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Highway Rider Motorcycle Racer Are you tired of your regular and monotonous game Highway Rider Motorcycle Racer of motorbike racing? Do you enjoy your unique rides on the Traffic Rider? Are you searching for a title featuring the most challenging challenges that allow you to achieve the extreme speed and speed of a madman? I think we've found a winner with this amazing mobile game by Battery Acid Games
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February 5, 2020
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Description of the Highway Rider Motorcycle Racing 2.2.2 (MOD Unlimited Cash)

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Highway Rider Motorcycle Racer Are you tired of your regular and monotonous game Highway Rider Motorcycle Racer of motorbike racing? Do you enjoy your unique rides on the Traffic Rider? Are you searching for a title featuring the most challenging challenges that allow you to achieve the extreme speed and speed of a madman? I think we’ve found a winner with this amazing mobile game by Battery Acid Games. Get into the thrilling racing action that is Highway Rider Motorcycle Racer while you try to achieve incredible speeds on busy highways.

Take a ride on your most loved rides and tackle an array of thrilling game-related tasks. You will be able to achieve the most impressive feats while you end each ride with the highest injuries. Always aim for extreme speed when playing the game Highway Rider Motorcycle Racer. Feel free to travel the world’s most famous highways while you are playing the game Highway Rider Motorcycle Racer. You can have fun playing with different players and vehicles with their own particular characteristics and unique interactions.

Learn more about this game that is a must-play from Battery Acid Games with our reviews.

Story of Highway Rider Motorcycle Racer

In the game, Android gamers will be taking on the character of the greatest motorbike player who would like the opportunity to discover and experience the incredible speeds while riding the motorbikes you love.

Enjoy yourself as you lead your avatar through a range of exciting tasks in the game. You can take on numerous highways, that are crowded and have real traffic. Experience the real-time and precise mechanics as you completely immerse into your personal game experience.

The most important thing is that there’s no slow-down feature to play the game. You’ll have to speed up and take amazing close calls with your bikes in order to achieve the top score in this game. Enjoy yourself as you embark part in the exciting games with your friends and fellow riders, as you all strive for the highest scores. While doing so take part in the amazing accidents that result in many injuries, and keep your spirits high.

Highway Rider Motorcycle Racer 3D - free online game

Features of Highway Rider Motorcycle Racer

Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Simple and straightforward racing gameplay

For those of you who’re looking for casual and interesting gameplay of motorcycle racing, you’ll surely find yourself completely satisfied with Highway Rider Motorcycle Racer as you freely dive into the in-game experiences. That’s said, feel free to drive fast and furious into the epic highways and on your awesome motorbikes. Drive fast and never pay attention to your speed. It only matters that you can perform your epic close-calls, and get the furthest distances in a short amount of time.

Dodge the crowded and dynamic traffics to get the absolute scores

And to make things more interesting gamers in Highway Rider Motorcycle Racer will also find themselves being blocked by the crowded traffics with dynamic elements that would make them feel real. That said, they weren’t just diverse and crowded, the immersive traffic also allow Android gamers to absolutely dive into their in-game experiences. Dodge the epic traffics as you try to go for that incredible high score of yours while beating all kinds of your previous records.

Highway Rider Motorcycle Racer ( Android / iOS ) Gameplay HD - YouTube

Get crazy speed on your motorbike

When you begin to play this game you’ll discover yourself without options for slowing down. Instead, when playing Highway Rider Motorcycle Racer, the first thing you should do is to conquer the incredible distances as you travel. Take advantage of the speedy boosts when you hit the speed of light on your motorbikes, and take on the roads of the past with authentic traffic.

Ride on thrilling routes on various highways

Additionally for making the game more fun and interesting, players will also have access to amazing rides that travel you on multiple roads. You can experience thrilling rides that take you through four distinct highways each with distinct characteristics and characteristics. Enjoy cruising along the vibrant roads and feel as if you’re driving.

