King of Avalon: Dominion

The description of King of Avalon: Dominion Mod Apk

King of Avalon: Dominion mod apk

King of Avalon: Dominion is an immensely popular and addictive strategy game for Android. In King of Avalon: Dominion, players can acquire hundreds of warriors, fight in full 3D and explore a vast world. Players can level up their characters to fight epic bosses. Gain victory over the king in the arena. Blast monsters in the dungeons and battle online users in real-time!


King of Avalon: Dominion is an Android mobile game in which you build a Kingdom, train an army, fight off enemies and carry out quests. Recruit Heroes and unlock their talents to develop your strategy. Dominate other players in the Arena and become the King of all Albion! Step into a fantasy world packed with charismatic characters, mythical creatures, treacherous dungeons, and engaging guilds. Caught in a war that never seems to end, you are forced to seek the aid of a charming sorcerer named Merlin.

Merlin guides you to a dusty old castle where the path to greatness begins, King of Avalon: Dominion features persistent characters that allow you to continue your game on multiple devices. Be who you want; choose from many classes like The Paladin or The Dark Wizard. Summon powerful creatures like The Minotaur or Dracolich. Over twenty different races, hundreds of quests, and thousands of items await as you conquer kingdoms and restore peace to Albion.


King of Avalon: Dominion is the next evolution of the popular Browser-based MMORTS King of Avalon: Battle for the North.

Great Features To Play And Enjoy Game

King Of Avalon: Dominion Has Some. You Can Download King of Avalon: Dominion Mod Apk Free From Here. It’s Also Called The Kingdom Is Being Watched By the Giant Eye On Top Of The Mountain Which Can Attack Anytime! Now Players Must Reinforce Towns Center With Defense Tower, Training Camp, Barracks, And Other Buildings Which Ready For Self-defense.  In King Of Avalon: Dominion You Should Choose A Proper Strategy To Battle Aggressive Enemy But Do Not Forget To Train And Develop 4 Different Armies. There Are Four Key Resources In-Game Heroes, War Troops, Stone, Iron -Which Is Very Important,- And Gold.

King of Avalon: Dominion mod apk

King of Avalon has now launched on mobile!

Corruption has taken over the land of Avalon, and it is up to you, the rightful king, to return power to its rightful owner! With over 8 million players from around the world, You already know and love this brand for its creative card battle gameplay. Now on mobile, it’s easier than ever to become the master of the King of Avalon universe. Clash with players around the world with multiplayer mode and enjoy endless hours of adventure in single-player mode with a simple tap as you build your deck and takedown ferocious bosses. Download and play King of Avalon: Dominion today!

Choose a King character,

such as William the Conqueror, Robin Hood, or Queen Elizabeth I. Lead your army against invading forces and build 50 different types of units, from archers to knights and centaurs. Research new weapons, from spears to rifles. Watch them grow stronger through training and gain valuable abilities with three levels of experience.

The more your units fight the tougher they become. Train your NPC units to control all the fortresses in your kingdom, google play store, and never be vulnerable again… They will work to keep your city protected while you lead your men into battle against enemy villages!

Heroes Wanted!

King Arthur has been mortally wounded in battle, and the Kingdom of Camelot is in turmoil. As one of Arthur’s loyal knights fighting to restore peace, you’ll need to gain allies, build your army, and devise a winning strategy in your quest to become the new King of Avalon.


Q: Is this mod Apk safe to install?

A: Yes. This is a genuine mod app developed by a professional team of King of Avalon: Dominion. We submit all our mods directly to the google play store for review and that uses certified, secure, and encrypted connections for easy installation on Android devices.

Q: What is King of Avalon Dominion?

A: King of Avalon: Dominion(aka KA:D) is a thrilling strategy game, where the players establish and lead clans in the lands of Avalon! Gather resources, build and upgrade impressive buildings, and army bases, and find artifacts that will help you to gain power. Join clans and take part in special events, fight with other players, and win supremacy in this free multiplayer game.

Final Words

The King of Avalon: Dominion Mod Apk was created by Lineage 2: Revolution. It is a strategy game in which you have to defend the kingdom against all attacks and build your own empire. The classic role-playing game offers thousands of different strategies, as well as many different enemies. You have to manage a country and develop it because only with the help of powerful allies you can strengthen yourself against the greedy opponents who are trying to seize your land.

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