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Minion Rush Who doesn’t like the cute yellow Minions? If you’re a lover of these funny creatures, and you enjoy playing games that are simple to play Minion Rush is for you. Minion Rush is the perfect game for you.

Created by Gameloft and launched in 2013. The game is currently an extremely played game on the mobile, including Temple Run along with Subway Surfer. It’s definitely an original and addicting game that anyone can take pleasure in.

Minion Rush has attracted over 995 million downloads across the world. It’s time to experience the excitement of these aliens who speak gibberish! Check out the details below of this fun running game.

Concept & Story

Minion Rush is a one-player game inspired by the legendary 3D animation series Despicable Me’s favorite character, the Minions. The game is based on all the aspects of the character’s personalities, ideas, and capabilities. Prepare yourself for a hilarious and uncontrollable fun experience, as well as the vibrant 3D cartoon-style graphic design.

The Minion Rush’s tale is related to the film Despicable Me 2 & 3. God’s faithful beings are working for a secret organization known as AVL (short of Anti-Villain League). They must complete certain tasks such as collecting bananas or gathering stars from the Moon as well as other tasks. to combat supervillain activities.

Your main objective is obviously, to run the game continuously without a limit. The game is played as a minion that is freed from bonds and navigates through many obstacles striving to “eat” every banana and coin that comes his way.

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Your Minion will try everything it takes to snag the maximum amount of bananas. The innocent creature will meet bad bosses along the way, without even realizing it.

You’ll visit various places on your way including Gru’s lab and the Durakavalian and the Mignon Beach, as well as a few different areas. These locations are also influenced by classic films. To complete the tasks and collect bananas You can earn virtual currency that will allow you to unlock the most colorful clothing for the main character, increase his abilities and unlock additional bonuses.

We mostly use the items that we gather to improve the rank and enhance the recipe of the jam – the Minions most loved. In the old versions, the bananas were transformed into tokens to unlock costumes and purchase costume cards. In the current arrangements, bananas are used to boost the chances of winning unique Banana Prize pods. We will go over this further in the section on Instructions below.


There are many characters to be found in Minion Rush, and they can be classified into three primary categories that include the Minions as well as other main characters in the film as well as the villain bosses.

There are only three characters that you can alter and control. They can comprise Dave, Carl, Jerry as well as Mel (a newly created character in the third film). When you first visit your default character would be Dave. Apart from their main duties, the four Minions will also be competing with each other in challenging and fast-paced games. Paul has been introduced recently in a particular mission clip, however, the character isn’t playable till the present time.

Minion owners can improve the stats of their Minion by purchasing various outfits for them. Dave is one with the most costume options of the four choices. Then, Carl, Jerry, and Mel’s costumes are added to the same Wardrobe, Dave. It is possible to visit this section to buy and unlock various costumes.

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The instruction characters are comprised of Gru and The three females, as well as other AVL agents, such as Lucy as well as Dru. Each character will provide directions to finish specific tasks in the game. They are developed and controlled by the developers and are not available for play or customization.

In addition to the hurdles, Minions are also impeded by bosses just like the supervillains in the film. There are currently four bosses and they’re all to play in Despicable Ops. A vector, as well as El Macho, are the characters that you’re likely to recognize since they’ve been featured on Despicable Me. Despicable Me series. The two other characters can be identified as Meena as well as The Villaintriloquis – non-canonical characters developed through Illumination Mac Guff.

They usually throw things at Minions, and occasionally even attempt to crush them. Avoid the attacks and then throw the objects back to stop the enemies. In the event that you fail, your Minion is dead and the game will end.


The main objective is to increase your game’s level. You can earn a new title each time you reach five ranks you increase such as Up-and-Comer as well as Covert Operator. Clandestine Operative and many more. These labels also include costumes and coins as prizes.

Like we said before it is possible to begin the race by running alongside Dave. Three lanes you can run along You will also notice bananas floating around the course waiting to “eat” them. What do you do to consume them? As with other runners, games allow the character to pass through them.

To stay clear of obstacles, use the swipe to leap up or slide down for a duck or jump onto a different lane. Moving from three lanes can be simple also. Simply lift your Minion to either left or right in the direction you’d like to go.

To take on bosses head-on it is necessary to make sure that your Minion is equipped with specific powers. In the course, you are able to alter the Minion’s costume multiple times in order to defeat various bosses.

Costumes and Power-ups

Power-ups are devices that perform certain functions within the game. Your Minion could make use of them to collect bananas, remove obstacles or fight other minions or bosses.

The costumes are more than only what your Minion wears. Each costume comes with unique stats and power-ups that can assist the Minion in getting his work done. They also come with different variations of style that go beyond the pants as seen in the film, but also the latest designs added to each new version.

Costumes can be purchased by winning prizes or bought with tokens, coins, bananas as well as costume cards. There are new tasks each day, complete the daily tasks and earn tokens for costumes, costume cards as well as prize pods.


The power-ups that are integrated into the costumes have specific capabilities. Be sure to charge them prior to using them, and then you are able to make use of them at any time to turn on the required power-ups when fully charged.

Sliding, jumping, and getting around obstacles are ways to increase the power of your capabilities. Combining these activities with the collection of bananas and grabbing power-ups while running will increase the time to charge. Be aware of any power-ups that you come across during your run since they will only last five minutes.

Game Modes

Apart from the standard single-player mode the game also has special missions, which require players to collect certain items in specific places throughout the game. These areas are distinct from the rooms that are available, and each mission is comprised of six distinct stages, which is different from normal missions. In each stage, you will get various items and at the conclusion of all tasks, you will be given Market Tickets Fevers, coins, and the missions’ prize pods.

If you’re tired of playing on your own, you can practice in the training mode, and then bring along your Minion to compete against other players around the world. By winning the race, or beating your competitors you can earn higher ranks on the leaderboard for the world.

Gameplay Experience

The game features stunning shades of color and lots of variations even within the same region. The Minion’s voice and movements are precisely replicated to convey their personalities in the correct way. Each Minion has their own method of dying and every style is unique in its own unique way!

The game also offers an excellent mix-up experience for the players. It switches perspective to the side view most of the time and throws you into sliding parts that are controlled by movement.

If one of the power-ups lasts 5 seconds, two power-ups will completely change the game during their time. It’s the XXL Potion that flips the camera towards the front. In the meantime, you move it to create the Minion, who is smashing everything in his way.

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about Minion Rush mod APK Version 7.4.0

Minion Rush MOD APK Minion Rush MOD APK allows you to access unlimited cash to play any game you like. The app has been modified to make use of the tokens indefinitely to purchase.

This is the first time you are able to select the Chinese flag when playing the game. Additionally, the download data are also displayed in Chinese choice. It is also the first time that data packets are removed without the need to import the game’s data. The cheat detection is eliminated in order to provide an improved experience.

Last Words

To sum up, Minion Rush has absolutely nothing to add to the story. It does the majority of its work well and the minions certainly are able to enhance their image through it. It’s entertaining, it’s got vibrant images, and the designers have done a great job of keeping the game fresh and interesting on a regular basis.

Prepare yourself for the biggest challenge you’ll confront when playing Minion Rush. Numerous obstacles and bad bosses will slow your path however you are pushed to the limit by your ambition. Let’s show that the Minions’ gang of gibberish-speaking minions is invincible!

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