Enjoy the game in different game modes

For those of you who’re interested, the game also features a variety of interesting game modes that you can enjoy and have fun with:

Arcade – to start with, for both the new and experienced gamers, you can find yourself having fun through a series of epic levels in Highway Rider Motorcycle Racer with the Arcade challenges. That said, it’s possible for you to have fun while riding through the crowded traffics while trying to complete certain tasks.

Fugitive – on the other hand, for those of you who’re interested, it’s also possible for you to have fun in the awesome Fugitive challenges, in which you’ll find yourself in for some amazing run from the policies. Have fun as you beat them and let them eat your dirt.

Highway Motor Bike Racing 3D by Muhammad Rehan

Feel free to design and customize your own motorcycle

And as you embark on your ultimate motorcycle challenges, Android gamers will also find themselves having access to the awesome in-game customizations, in which you’ll be able to change your rides to how you would have wanted. Feel free to have fun with the epic game as you design and customize your own motorcycles in your own styles. Personalize their looks to make your rides a lot more interesting.

Enjoy the game and play with different characters

To make your journey more exciting, it’s possible to change your driver and replace them with more than 10 options, each with its distinctive appearance and features. You can enjoy your rides while you collect and unlock all of the available characters. Enjoy your exciting adventures while exploring all kinds of incredible in-game components.

Play online multiplayer games with online gamers and friends.

If you’re attracted, the game offers exciting online gaming that you can enjoy with your online friends and fellow gamers. You are welcome to participate in the amazing races where you will be battling your rivals face-to-face. Participate on the track for speed Perform amazing movements, and be the first to win specific rewards. You are free to do amazing crashes and wipeouts, then send them to your friends anytime you can.

Police Moto Bike Highway Rider Traffic Racing Game MODs APK 67 download - (Unlimited Money/Hacks) free for Android. - Mod apk download

Take on a variety of challenges in the game and achieve

If you’re looking to get involved, you’ll be able to take on the toughest in-game challenges as well as unlock your game-specific achievements when taking part in Highway Rider Motorcycle Racer. The game has a massive variety of challenges and achievements as well as specific rewards that you can collect whenever you’re playing the game.

Play the game on and without the Internet

To make the experience more exciting, gamers can also have amusement with their thrilling bike racing experience within Highway Rider without a connected Internet. This means that you are able to easily access and enjoy the thrilling game of motorbike racing anytime you’re prepared.

Play for free

Even with all these fantastic features, it’s completely free for all Android players to play on mobile devices. It’s also possible to download and play Highway Rider Motorcycle Racer from the Google Play Store without spending a dime.

You can play for as long as you want by using our mod

Additionally, as it’s free to play, advertisements or in-game buy-ins are inevitable. Therefore, you may find it a bit annoying to go through the various levels and challenges to enjoy all those wonderful things. However, you may want to try an altered version, which allows you to play the unlocked gameplay. Simply download this Highway Rider Motorcycle Racer Mod APK on our site Follow the instructions and you’ll be set to start.

Sound and visual quality


Have fun with the stunning graphics and stunning immersive visuals within Highway Rider Motorcycle Racer. Take a ride on your bikes and take a journey through real-life and fun surroundings. At the same time, you can explore and enjoy the amazing visual effects. Also, take pleasure in the game without any hassle even with your low-end phones.


Alongside the impressive visuals, gamers playing Highway Rider Motorcycle Racer will have access to amazing and captivating audio effects. In addition, the thrilling music will keep you hooked on the gaming for hours at a time.

Download Highway Rider Motorcycle Racer Mod latest 2.2.2 Android APK

Enjoy yet another thrilling experience in the Bike Race in this latest game from Battery Acid Games. You can enjoy informal and fun rides at any time you’re playing the game. Most importantly, you can play for no cost on our website.

What's new

> 2.2.2 improves the physics of driving to be more precise!

Rev up for some exciting new changes!

- Rebuilt motorcycles with higher-quality graphics!
- Upgradable bike engines
- Customizable new wheels
- More paint jobs
- All-new player challenges
- Realistic first-person mode
- Better graphics

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