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The description of Multiple Accounts: Parallel MOD APK 5.6.8 (VIP Unlocked)

Multiple Accounts: Dual Accounts&Parallel Space - Apps on Google Play

Multiple Account is an Android-based app that lets you create customized versions of any app and game on your Android device. This essentially means you can have multiple accounts for the same game and easily switch between each account without having to go back to your computer or log in to the game’s main website.

What does it do?

Welcome to the working world where everything happens in a blink of an eye. Running on social media websites, multiple activities are scattered among platforms, making it hard for us to manage them all. This is when having multiple accounts come in handy. With social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, you can now obtain as many as 5 different accounts, or even more, and connect every single account with your primary account. This mobile application helps you to manage multiple accounts on a single device. Useful in social media apps, especially when you’re using different accounts for different purposes.


Multiple Accounts, Parallel is a fully featured app that allows you to have as many Google accounts using the same app drawer as you wish to have at the same time. A perfect solution for all of those who need to separate their personal and work life, no more confusion between your email and your colleague’s one, just bring up the app drawer, slide up, and voilà, there you go. It’s that easy!

Multiple Accounts: Dual Accounts&Parallel Space - Apps on Google Play

Awesome features

Create invitations, personalize RSVP cards, and more.

Complete support for most games and apps

Multiple Accounts: Parallel makes all the social network apps work perfectly and simultaneously on Android, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more. And 99% of top games are supported in Multiple Accounts: Dual Accounts to allow you to grind and play your favorite games with different accounts, which can be freed up manually by turning off data synchronization and SMS reception.

Easy switch between different apps

With the world of apps at our fingertips, we want to be able to switch between them as easily as possible. With that in mind, Multiple Accounts: Parallel was created. With this app, you can slide left or right from any game or app and keep it running on your screen while quickly switching to another one by swiping up or down from the left or right side of your screen. Allowing you to do multiple things at once, all without leaving a single app running for an extended period of time.

Simple and accessible mobile application

Multiple Accounts: Parallel is an app that will allow you to create multiple accounts on different social networks with ease. With this app, you can either manage your own account or make one for someone else. Therefore, if you want to change your name on an account, then this app provides a way to do so; while still making sure everything

Multiple Accounts: Parallel MOD APK 3.6.3 (VIP Unlocked) for Android

Clone and make use of your fully-featured apps and games

Do you often open up duplicate accounts for various apps or games just because you can’t access them at the same time? Our new feature is all about making sure that you don’t need to do that ever again. Clone any app and enjoy them with different accounts without confusion, glitches, or anything of the sort. Learn more about this powerful and promising technological breakthrough here.

Good hardware optimizations to allow for ultimate utilization

Multiple Accounts: Parallel helps you to create Parallel Space on your devices. It also helps you to switch between virtual accounts easily, and it will enhance your privacy and security. Multiple Accounts: Parallel is the best app to clone apps and run multiple parallel instances of the same app simultaneously.

Protect your data with guaranteed privacy and security

Multiple Accounts: Parallel is a unique cloned app that offers an amazing way to log in to your accounts, even when you already have multiple accounts registered for one particular app. All in all, you can use up to 6 accounts at the same time and even protect your data privacy and security.

Enjoy the free and unlocked version of the app on our website

Multiple Accounts: Parallel is a very useful and user-friendly application that allows you to create multiple accounts on one device for just one or several applications. With this particular app, you can achieve its ultimate potential by creating distinct versions of the same app with its own features, perks, and functionalities. And the good thing about it is that it supports all kinds of applications!

Final verdicts

Multiple Accounts: Parallel can be an app that helps you run your social and game accounts simultaneously. With a strong affiliation with the original apps of your choice, it runs in a parallel environment for you. Being a free and unlocked app, you now get to enjoy Four app features – Facebook Messenger, Google+, Instagram, and Hangouts along with Four account features – two Google accounts (Gmail), two Facebook pages, and Four different environments on which you can use the app. So, go ahead and give Multiple Accounts: Parallel a try.

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