HBTube If you like viewing videos via YouTube and would like to have an application that's more intuitive, powerful and feature-rich than the original application, HBTube(Lightweight Youtube) is a great option.
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March 1, 2021
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Description of the NewPipe MOD APK 0.81.13 (Lightweight YouTube)

HBTube - Video Player - Free Background Music - Apps on Google Play

HBTube If you like viewing videos via YouTube and would like to have an application that’s more intuitive, powerful, and feature-rich than the original application, HBTube(Lightweight Youtube) is a great option.

HBTube gives you a fantastic video experience for smartphones. You aren’t stung by unprofessional advertisements. Also, you aren’t a target for collecting information about users from a third party. HBTube makes use of open-source code. You can download the app on GitHub.

Excellent YouTube experience for phones

HBTube isn’t the only option for Youtube However, HBTube is quickly becoming the first option for the world’s biggest video community. Naturally, it is possible that you could use a variety of alternatives via the phone. But, there are other apps that aren’t free and come with huge capacities.

If you are looking to find an appropriate replacement, then you could use HBTube. HBTube is among the most popular alternative apps to Youtube. It is possible to download HBTube effortlessly online, and then install it swiftly onto your Android phone. It is certain that HBTube is an excellent alternative.

Provide a cost-free and contemporary experience

HBTube is a free application for Android devices. It is also an open-source player for media. Furthermore, HBTube is an unofficial YouTube client. The app is available within the F-Droid software, or on the website of the official GitHub website. According to a number of reviewers, HBTube is an excellent alternative to the official YouTube application.

HBTube is similar to numerous video applications on YouTube. However, the application has an appealing, user-friendly, and modern-looking style. It can be used with HBTube for a browser application to stream online videos effortlessly.

HBTube offers an efficient and integrated search engine that is powerful and integrated. Thus, it is possible to search for, play or download every video you want on the internet. Of course, you’ll download and also view the most popular videos in the world. It’s all great and free!


A fantastic alternative to Youtube

HBTube is an application that functions as a Youtube client. It doesn’t use any content libraries provided by Google as well as YouTube or Youtube API. The application simply analyzes videos that are uploaded to YouTube and gathers the required details. This means that you can run the app on a range of devices (PCs and smartphones, tablets,) as well as devices that don’t have Google Services installed.

HBTube offers a variety of configuration options that are based on user preferences. This means you can pick your preferred resolution, like 1080p or 720p (360p as default). But, you’ll need an internet connection in order to view videos with high-quality. Additionally, the program is able to connect an external video player or audio player in order to stream the movie. The application, in particular, lets users access all traffic that passes through Tor.

Download free videos and play them in the background

HBTube doesn’t use an official YouTube API. This means that the app erases all data related to videos, as well as other things such as views, likes, and dislikes views. This will reduce the amount of data that is downloaded as well as it also reduces the volume of information that is shared with Google. It is also possible to watch videos when you have no internet access.

HBTube is also awe-inspiring for users due to its tiny size. It also offers useful features, including watching videos while in the background or downloading videos directly to your phone. Additionally, you can opt to download high-quality video or only audio. The application allows downloading of videos in formats like MPEG, WebM, and 3GP. In addition, you can choose different video qualities as desired.

HBTube allows you to add YouTube videos to your playlist. The program can display any video in an in-app window. You can look up all the details about the video, and then select from a range of themes that you can customize.

HBTube - Video Player - Free Background Music 2.5 APK - hb.tube.us APK Download

Many different services are supported.

HBTube can be used with many different video streaming services. Of course, the application can be used with YouTube. YouTube channel, which is among the most-watched videos along with streaming channels. There are amazing videos in a variety of formats including news, music games, and many more interesting items.

HBTubealso works with other platforms such as PeerTube (an open platform for a video that is decentralized), SoundCloud (a streaming platform for music), Bandcamp Bandcamp (an artist-friendly platform to share music) ) as well as media.ccc.de (the German group’s live streaming and video hosting platform).

A friendly interface, with a beautiful red theme

HBTube is an efficient and user-friendly app. The application has a beautiful style with grey and dark red tones. Function icons are nicely presented. This allows users to effortlessly select the appropriate features when using the program. It is possible to download your favorite movies to stream offline.

The app is broken down into three tabs: Trends Subscriptions and Bookmarks. The three bars on the top left of the screen are the main menu for the application. It also contains your download history as well as your history. Naturally, you are able to also make numerous modifications, such as choosing the quality you prefer or altering the style.

Download the original application ” Youtube” to access the top video social network around the globe. It allows users to upload, download, and share videos. You can browse a range of videos, including private videos, music videos movies, short, original videos, as well as educational videos.


In the end, it’s an excellent app that is a perfect substitute for YouTube. It allows you to download your most loved YouTube videos, stream music in the background and protect your privacy. So, if you’re looking to make use of a good application to download videos at no cost, you must get “HBTube”.

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