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Make yourself a legend of all times and places with one of the top RPG games following Soul Knight! I’m sure you’ll be impressed by the look and the detail included in Otherworld Legends this time. Let’s get acquainted with certain characters who have their own unique weapons and distinctive combat styles and have the most thrilling combat within the game.

General Information

Otherworld Legends delivers a crisp retro aesthetic and high quality and is just one of the many reasons that players are eager to try it. The game was developed by the game’s developer Chillyroom and was released on August 20 in 2020. A number of arcade-style games have appeared in recent times, however, Otherworld Legends might hook you with its quality and a truly enjoyable experience.

As I said, a lot of gamers would be enthralled by the game after playing Soul Knight, however, it’s just an entirely different style of play in the identical game. Many of the moves are challenging in comparison with Soul Knight. That’s right the difficulty of Otherworld Legends gets ramped up considerably higher than you anticipated.


A large number of fighters from different places and times meet to fight in the world created by the wizard Asurendra. Through all your efforts you and your companions are required to find out the truth of this bizarre and dangerous world of monsters. There’s an abundance of characters to pick from. Each has its own collection of skills you can personalize to be used to win battles.

With well-balanced fights and exciting animations, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at first glance. In addition, it is possible to explore a number of interesting items on the way. They have a variety of magical effects that can be useful. Don’t miss the opportunity to incorporate these items with your growing levels. This gives you an entirely new experience every moment you are playing.

All assessments

For gamers, Otherworld Legends is a fantastic game that offers exciting combats that allow players to test interesting items and combinations of skills. However, a few players were unable to solve the issue that three of their character’s playable can be unlocked via microtransactions. The multiplayer mode may be a little complicated for certain players.

To compensate for this, more options for merging objects appear throughout the game. Fighters are able to collect and blend over 90 items. This will entice you more than ever before. Additionally, the google play store Otherworld Legends includes epic combat scenes and moves that you’ll are looking to learn. The game is stunning with stunning combos and amazing bosses. Simply take on those tough monsters and take over the Dungeon.

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Overall, it’s an excellent game with the most advanced and realistic combat system, as well as excellent characters. Regarding the animations, I’ll admit that the scenery is beautiful with realistic cut scenes. The bosses are entertaining and get difficult as you progress through different areas.


As with other role-playing games you have to pick your hero from five powerful heroes of your own discretion. Each one has its own weapon and combat style. Your character isn’t the only good thing in the dark world. In various areas, you will encounter various enemies who are determined to take your character, from adorable to ridiculous creatures to unbelievable monsters.

Let’s fight them to beat this world of illusions and begin your journey now. Many worlds have tranquil bamboo forests, serene gardens and solemn underground labyrinths, and mysterious palaces. It’s time to stand up to a variety of battle-hardened warriors, and gain bizarre and exciting items so that you can make the entire gaming experience an incredible experience.

I’m sure you cannot miss this incredible work of The Soul Knight team. It is referred to as the latest creation from Ryouga Games Otherworld Legends won’t let you fall. The players will get to play on the most fusion-inspired recipes, and you’ll be asked to discover the perfect selection of equipment that matches your preferred style of fighting.

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Another important aspect to keep in your mind is to accept the loss and death of a loved one. What’s the reason? The more you go into the dark dungeons, the more difficult the battles will be. But, each of these is part of your development and learning process.

You can practice your moves and combos to increase your proficiency. The game takes players from beginners to intermediate before becoming a professional. There are a variety of characters to choose from, however, three of them are restricted by the paywall.

We suggest you concentrate on mastering Quan Buying. Do not worry about her, as she’s a weak character. If you approach her with the appropriate skills and tactics, she’s capable to get you deep into the depths of the dungeons. Because Quan Buying is an expert in martial arts with a huge HP and massive physical strength that will help her with her quick-range attacks.

And lastly, be sure to stay alive in the dungeons for as long as feasible. It is essential to be cautious in every move. It is advisable to watch your opponents before you attack them. When they launch a series of strikes at your face, keep an appropriate distance so that you are able to counter these strikes. If you are hit, it can lead to more strikes in an entire round since the boss could have the ability to strike multiple times.

Graphic design

Graphics are loved by everyone, particularly animations that look cool from various angles. You’ll be enthralled by the graphics and interface as well. Players will feel as if they are playing a new version of Soul Knight although it only has two free-to-play characters.

It is apparent this studio worked to come up using the same basic formula, bringing the soul of a classic knight experience all over Otherworld Legends. Everybody loves the visuals they create within the game.

You are able to switch your skills anytime, which is incredibly great! After you have mastered three types of fighting you can switch between attacks using Tiger Climb and Tiger Claw. In addition, based on how long the game takes and the number of rooms you’ve found, you may obtain gears and items that are more powerful than the items you’re able to equip your characters with.

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The final words

Otherworld Legends MOD APK includes the unique boss fights and strategies you’re sure to enjoy. It’s more difficult than you imagined because the game isn’t just a race and gun.

Although the game is incredible, there are some elements that render it difficult to play. Bosses can be a little difficult to kill. Each time you attempted to take down bosses, you first died because the dodge isn’t highly efficient. If you attempt to stay away from it, it can spike you. It’s often difficult to avoid the attack, no regardless of the method you use to avoid it.

More than that The game is loaded with an abundance of weapons and gear that can be found in dark dungeons. Think about what your equipment is capable of before you decide which one should accompany you in a fight.

In the chamber for merging gears, It is possible to mix the correct gears to create a stronger gear. It is important to note that players see everything differently and make the game more thrilling than ever. Overall, we are enjoying the game and would urge Soul Knight players to try it out as soon as they can.

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