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Pet World MOD APK Download: Pet World is an interesting and fun game for Android. That lets you experience the life of a veterinarian. Take care of cute animals, cure them of diseases, visit your friends and help them with their pets! - Pet World MOD APK (Unlimited Coins/Unlocked)
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July 29, 2022
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The Description of Pet World MOD APK 3.9.1 (Unlimited Coins)

Pet World MOD APK

Pet World MOD APK Download: Pet World is an interesting and fun game for Android. That lets you experience the life of a veterinarian. Take care of cute animals, cure them of diseases, visit your friends and help them with their pets! – Pet World MOD APK (Unlimited Coins/Unlocked)


Pets are not just your best friends in Pet World MOD APK. They’re like family. Feed them, play with them and take care of them in all the ways you would your real-life family members. Choose from a large selection of toys, treats, clothes and accessories to keep them happy at all times. Play with them as much or as little as you want: Take care of everyday tasks like cleaning, feeding and playing with toys, or pamper them more often by washing them and choosing new outfits.


Enjoy more exciting features of Pet World MOD APK. All animals are unlocked, and you can get all the food and items.

Pet World features extremely cute animals and other things.

With this app, you can take care of your lovely pets. You can buy them food and clothes, help them grow up, and play with them. Have fun!

The Pet World is a fun pet simulator game.

It’s also educational, as it has a lot of real facts about animals. The Pet World has been designed by nature lovers, scientists, and animal experts, so you can be sure that the information you learn is correct!

Pet World MOD APK

It is all about real emotions, because

Feed the baby polar bear cub with a bottle for the first time and watch him come to life. Find food for the little octopus and help her repair her ‘home’. Play hide-and-seek with the cheeky meerkat or jump on an elephant’s back for the ride. Here there are no limits – you can spend hours in this app without ever growing bored!

Free download!

Take care of your own pets and have a lot of fun. Unblock animal species by visiting countries and scanning them, using all possible options to nurture them. Pet World is the best offline game for kids! Pet World is one of those games filled with cuteness, but there’s much more than just adorable animals in that fantasy world.

Build your pet world,

complete care of cute animals; Understand the feelings of animals, raise and train your beloved animals; Make friends with them, take them playing to gain their love; Play all kinds of mini-games with unlimited coins.

Pet World is an arcade game published

by Crazy Labs in the TabTale genre. You will take care of the most lovable pets in this game. Your task is to catch any animal depending on your needs, pet and play with it.

Enjoy the colorful life of your animal friends in PetWorld 3D!

Save cute animals from a sad life as test objects and take care of them. Experience your zoo, aquarium, or pet shop in new and exciting ways. You can buy or breed pets and fill your menagerie with adorable animals such as cute little puppies, tiny bunnies, small fish, lovely horse foals, sweet finger monkeys, and many other magnificent species!

Give your pet the best!

Food and water dishes, exercise wheels, scratching posts and many more accessories await you in Pet World. From cute hamsters and guinea pigs to exotic parrots and snakes: You can keep all of them as pets. Every pet needs a different kind of care – hamsters need wheels and exercise balls, parrots need ladders, rabbits want to nibble on something and dogs must be walked!

you’ll have access to unlimited cash and diamonds!

You can use it to buy all the in-game items and you can also unlock all the pets with just a few taps. It’s quite straightforward, I mean, google play store you can download it right now and experience the best virtual pet simulator on mobile.

Explore the lovely pet world,

indulge yourself in feeding and caring for your pets, and discover all of the amazing things you can do with your new friends! But wait, there’s more! Be part of a fantastic journey to reach the wonderful Pet City – an amusing animal paradise with countless surprises. On your way, you will meet cute little animals that need your help. Can you help them?


1. What is Pet World MOD APK?

A: Pet World is an Android application that, as the name suggests, allows you to take care of your pets. It lets you feed them, clean them up and ensure that they are never left lonely. You can customize their looks as well.

2. When was it released?

A: The game was launched on June 15th of 2020.

3. How many pet species exist in this online multiplayer world?

A: The game boasts of a huge variety of pets like rabbits, hamsters, turtles, cats, dogs, and even unicorns and dragons!

4. Who developed Pet World MOD APK?

A: This game was developed by Tapps Games – Top Apps and Games for Free.


If you love animals, Pet World MOD APK is a great game for you. You start off by adopting a baby animal. Then you clean it and feed it and keep it happy. Then you can dress it up in cute outfits and play games to help earn money so that you can expand your pets’ environment. This can involve getting them more food or building them new things to play with or explore.

Final words

Pet World MOD APK comes to your console and mobile device with superior graphics and gameplay. It’s an incredibly unique game that integrates the simulation with pet games in a very easy way and at a very innovative level. It is not just a regular game but also has new content that is always being added up to make the experience so fun.

What's new

+bug fixes
+ The new clinic report: get an even better overview of your patients, animals, the expansion of your clinic and much more!
+ Enjoy the white winter wonderland with snow on the grounds
+ Christmas Special: Get 1000 diamonds at a special price

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