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Guild of Heroes is a team-based RPG set in a world where the greatest power comes from controlling magic. On the fringes of this wealthy city, an underground group of rebels and guilds are forming. Will you be able to sneak into their secret meetings, befriend their members and expose them to the wider world? Or will your attempts be found out, leading to a larger clash that could shape the city forever?


Guild of Heroes is a narrative-driven game with plenty of exploration and discovery for you to experience on your own terms. Hand-painted artwork and an original musical score help bring the story to life, piece by piece. While there is an overall mystery at the heart of Guild of Heroes, much of the story unfolds as you gain political influence in the city of Corum and discover new items in your expeditions within grasslands, mountain valleys, forests, deserts, and swamps.

Features of Guild of Heroes

Fantasy adventure game.

Guild of Heroes is an online

, multiplayer RPG. Through RPG Gameplay, users may interact and battle with other players, equip their Guild/Hero/Legendary Heroes with various items and gear, Link Skills to help each other, delve into dungeons and raid bosses to farm for epic gear, complete guild quests to gain guild experience and gold, establish guild rankings and climb the renown leaderboard.

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Guild of Heroes: Adventures is a free-to-play, turn-based, story-driven RPG. We are releasing several chapters, updating the game frequently, and adding new content continuously – all completely free of charge.

The management team of the Guild of Heroes

(GOH) is content with the progress that the guild has achieved over the past six months. A lot of effort and resources have been devoted towards maintaining a satisfactory level of services, through the recruitment and training of new members, as well as in the introduction of new features to enrich the gaming experience of our players.

The first apps are in development, and our secret playtests are going swimmingly. Keep checking back for updates about the future of Guild of Heroes: The Card Game, and all the organized play development that goes along with it!

Here’s what you didn’t

know about a great new game called Guild of Heroes: the Guild has been a tool used to destroy good people and their lands. A more appropriate name would be ‘Guild of Sorcery’ as they are behind all the evil in the land. What is not known by the masses, is that a group of heroes has banded together to fight this Guild that has brainwashed most of the populace. This game will only be successful if you could help us reach our Kickstarter goal in 3 months. This may sound like an impossible feat, but we feel that together, with your help, we can do it!

reputation for only

The Guild of Heroes has a reputation for only accepting the finest warriors – the ones who demonstrate both athletic and mental skill. These hardy adventurers need a strong melee combatant, and that’s where you come in. As we’re sure you know, even if a character has sufficient strength to wield an ax or sword or bow, google play stores these weapons that can be useless against an enemy with magical abilities. That is why we’ve turned to you to develop the lead class for our Guild of Heroes update. Your task is to assess damage output across many different classes and decide on a design that’s both fun and fair.

final word

The Guild of Heroes is a cooperative game for up to four players facing the same triumphs and challenges. It is the classic battle between good and evil. Choose your side: are you a Hero or an Evil Wizard? In this epic game, be the first to build your village and conquer your enemies!

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