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Going Balls Be ready to take part in this fascinating game called going Balls in which Android players are able to freely explore their trails with the ball that rolls. Play with pleasure on numerous trails, with various setups and fun props to play with. Make use of the simple and easy-to-use touch controls to easily practice your moves.

Explore the unique aspects of a ball-rolling platformer where you’ll embark on an epic journey to overcome multiple challenges each with its distinct mechanics and game-play interactions. Just move your ball left, forward, and right using your swipes that are interactive. Enjoy the surprising enjoyable rides when you’re in the game.

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In Going Balls, Android gamers can take part in the fun, yet engaging and addictive game using their mobile devices. You can simply take part in a ball rolling game that guides them through a range of trails with each one offering unique gameplay and experience in the game.

Play the game on your mobile by using simple and easy controls. Additionally, you will find the game’s simple mechanics thrilling. Play the game any time you wish and explore its amazing content to the max. Play through a variety of exciting game challenges that have infinite stages and levels each with distinct aspects.

Enjoy the thrilling game that is Going Balls with absolute ease of mind as the easy game is completely easy to play. Additionally, the various options of customization are sure to make the game more enjoyable and thrilling.

Going Balls - Apps on Google Play


Here are all the thrilling features the game has to provide:

Fun and intuitive touch controls

In the beginning, Android gamers in Going Balls will immediately enjoy playing their favorite casual game thanks to the simple touchscreen controls. Simply move your finger upwards and downwards to speed up and slow the ball down. Use your left and right motions to guide your ball over the obstacles. In addition, the game’s controls are very natural and let you enjoy more playing the game.

Amazing levels that increase the difficulty of gameplay.

In Going Balls, Android gamers can play freely in a myriad of exciting in-game levels that each offer distinct experiences and components. Take on the challenges of your life with increasing gameplay and fresh-level settings. Additionally, the moderate levels of difficulty will ensure that you will always have fun playing the game’s excitement on mobile devices to the max.

Amazing trails that offer extreme experiences

Through playing the game Android players will get the chance to experience several thrilling rides, which will take them on numerous trails, with their amazing rides. Enjoy the thrilling game-based experiences that include a variety of innovative and hazardous routes, including super-high rails, narrow and treacherous roads as well as many more.

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A variety of obstacles and interactive objects add excitement to the game

While simultaneously, offering a wide range of interactive features and obstacles in the game In addition, the game’s interactive items and in-game obstacles Balls ensures that players have a lot of enjoyment with their amazing rides. Take on various interesting challenges within the game that let you freely play with specific obstacles and props. Be challenged by balls that roll across the board in different directions. Have fun on your flippy rides on huge trampolines. The list is endless.

Fun balls to play with

To keep the game interesting, Android gamers in Going Balls are now able to play using fun and distinctive balls, each with its distinct appearance. Choose the balls that you feel best represent you and allow you to continue to engage yourself in the exciting playing of Balls.

You can play offline on mobile devices.

For those who are interested, you can play the fun game Going Balls with its offline games. In the end, you don’t have to hunt for Wi-Fi connectivity that is active or utilize the data on your phone. All you have to do is join the game and begin having enjoyable with its features at any time you wish.

Play for free

Despite all the amazing options, this game is available for free to all Android players to enjoy on mobile devices. All that is required is for players to download and then install this game on Google Play Store. Google Play Store, no cost is needed.

You can access the modified game through our website

However, if you’d like to play the exciting game of Go Balls to the max, you should choose the modified version on our website. We offer an unlocked game that is free of charge with no ads, as well as numerous features that are unlocked. All you have to do is install the Going Balls Mod APK and follow the instructions and begin enjoying the game.

Sound and visual quality


With its simple but highly interactive 3D graphics, realistic in-game mechanics, and relatable animated scenes, Android users playing Going Balls are able to be immersed in the thrilling thrills. Simultaneously, due to the smooth, enjoyable visual elements, you’ll never get bored playing this game on your mobile.

Sound & Music

Alongside the captivating visual aspects, Going Balls also offers an amazing audio experience to make the game more thrilling. If you’re one of those who are looking for something to do the dynamic music and sound effects will keep you hooked on the action.

Final thoughts

It’s simple but extremely entertaining gameplay, Going Balls is certainly an ideal mobile game for Android gamers who want to enjoy themselves and relax while playing it. Thanks to the modified app available on our site You’ll find additional reasons to love the game.


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