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Grim Soul Enjoy the most thrilling survival experience in this fun game by Kefir. Experience the classic RPG gameplay while you journey across deserted lands seeking out survival and acquiring items to live. Create your base and defend yourself from the dangers of the wilderness.

Join the thousands of gamers online as you take part in this huge online survival game. Combat the souls of the dead who roam the land and discover a way to escape from this chaos. Be able to take down predators and zombies while engaging in thrilling combat.

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The game is set in a deserted region where once a prosperous Imperial province was once. Today, all that’s left are the undead roaming around and predators that are seeking human flesh. The whole thing began when the devastating plague was brought upon the people of the country.

Many were transformed into half-human, half-monsters whose sole goal is to hunt the survivors and devour them literally. Additionally, the fact that there’s no one in the villages the wild animals have taken over the land and left nothing.

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Being among a handful of lucky survivors, your main objective in Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival is to do to make it through the harsh landscape. Explore the surroundings to search for resources that are available, hunt away predators and monsters that threaten you, hunt down animals to eat, and construct an impressive foundation so that you are able to defend yourself in the event of dark nights.

In addition, this game offers an exciting online game where players from across the globe can take part in this thrilling survival game. Begin by forming a team with other players and build your base. If you play in groups, you could have better odds of being able to survive.


This page will provide all the exciting features the game can offer:

Create your own custom characters

At first, players playing Grim Soul are presented with simple character customization options in which you can design your own characters that have unique characteristics. Choose the genders you prefer and give your characters specific characteristics that make them distinct from other characters and the list goes on. Furthermore, as you dig deeper into the game you will discover more customization options available.

Enjoy your favorite RPG gameplay, and much even

Enjoy the thrilling classic RPG game with a variety of exciting features available in Grim Soul. Find your most loved weapons and the most essential gear. Set out into the wilderness while you search the land for sources of resources. Beware of enemies and monsters while earning experience. Explore the helpful building and crafting features to make amazing gadgets. You can create virtually everything in Grim Soul.

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Learn about the crafty talents that are useful to you.

In order to improve your chances of making it through this degrading world, in addition to collecting numerous resources, players must also master the art of making and building. With these skills, you can quickly build useful tools and other items to aid you on your travels.

Take your tools and workstations while you work on new items and tools. You are free to create and personalize your items according to what you want them. Create fine armor to shield yourself from threats and sharp blades to eliminate them quickly.

Be able to overcome the challenges by rising over

The world waiting just outside your door is brutal and cruel. Therefore, make sure that your characters are ready prior to leaving. Life in the Plaguelands can quickly devour you with single hunger, hungry monsters, and clever adversaries.

The game is the ultimate survival challenge in which you’ll discover everything you have to know to survive in the harsh terrain. You are the sole master of your destiny as you fight the elements, defeat your enemies, and master to live in this dangerous world.

A vast map filled with new areas to explore

The game presents players with a vast map of multiple places across the world. There, players can explore the entire once-thriving empire prior to the effects of The Grey Decay.

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Explore a variety of locations, including dark forests, caves, and dark forests to peaceful towns and cities. You’ll be caught in the internal conflict between the various factions, and also discover various mysteries.

Create and reinforce your castle

In such a tense world it’s impossible to predict what’s to come in the next moment, particularly when night arrives. Because you won’t be in bed all night, it’s crucial to build your massive castle, where you’ll be able to defend yourself against attackers’ attacks and the other predators that roam wild.

Utilize your building abilities when you build all kinds of gadgets inside your bases, and strengthen the security of your base. Additionally, it’s necessary to gather enough materials to build more structures should they be required. It’s impossible to predict what might happen to you in the dark.

Fight off enemies in epic battles

Alongside fighting predators and undead In addition to fighting predators and undead, players in Grim Soul also be faced with perilous enemies that appear around their camps seeking the best opportunity to strike. Additionally, you’ll be confronted with all sorts of enemies along your way. Be on guard for a possible attack. It’s either you or the person who’s lying on the floor.

