Legends of Lunia MOD APK

Introduction of Legends of Lunia MOD APK

Legends of Lunia MOD APK is a classic RPG game with a lot of features and an interesting storyline. At the beginning of the game, you will have to choose your character and name it. The game has a huge selection of heroes and skills that you can use against your enemies. Also, this game has a system of pumping skills that are available to players at any time in their home city.

Legends of Lunia MOD APK

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There are a lot of awesome mobile games out there, but Legends of Lunia is one of the best role-playing games you’ll find on Android. It’s got a fantastic story, exciting gameplay, and great graphics that look even better thanks to the HD mod. But what really makes Legends of Lunia special is how it blends so many different elements into one game.

The gameplay allows you to choose from a variety of characters with different personalities, powers, and skills. These are the ones that provide you with the advantage in the game.

Features of Legends of Lunia MOD APK

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  1. A variety of heroes with unique powers
  2. A massive amount of equipment for you to explore
  3. Fantastic skills for you to master
  4. A lot of monsters for you to defeat and become stronger
  5. Immersive gameplay of real-time battles and turn-based battles
  6. A fascinating game background with ancient legends
  7. A variety of maps waiting to be explored by you

A variety of heroes with unique powers

There are currently over 50 heroes in the game, all with unique powers. You can choose your hero before joining a match and you will play as that hero in the entire match. Heroes have different roles on the battlefield such as Tanks, DPS, Mages, and Healers. Each hero has different skills including AoE attacks and single-target attacks. You can customize these skills as well by using Skill Runes.

Maps and modes

In addition to heroes, there are 18 playable maps in the game with their own layouts and art styles. There are three different types of game modes in Legends of Lunia MOD APK named Classic Mode, Arena Mode, and Boss Mode. Classic mode is basically a MOBA battle royale mode where you fight other players until one team remains standing while Arena is similar except it’s against bots instead of players. Boss mode allows you to team up with your friends to

A massive amount of equipment for you to explore

Along with the different classes, there are a whole lot of different equipment and items for you to collect. Each piece of gear will have its own set of attributes, giving you more reasons to explore the game. Feel free to equip your characters with the best gear possible so that they would become stronger.

Different enemies and bosses for you to battle

To make your battles more interesting, the game introduces numerous enemies and bosses for you to fight off. Feel free to take them down using your own strategies as you enjoy your awesome gameplay. Unlock various achievements as you progress through your battles. Complete multiple quests as you progress in the game.

Comfortable and intuitive controls

You can choose between the virtual joystick and auto mode for your character’s movement. Both of these features would still require you to tap on your screen if you want to attack your enemies. But when it comes to controlling your characters, you can choose between these two options.

Legends of Lunia MOD APK


Perhaps one of the most important things about this game is that it’s completely free for you to enjoy whenever you want. This means that there aren’t any additional microtransactions for you to purchase. You can simply download and install the game from our website at no cost and start enjoying it immediately.

A variety of maps waiting to be explored by you

In the game, there are about 7 different maps for players to explore and overcome challenges. Each player has a different mission and task to complete. Each map has a different terrain as well as monsters. The more you kill monsters, the more experience points they get. Sometimes when you defeat a monster, it will drop items that allow you to upgrade equipment or level up. In addition, each map has a boss named “boss” whose strength is more than 20 times higher than normal monsters. After defeating them, you will receive valuable rewards that help your character upgrade faster and stronger. Legends of Lunia

The game has many characters and weapons

In this game, there are a total of 20 unique characters with unique abilities and skills for players to choose from. This allows players to create their own strategies in battles with monsters and bosses in the best way possible. In addition, players can also upgrade weapons for their

Mod Features

  1. Unlimited Coins
  2. Unlimited Rubies
  3. Unlimited Energy
  4. Ads Removed
  5. Unlocked All Levels
  6. Playable offline

How to Download and install Legends of Lunia  Android

Step 1: Download the Legends of Lunia MOD APK.

Step 2: Go to Settings>Security>Unknown Sources, then turn on Unknown Sources.

Step 3: Go to your Downloads folder and find your Legends of Lunia MOD APK, then tap on it and install the file.

Step 4: Run the game and enjoy!


Legends of Lunia APK is a game that has been created by Com2uS, and it is a 3D adventure RPG. It has been made in the form of 2D graphics, and the graphics look quite good for a mobile game. This game has been released for Android devices, and it can be downloaded from the Play Store as well as from our website.

Tapping on the screen will make your character perform different actions such as attacking enemies, defending yourself, or walking to another location. The game automatically moves to the next scene once you have completed all of your tasks at that particular level. You also need to spend some money if you want to buy something in the store.


  • Q: What are the Legends of Lunia MOD APK?
  • A: Legends of Lunia is an action RPG MMORPG with thousands of players online and has been in beta since April 2015. It already has 5 million downloads and is on top of the google play store.
  • Q: How many players can play together?
  • A: Legends of Lunia has no limit to how many players can join a single game session, meaning that you can enjoy playing with thousands of other players at the same time.
  • Q: What does the game offer?
  • A: Legends of Lunia offers an amazing graphics environment, lots of unique skills, pets, PvP and PvE, guilds, and lots more! You can also get in touch with your friends or meet new ones through our chat and social features.
  • Q: Are Legends of Lunia really free to play?
  • A: Yes, it’s 100% free to play! Of course, you can spend real money on in-game items. But if you don’t want to spend any money at all, you can still enjoy it fully because there are no pay-to-win elements. Everyone starts equal!

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