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Galaxy Attack Enjoy the casual and simple game Galaxy Attack of classic arcade games and retro titles playing on mobile phones? Are you looking for a game to play when you’re bored? Do you want to enjoy the endless challenges of space shooters in which you’ll battle the enemy’s fleet in thrilling and fun combat? You’ll surely discover Galaxy Attack surprisingly amazing on mobile devices.

You are free to take on endless shooter games using your spaceship alone to stop enemies from taking over our planet. You can take on various opponents in a set of epic shooter games. Take in the full perspective of the battle using this vertically scrolling shooting title by ONESOFT while you control your spacecraft to defeat your enemies and enjoy the game Galaxy Attack.

Learn more about this incredible mobile game Galaxy Attack with our review of Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter.

Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter (Premium) - Apps on Google Play

Story of Galaxy Attack

In the game, Android players will be playing the role of spaceship captain of a single spaceship that is Earth’s only hope against the invaders. You’ll be required to fight an epic series of combats against the enemy’s fleet. Make use of the fantastic power of fire and fight off your enemies in the process. Do not let anyone get away while you take on your foes. It’s very similar to DragonSky Idle as well as Merge however it has the unique design of space attacks.

Play this vertically scrolling game where you’ll be engaging in all sorts of exciting fights with adversaries and enjoy yourself when you progress through the epic levels. Use the boosters and buffs that are thrown off by the explosions of enemies to boost your spacecraft. Utilize your unique weapons and special shots to effectively eliminate opponents.

In addition, the user-friendly top-down view and the intuitive gameplay will definitely make the game a lot of fun for those looking for an enjoyable casual game Galaxy Attack.

While at the same time the intuitive top-down view and the intuitive game Galaxy Attackplay will definitely make the game a lot of fun for those who are looking for an excellent casual game. In addition, the deep gameplay with a variety of game modes is sure to impress all but the most skeptical players.


You’ll find all the exciting features this game offers:

Simple, simple, and extremely addictive gameplay

For starters, its simple and easy gameplay will enable Android gamers to instantly be acquainted with the game’s gameplay Galaxy Attack. This means that you can quickly make use of the touchscreen controls to enhance your spaceship on the board and avoid the attacks of your enemies. Send endless laser beams at your foes, and then destroy them by aiming them with precision.

While you’re at it you can collect numerous buffs that drop from your opponents to increase the power of your weapons, and switch types of lasers. Based on the situation you’ll see all of the power and efficiency.

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Different levels and a variety of difficulties.

Additionally, when you get into the thrilling game Galaxy Attack, you’ll experience each level as a lot of fun. It’s due to the moderately increasing difficulty within each. In other words, you’ll not be in a state of confusion by the challenging game Galaxy Attack in the beginning, nor you’ll find the game to be somewhat boring when you reach the more advanced levels.

Additionally, with a massive variety of in-game levels that span more than 160 levels for you to play through, there won’t be any issues for you to play to the fullest with Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter and especially since every level comes with an interesting mission and stunning designs.

Gather certain buffs to make your spaceships more powerful

If you’re curious, the game offers a variety of thrilling upgrades for your guns as well as lasers, which you will purchase when you’ve completed your space flights. You can upgrade your lasers and guns when you utilize them to effectively fight off opponents. Improve your firepower and accuracy, firing speed, and much more as you move in the course of the game. