Idle Racing GO MOD APK

Idle Racing GO Clicker Tycoon & Tap Race Manager MOD APK android 1.27.0

Idle Racing GO Mod apk

Idle Racing GO is the iconic racing game for your mobile device. Play endless tracks and be the ultimate racing champion in real-time action! Join millions of players from around the world who race at a blistering speed. Race with famous international elite drivers such as Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso, and Romain Grosjean. Race with drivers such as Nico Rosberg, Daniel Ricciardo, Fernando Alonso, and Lewis Hamilton!


Idle Racing GO is a racing game you play all day long—when you’re not saving the world from monsters, defending the universe from evil, or discovering long-forgotten objects. One click of your finger, and the race is on . . . The stakes are high in this kart racing game. As with everything else in Idle Racing GO, the goal is to eventually sell your kart for real money. Deal with it. And have fun! Supported Android 4.4 and above

Idle Racing GO is a real-time race game. You have to unlock the character, upgrade your vehicle and become a winner! Urge yourself to compete with your friends around the world, and victory in each race!


Idle Racing GO-Mod APK-v1.15.02 APKIDLE MOD v1.15 new update, v1.15 -Unlimited money and coins -Add turbo button (only on idle2)-Fixed speed meter “speed added”

Playing this version is really great for stress relief.

Idle Racing Go mod apk is an excellent game to test your racing skills and reflexes. The objective of the game is to keep the motor running for as long as possible by collecting money and avoiding car crashes.  Idle Racing Go mod apk (Free Racing Game) plays like a truly exciting train or motorcycle racer.

Idle Racing GO Mod apk

Idle Racing GO Game is a real-time racing game in the neighborhood.

The biggest racing game in the Android market, Many interesting and funny players, 10 huge environments, and 1000s of different tracks combine to build the perfect racing simulation. You can enjoy the Original Soundtrack and all your favorite music while playing.

Racing is easy with Idle Racing GO.

Just race, set up the starting line, launch your vehicle, and let go of the gas pedal – no buttons, no touch screen, and no worries about battery drain. Idle Racing GO has just about everything you need for realistic racing on the mobile screen but without the hassle.

With our unique mix of casual game mechanics,

Idle Racing GO is the latest answer to how racing games are made appealing for both casual and hardcore players. HD graphics and realistic 3D physics, Idle Racing GO is the best-looking and most immersive racing game out there!

Idle Racing GO is a realistic racing simulator that features multiple types of cars,

hundreds of fully customizable tuning parts, and eight tracks of hard and bumpy dirt roads on two different continents. But what really sets this mobile game apart from the competition is its use of real-world physics. This realistic simulation delivers all the fun you would expect from an actual race– but without any expensive hardware or wi-fi signal required.

Idle Racing GO is the first of its kind,

a real-life Apocalypse Carts racing app. Inspired by Ready Player One and Willy Wonka/Oompa Loompa Industries, the app utilizes gameplay to promote teamwork, healthy competition, and environmentally conscious behavior.

Idle Racing GO is a free-to-play,

racing video game. The goal of the game is to race against computer-controlled opponents in your own customized go-kart and eventually race against other players online. Race on tracks from around the world to get the most points you can, google play store cruise around building power-ups, weapons, and complete events to rack up more points! Idle Racing GO Mod apk

Idle Racing GO is a unique and exciting racing game,

which upgrades the whole gaming experience: Relive the retro feeling of playing with your old games on handheld devices. Driven by the unique engine and feel of classic games, you will be able to relive all the fun of driving in your favorite cars again. The platform mod apk features incredible 8-bit graphics based on how these games looked like and were played on your handheld devices for so many years back, but with much easier gameplay.

Green Revolution!

Idle Racing GO will turn your energy into energy! Idle Racing is a mobile game based on the original classic. With idle games, you can now experience the thrill of racing without ever leaving your home. Idle Racing APC offers more than 20 different types of motorsports.

You can easily customize the characteristics of your car so that you feel like you are in the driver´s seat because nobody does it better than we. Moreover, all characters and levels in this application were created by our artists & donators (cheers).


Q: What do I need to install this mod?

A: Nothing is required, however, you will need a high torque memory card (32G to 64G) and an android can use GBA or NDS/N3DS emulator or real arcade games module.

Q: How do I install this mod?

A: Install it like any apk. When the installer detects that you have installed the previous version of the mod and ask if you want to update, click NO in the upper right-hand corner of the scripted dialogue. After that, follow the instruction on how to play and enjoy!

Q: Can I use shortcuts OR remap keys and buttons in this mod?

A: No, they are not available in this mod. You can install other mods after installing this one.

Q: What is the date between version updates?

A: Every version update comes with new features and bug fixes.

Final Words

Idle Racing GO mod apk is a UK-based racing game that appears as if some major work was done and finished recently, with a new car, new vehicles, and also almost all maps appear brand new too. Besides this, a total of 100+ cars available in the game could make idle players feel bored fast but with this The Idle Racing GO Mod apk, you’d be surprised as to how fast it would run.

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