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Monster Farm provides an amazing monster farm and plenty of entertainment. Welcome to the monster’s mansion within the city of mystical. The air you breathe is dark and mysterious. There are familiar monsters to be seen like witches, zombies vampires, alien werewolves, spiders, and other iconic monsters.

 Monsters of all kinds are in the ghost village and they are happy here. The game is animated in 2D graphics and an emulation style of construction. You build your own fairy farm by engaging in various tasks like growing and harvesting magical trees and providing food to animals, trading your friends making sweets, and creating costumes.

 You host fun events and build a huge ranch inside a creepy mansion that was once a town. There is a myriad of plants, including hay, thorn ivy dragon mushrooms, as well as a red apple berry. For any launched game. Begin to unravel the secrets of this enchanting town, uncover all the treasures hidden in the town and make your own wonderful farm tale!

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About the game

Monster Farm started a long time ago. The world is a strange one with many zombies and monsters, and other creatures are found on the same farm located in the town. You are given the responsibility of running the farm. You tend to an impressive garden at the farm and you spend your time enjoying the farmyard of the monsters.

 There is plenty of entertainment and have fun playing with your pals. Simulation game based on themes of Halloween Ghost Festival. Harvesting produce can earn cash and then continue to expand your farm. Furthermore this game, you can also find several special creatures.

Monster Farm offers fun-like games in the field of agriculture. Your world of monsters is sure to be full of excitement. The job of running a farm isn’t easy. It will help to evolve your monsters into higher-tech creatures. As you go, you’ll create your farm, and you will eventually transform into a monster farm that is a force within the town. You must feed your monsters and keep real animals in expanding your farm.

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Monster Farm has a lot of enjoyable farming-related activities. The farm harvests mysterious trees each day and builds a dark farm that is populated with exotic plants and animals. You can grow a mystifying array of crops like ghost trees and pumpkin jacks poisonous mushrooms, poison apples as well as dark tangerines. Every day you harvest.

 The game keeps your hands busy with numerous issues like hay, cookies, and zombies. In the end, you’ll be faced with a lot of work on your farm that is a disaster. You must manage many different factors and various kinds of resources. You must gather various elements to keep the fun going.

 Every product requires a specific period of time to produce which is why you have to be patient and anticipate your next harvest. Don’t be focusing on just one product. Earn profits from your farm’s diverse creatures and vegetables.

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Monster Farm has an intuitive layout and is always packed with entertaining images. You can use the harvest to create an array of delicious food items. The game has all the most well-known recipes for food like choc biscuits, lollipops cake for birthdays, as well as a host of other delicious recipes.

 The game lets you host fun parties by using delicious food. Children love good food and will have great fun with various creatures. The game begins in an area that is limited. It is your responsibility to create all the elements needed to begin your thrilling adventure.

 The game starts with a couple of elements, like the terrifying giant crows as well as magical mushrooms. You will collect food each time you require it, and follow the instructions given by the witch. You cultivate farms and produce various food items and items. Each recipe calls for a specific kind of food.

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Monster Farm has business elements. You sell your products to the town and surrounding land. You can sell your goods to regions such as Transylvania castle Line 666 and Ghost Town. Every location has plenty of sweets. It is a fantastic business opportunity. The various types of monsters are willing to assist you in expanding your farm. 

You can design stylish costumes for each of the monsters, and plan the most terrifying celebration. The game has a wide variety of characters like ghosts, vampires, zombies giant spiders, etc. … Additionally, look for chests with treasures and enhance your farm’s landscape with vibrant decorations.

Monster Harvest is an excellent combination of a role-playing action element as well as monster farming. The game is enhanced in comparison to other games of a similar genre. You plant, harvest and alter your crops, and then you put them in combat with your neighbors. The game offers a variety of mysterious places to explore, as well as a myriad of ways to grow your farm.


Monster Harvest has simple controls. It’s easy to become familiar with the game if you’re familiar with the games in the genre of farming. Select the appropriate icons to cultivate and harvest, cook, and much more.

Audio and graphics

Monster Harvest features cartoon-style 2D graphics. The game’s tone is bright and humorous. Plants and characters are all glued to the monster. However, they have all been revamped to have a cleaner look. The music is fun as well as the music in the background is energetic.

” Zombie Castaways” is also a thrilling game. The game provides an exciting farming experience on an abandoned island. It also lets you join friendly zombies on the adventure. The game Idle Monsters is packed with exciting adventures, google play stores like visiting the streets of Humans, and island construction that includes numerous amazing structures and the planting of a range of species of plants.



Monster Farm is a fun farming management game Idle Monster. You plant a garden of terrifying creatures. You care for and care for the gruesome foods. You then gather the food you eat, make trades with neighboring ghost towns, add decorations, gather a range of ghosts that are new, and throw a fantastic celebration on Halloween night, with a variety of delicious dishes.

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