technology. OCR technology to recognize the words on your images or documents.

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The application will then go on to translate the words , and effortlessly render them on photographs or documents you’ve snapped. This means that you’ll be able to understand exactly what the signs are saying, or swiftly find a piece of information within the documents you don’t comprehend. You will be able to enjoy working with the complete translation application that can support 100 languagesYou can use it any time you want to translate any item without using access to the Internet.


If you are intrigued by the amazing mobile app of Screen Translator, you can download the free version available through the Google Play Store, which is accessible to everyone Android people to download with any hassle. However, since it’s an app that is free there will be advertisements and in-app purchases you must unlock using real money.

In order to ensure that the app functions correctly on all devices, including Android phones, it’s essential to keep it up-to-date to the most recent versions of the firmware, and preferring Android 4.4 or higher. Don’t forget to supply Screen Translator with all the necessary access rights, which are required upon the first opening the application.

Fantastic features

Here are the most exciting features the app offers:

Simple UI and easily accessible features

In the beginning, Android users in Photo Translator are able to work with the easy and user-friendly mobile app, which is incredibly easy to learn to use and navigate through the menus. This simple and easy UI lets Android users to easily work using the application and its functions.

Make use of both images and documents

With the handy mobile app for Screen Translator, you can utilize it now to work on your images as well as documents. You can use the app to allow unlimited translation of photos using images already stored on your smartphone and also take pictures using the built-in camera feature within the app while it translates your content automatically for you.

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Similar to Screen Translator, Photo Translator also includes the Document Mode that allows users to quickly translate documents on your device. It is possible to select common document from a variety of formats and have them properly translated with Photo Translator.

Modern OCR technology gives precise results

Due to the modern OCR technologies, Photo Translator will make certain that you receive the most accurate translations and precise results using its features. You are free to use it to detect languages automatically in photos and images and then have them properly translated with the mobile application.

Support multiple language options

In Photo Translator, Android users are able to use the full-featured translator app that supports more than 100 languages to meet your various usage scenarios. With the options for languages offered for both original as well as translated texts, you will be able to effortlessly have your preferred language options accessible for various combinations. This makes it easy to get your photos and documents translated accurately.

Re-represent translated text in the original image

By using Photo Translator, you can see your translation properly converted into the original text within the image. This means that the images that have been translated appear extremely natural and likable. This allows you to quickly work with the content that has been translated.

Use the app even when offline.

To ensure you’re able to enjoy using the app greater, EVOLLY.APP also features their offline translation feature for Photo Translator that will permit Android users to utilize this OCR and built-in translators to localize images without access to access to the Internet. It makes their mobile application easier to access and practical due to its increased accessibility.

Get the no-cost and unlocked application by using our mods

For those who are looking to download the fantastic mobile application Photo Translator, you can now download the unlocked and free version of the app using our modification. In the future, there are no in-app purchases , ads, or advertisements to be a nuisance. All features are available without the need to purchase any kind of item. All that is required is downloading Photo Translator Mod APK, install it on your device photo Translator Mod Apk Follow the instructions, and then start having fun using it.

Final decisions

Simple yet highly convenient functions, Photo Translator allows Android users to translate quickly any items of content from digital and physical documents that is amazing even if you’re not familiar with the original languages or how to compose the alphabet.


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