MORTAL KOMBAT The world-famous fighting game finally made its way to mobile platforms. Today, Android gamers will have the chance to play intensely satisfying fights that are the most recognizable aspects of the franchise. Choose your favourite fighter to join forces with other players in the most epic fight event in the universe. Find out more information about this incredible game by Warner Bros with our comprehensive review.
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July 29, 2022
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The description of MORTAL KOMBAT MOD APK 3.5.0 (God Mode)

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MORTAL KOMBAT The world-famous fighting game finally made its way to mobile platforms. Today, Android gamers will have the chance to play intensely satisfying fights that are the most recognizable aspects of the franchise. Choose your favorite fighter to join forces with other players in the most epic fight event in the universe. Find out more information about this incredible game by Warner Bros with our comprehensive review.


Mortal Kombat introduces gamers to an entirely new world of adventure with their most loved fighters including Johnny Cage, Sonya Blade, Liu Kang, Kitana, and Raiden, in their new adventures. Similar to the previous installments Mortal Kombat X still features the brutal and inhuman fighting styles that have created the game’s popularity. Be prepared to see your adversaries have their heads removed as well as their spines broke and much more.

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But this time, you’ll not be fighting on your own because the game introduces the 3v3 battles that require you to form a team and engage in a battle using a variety of strategies. Experience a wide range of fresh and exciting games within Mortal Kombat as you engage yourself in the realm of gods.


This page will provide the most exciting features the game can offer:

Simple and easy-to-use controls

For starters, Mortal Kombat introduces gamers to an easy and easy control system that allows players to quickly master the game’s features. In addition with the combination of gestures and touch commands it is extremely simple to play and enjoy the battles. Do quick combos and get your characters involved in thrilling combat. The game comes with a variety of customizable controls that allow you to make a variety of modifications to the game based on your personal preferences.

Enjoy the game with your personal characters

For fans of the cult action series, Mortal Kombat X provides you with the opportunity of an entire lifetime. Take control of your most loved characters, take on other opponents in epic battles and enjoy the legendary Mortal Kombat fighting styles.

This time you’ll have three members on your team that take part in the battle and not only one. Each player is from a specific race and shares similar characteristics. If you have the right characters on your team, you’ll be able to gain a variety of beneficial bonuses.

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Discover the new characters from the series

Furthermore, in Mortal Kombat, you’ll also get to meet a number of new characters who will appear in the coming Mortal Kombat game for the consoles as well as the PC. Take on the new characters alongside the famous veterans like Raiden, Johnny, Liu Kang, and many more. Find out the new abilities they have. Take control of the blood-sucking undead army by using vampire Mileena, Reptile/Klassic, and more.

Engage in epic 3v3 fights

As stated, Mortal Kombat X comes with unique 3v3 battles that let you pick between a variety of characters and then bring out the most powerful games that you have in your library. In addition, it also comes with unique special attacks and powerful moves for every character. Your characters will possess certain synergies that enable players to gain unique bonuses in battle. Be sure to take advantage of them in order to create the most effective group compositions. Take on your adversaries as Team Ronin or the Team Day of the Dead, Team God, and many others.

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Enhance your character to unlock new abilities

In case you didn’t realize the characters you choose to play with come with their own unique abilities and powers that you can unlock when you’re prepared. In addition to the mechanic of character cards, players are able to have their character cards upgraded and released. Get the most out of their potential by using incredible bonuses.

Completing quests will earn you rewards

Prepare yourself for your next adventure since you’ll need to travel through treacherous lands. Begin by following the tracks to escape the Outworld and then make your journey to your destination, the Netherrealm. On the way, you’ll encounter numerous tasks and quests that you’ll need to finish. Get yourself the rewards of a lifetime and make your way through this dark and bleak world.

Take on challenges and earn valuable loot

Apart from the main story, players are Mortal Kombat X is also presented with amazing tasks they can be able to compete and win amazing loot. It’s also an excellent opportunity to put your abilities and skills to the examination. Participate in a series of challenging challenges, and fight the best fighters in Mortal Kombat. Every week, there will be new challenges to take part in. Therefore, you’ll never be finding yourself stranded with nothing to complete.

Take part in the exciting online game

Of course, in Mortal Kombat, you’ll also be able to take on your rivals in epic online battles. Take part in amazing and entertaining team matches in which you’ll be able to join the epic brawls.

In addition, you’ll also be introduced to the brutal competitive battles that are ranked. Play against the top players in the world. Mortal Kombat X players and get yourself a place at the top of the list.

Make the game as unique as you’d like it

To increase the fun fun, players can also personalize their games according to what they want to play with various features available. In addition, you can gain access to and unlock a variety of characters in the Feats of the Strength game. Your favorite characters can be dressed in hilarious and amazing costumes.

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Furthermore, if you’ve had enough wins and have earned incredible victory Stances which permit you to display pride against your foes. If you win, your opponents, you’ll be able effortlessly to display the world your Victory Taunts and War Banners to get them offended.

Play for free

Not like other console-based Android titles, Mortal Kombat X lets gamers play the entire game without spending any cost. There are a few in-app purchases that make the game well-balanced. Overall, however, you’ll be able to get by playing the game. You can complete challenging tasks and get yourself some amazing rewards.

You can unlock God Mode with our mods. God Mode with our mods

If, however, you’re irritated by the in-game purchases, and want to change them and not have to pay for them, our Mod version of the game is sure to satisfy. To get it on your device, save this Mortal Kombat X Mod APK file onto your storage. Follow our directions and you’ll be able to set up the application.

Sound and visual quality


With stunning 3D graphics, Mortal Kombat X is one of the very few games that actually change the mobile game. It is the first time, that players could actually see the possibility that Android games could look exactly like the ones specifically designed for consoles.

In addition, Studio has made an excellent job of re-creating the distinctive fighting styles of Mortal Kombat. Enjoy realistic combat and physics that you scarcely find in other mobile games.

Not to mention with the game’s customizable graphics, you’ll be able to enjoy the game across multiple devices sporting different hardware. This means you won’t be disappointed in case you’re running a low-end Android device.


Although it’s a simple combat game Mortal Kombat features battles between gods and nonhuman species. You’ll be engulfed in intense and thrilling audio experiences. Incredible metal weapon clashes with spectacular explosions, powerful lightning, and more. Additionally, the precise and authentic sounds coming from the insides of your adversaries being pulled out, and their spines being pulled out, will make for unforgettable moments.

Download Mortal Kombat X MOD latest 3.5.0 Android APK

For those who are not gamers at all, Mortal Kombat X could be a bit bloody and isn’t suitable for everyone. However, if you’ve been a lover of the series for many years, you’ll enjoy this game and find it thrilling. And our mods can make the game more thrilling.

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