Petmon Master MOD APK

Introduction of Petmon Master MOD APK

Petmon Master MOD APK is a popular game that is based on the android platform. This game was developed by petmon and was released in 2017. You can download this game from the official website to play it on your android phone. All you need is an android phone with a minimum requirement of 2 GB RAM. The OS should be Android 4.2 or greater. Your phone should have at least 1 GB of internal storage space.

Petmon Master MOD APK

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The gameplay of Petmon Master MOD APK is very simple. Sometimes you will have to attack the enemy with the help of your pet. When you need to get a different and powerful pet, then you should go to the shop to buy and upgrade the pet. You can also fight against other players to get more experience and resources. There are some innovative elements in this game, such as you can use quests as extra money and experience points, so that you can save time doing boring tasks.

Features of Petmon Master MOD APK

Petmon Master is a wonderful game that is based on the virtual pet. You will get a pet by chance and you have to take care of that pet. It is available for both Android and iOS users. The gameplay is very easy to understand and you can play this game anytime anywhere with the help of an internet connection.

  1. You can meet various kinds of Petmon and raise them.
  2. You can have a Petmon follow you around, or ride on it.
  3. There are various games you can play with your Petmon in the game center.
  4. All the pets in your collection will grow with your level.
  5. Petmons can all be weird, cute, or sometimes scary.
  6. There are a lot of Petmons available for you to collect.
  7. Explore all the maps and find out what kind of Petmons are there for you.
  8. Defeat the enemies so that you can get some gold or items that you can use later on.

Many kinds of monsters are living together in this world.

Petmon Master APK is a game that can be played on Android devices. It is an offline game that has been developed by the Royal Studio. In this game, you will see many kinds of monsters living together in this world. There are lots of monsters in the game. You need to collect all the monsters to get high scores. There are some interesting things waiting for you in this game and you need to check them out!

You can have a Petmon follow you around, or ride on it.

Petmon Master MOD is a game that takes place in a world where you can catch Petmons and breed them to make more. You can also ride them! In the game, there are many Petmons to catch, and you can train them as well. You can have a Petmon follow you around, or ride on it.

Takes care of the pet

The first thing you need to do when you play this game creates an avatar for yourself. The avatar does not have to be too detailed, but it will make the game more fun if you spend some time on it. Once you are done creating your avatar, you need to choose a pet. There is a wide variety of pets available and they all have their strengths and weaknesses. Your job is to take good care of the pet so that it grows into a healthy adult.

Petmon Master MOD APK

Animal friends

Once your avatar has been created and the pet is chosen, you will start playing the game. The first thing that you need to do is feed your pet and clean up after it. If you are not careful, your pet might start biting or scratching you. After taking care of that, you can start playing with your pet in order to help it grow faster into an adult. You can also collect coins from your adventures in order to purchase 2food for your pet as well as toys for it to use while growing up.petmon master redeem code

Simple gameplay with challenging levels

Petmon is a new game that you can download for free and enjoy the new experience of battling monsters on your phone. You should know that Petmon is a 2D side-scrolling monster game, and it offers simple gameplay with challenging levels.

The gameplay of the game is based on how a player moves the Petmon Hero. The Hero can shoot and destroy the enemies by tapping on them. The aiming and shooting are done with a gun which is placed in the bottom right corner of the screen. And, this all happens in a very simple layout but with challenging levels. So, your petmon hero will be navigating through various obstacles, eliminating enemies, and saving their friends, who are kept captive by evil demons.

The graphics used in this game are stunning which

The graphics used in this game are stunning which makes the game much more interesting and pleasing. The developers have put a lot of effort into this game to make it look as much as realistic as possible. The details done on the characters are very impressive and each character has its own charm. The gameplay is also very smooth and clean, google play store there will not be any lagging issues in this game.

The story is amazing with a lot of twists and turns.

Petmon Master MOD APK will take you to a fantasy world where there are a lot of mysterious things waiting for you. You will have to fight with the enemies, and you will have to improve your skills all the time. The game is really addictive and we can assure you that it is impossible to stop playing. The story is amazing with a lot of twists and turns, so you will be glued to the screen until the end of the game. Just try it, and we can guarantee that you won’t regret it.

Mod Features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlock All Skills
  • Auto Win
  • No Ads

How to Download and install Petmon Master  Android

Step 1: Go to **Settings > Security > Device administration** and turn on **Unknown Sources**

Step 2: Download the **Petmon Master MOD APK** and save it somewhere (Internal Memory, SD card)

Step 3: Now open **Downloads** and locate the Petmon Master file that you just downloaded and tap it

Step 4: It’ll ask for permission so tap **Install**

Step 5: Go back to your home screen, search for Petmon Master and enjoy playing!!


The game is extremely easy to control and has simple instructions. You can take advantage of that to easily conquer the challenges. The Petmon Master MOD APK will support you with many useful features to help you become the best trainer and win all challenges.


  • Q: Can I play Petmon Master on PC?
  • A: Yes, you can. We have made a separate tutorial to download and install the Petmon Master MOD APK on a PC.
  • Q: Is Petmon Master MOD APK Safe?
  • A: Yes, it is 100% safe to install and play. All our MOD APKs are 100% malware and virus free. You can scan it using any Anti-Virus software such as AVG, Avast, or Norton Security.
  • Q: Does Petmon Master MOD APK has unlimited money?
  • A: Yes, it has unlimited money so you can purchase anything that you want in the game for free.
  • Q: Is this the latest version of Petmon Master MOD APK?
  • A: Yes, we will try our best to keep this page updated with the latest version of Petmon Master MOD APK download link.

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