Utilize the huge arsenal of weapons that includes every kind of medieval weapon that can be used. Prefer a conservative fight style? You’ll be equipped with strong bows and arrows. Are you looking to take on your adversaries face-to-face? Do not forget to bring your deadly melee weapons.

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Get them to the ground as you get amazing loots from their bodies.

Find the infinite dungeons RPG style

If you’re looking for the classic dungeon-exploring game of the older RPG games Then Grim Soul is your perfect chance to revisit those great old-time experiences. Get caught in huge Dungeons that are multi-level and have horrible creatures to be taken care of.

Explore the most difficult dark dungeons, eliminate the hordes of zombies, battle against bosses with power, and unlock legendary objects.

Explore the mysteries of the Plaguelands

Being one of the few people who survived the Plaguelands It is hard not to wonder what occurred to the land and its inhabitants. What is the cause of such terrible incidents?

However, as you explore the world and complete your quests You’ll also be coming across a variety of letters and scrolls which tell tales about the Empire as well as the historical events that occurred that took place in the past.

Be sure to not lose anything, and you can uncover the details of the mystery behind the disappearance of an entire culture. The key to solving this mystery lies in your grasp. Are you able to solve the mystery?

Pet animals and let them help you.

The game can go to introduce players to the animals they might encounter on the open plains. In lieu of pursuing them with your arrows and bows, it is also possible to set traps to catch the animals.

Choose a stabled horse create a stable one, and care for it to ensure that you and it are able to be partners. When it’s trusting enough, you’ll be able quickly to ride off and take on your foes from the saddle. You’ll be traveling faster thanks to your able horses. Furthermore, you can also harness wild predators such as wolves, to help you fight.

Make your own raven cage to go on a journey to the countryside with less effort

The best method for you to find sources and events that are important to Grim Soul is to make your own raven cage. The ravens will begin to flock to you, and you will be able to then take them home. These fascinating birds are ideal in the sense of supervising the land. If they spot something interesting, they’ll fly in a circle around the area, allowing you to swiftly navigate around the area. This increases the chance of a bounty of loots.

Discover the online Clan game

If you’re bored of being alone in the frightened and dangerous realm of Grim Soul, the game also offers the thrilling Clan online game, in which you play with your friends to take on the ultimate survival challenge.

By combining your strengths You can quickly establish strategic locations and set up fortifications. Additionally, it’s much easier to take on creatures and foes in groups. You can join your clan and battle other Clans to make your mark on the kingdom.

Numerous tasks and challenges to complete

In addition to the standard playing experience, Grim Soul also introduces Android players to a variety of challenges and quests. You can take on many tasks assigned to you. You can also earn awesome rewards.

Play for free

In spite of all the incredible features, it is available for Android players to play. This means that it is easy to get the game on mobile devices with no issues. However, in-app purchases can make it slower.

Access useful by using our mod

If you are annoyed by them You should think about installing them on your devices instead. With Grim Soul Mod APK Grim Soul Mod APK gamers will be able to access the crafting tools for free. In addition, we’ve removed the advertisements so that you can play playing more easily.

Sound and visual quality


The developers of Grim Soul did an excellent job of re-creating the mysterious and dark place called the Plaguelands. However, Android gamers will find themselves lost in the vivid and real-world worlds. It’s like being lost in the vastness of this world.

And with stunning graphics and detailed images, it’s easy to be playing the games and activities to the fullest.


With a terrifying and dark concept, Grim Soul introduces gamers to exciting and engaging audio experiences. Every time you play it’s hard not to be weighed down and in danger by the surroundings. The game is enjoyable for those who are avid RPG players.

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Grim Soul is one of the few MMORPGs available that are available on mobile platforms with amazing tales, addicting gameplay, and thrilling experience. In addition, you can it absolutely nothing. If this isn’t enough for you to consider, you might be interested in trying another fantastic survival game featuring unique and unique gameplay. Frostborn as well as the Last Day of Earth Survival and more.

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