The description of Keepsafe MOD 10.8.3 (Premium unlocked)

Keepsafe mod apk

Keepsafe browser is a safe web browser that works with the iOS as well as Android operating systems. It’s a light web browser that is designed to allow users to browse the internet at ease without worrying about being saved.

When using Keepsafe it is possible to no never see irritating advertisements or pop-ups as with other browsers. Particularly you can lock the browser to your phone using the PIN code or opt for Touch ID.

Keepsafe lets you protect sensitive data on your Android smartphone or tablet quickly and without cost. If you loan your tablet or phone to a family member or friend to play games, they worry about it and do not know what they have been looking through in your photo or video storage. One method of hiding this information.

It is to utilize the application of Keepsafe. When you install and launch the program first, you need to enter your PIN in order to secure it. Once you have entered the main interface, click on the Add Picture button and then specify the image files you would like to conceal.

General Information

Keepsafe offers many of the options of the previous applications, including PIN security, using the fake PIN, and intrusion warning. But, only the first feature is free. The rest of them require a fee to upgrade. So, you can try the Keepsafe Version. The main drawback is that the application can hide your pictures occasionally. Only when it is upgraded to Pro Version, it will come back.

Keepsafe mod apk

Keepsafe is a simple password-protected video and photo application. It is as easy as typing your pin and then uploading your image into the app’s photo album. For features like fraudulent PINs, intrusion alerts and to create a custom password for your photo album you need to purchase an upgraded APK version. But, users using the Android version are complaining that it blocks photos and then unlocks them after upgrading to the premium version.

How to Use Keepsafe?

If this is your first time, it is necessary to establish an account with a PIN (Android) or Touch ID (iOS) to protect yourself from access to your computer through the browser. If you’re an Android user, simply click Create PIN, then select four numbers to be used as a PIN. In the case of iOS devices, if your device is equipped with a fingerprint sensor, make sure to make use of Touch ID as a security lock.

If you don’t intend to do this then use the Skip button to avoid it and complete it later in Settings. Keepsafe is a basic interface. It has an upper-right corner that houses the address bar, tab button, search box as well as a three-dot menu button. Keepsafe mostly serves basic browsing needs such as reading news or listening to music and streaming videos.

Google is the primary search engine that is used by Keepsafe. There are suggestions that correspond to the keywords you typed in the address bar to speed up searching. As stated above it will put every browser tab in private mode. Therefore, it won’t save your browsing history, and you do not have to spend time cleaning it up after each use. One of the most requested features is the capability to block ads and track the user’s habits.

It is possible to see the tracks that block the browser from using the three-dot menu button. Select Trackers blocked to determine which component of the tracking process is Analytics, Social (statistics tools), and Content (embedded on the site’s content) as well as Advertising. If you’d like to disable the blocking of your browser, click Settings from the menu.

Choose the tracker settings. Content trackers shouldn’t be turned on, since they can impact the content on the site. In addition, the Settings section allows users to set up a PIN, or alter the code. This is the instruction on how to use the Keepsafe browser for Android or iOS. It’s a light and secure browser that should be used and can be used to replace popular web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

cure PIN. It is the only PIN that allows you to access Keepsafe and browse the contents.

By using KeepSafe Vault, family members, friends family members, or colleagues are able to only access public photo libraries that aren’t intruding into the KeepSafe folder. KeepSafe Vault provides greater security and privacy through the setting of distinct accounts with different passwords. You can also select your own album artwork for simple classification and arrangement.

Create a second PIN that will enable the KeepSafe Vault disguise when someone requires you to open the app. It is impossible to know the true KeepSafe Vault password. KeepSafe Vault is disguised in the shape of a typical application. When you activate the Secret Door function, people may think it’s an image and video storage application. However, the only thing you’ll see behind it is a password entry to launch the application.

Receive a notification when someone attempts to gain access KeepSafe Vault with an incorrect PIN. This feature will take a photograph of the intruder’s data using the front camera and record the time and even the password they entered.

Overall Assessments

Keepsafe is an application that helps protect your personal photos and videos stored on your phone by locking it with Fingerprint authentication, PIN, and advanced encryption algorithms, which prevents anyone else from gaining access to your information. Keepsafe Vault also synchronizes photos or videos across all devices and backs the videos and photos for quick recovery in the event that your phone goes missing.

Keepsafe employs PIN Code, fingerprint authentication as well as advanced encryption to secure your videos and photos. Simply select the files that should be secured in the archives of Keepsafe. After that, delete the images from the gallery that is public. Videos and photos are safely transferred across devices and then backed up to make them easy to recover. In particular, there’s the auto-lock feature when the device is in a downward direction.

Keepsafe lets users share pictures and then disappear for 20 seconds after it has received the photos. Additionally, it allows you to create and create a private album for your other trusted people. It also doesn’t appear in your list of most recently downloaded apps. Private cloud storage is that it can keep up to 10,000 items to compress photos, save originals, view photos with high quality, and create album thumbnails.

Final Words

There are many reasons to have the desire to keep your photos or videos secure on your device and not have to worry about sharing your device with colleagues, friends, or family members during different situations in your daily life. Keepsafe MOD APK for Android and iPhone might be the solution for you.

After the application has been installed it will prompt you to be required to enter a PIN. After that, you’ll be shown the role you have chosen where you will have the option of selecting which videos and images you wish to keep private.

After you’ve selected our photos as well as videos, the images are private and no never be available to the general public. Additionally, the app comes with Snapchat which lets you show pictures to your friends for up to 20 seconds without the app installed.

Another feature that is interesting is a fake PIN which allows you to make a fake file using an untrue PIN. In this case, even if you are required to provide your PIN to anyone, the google play store could forward the people interested in an untrue folder that contains photos created by you in a haphazard manner and are free to show.

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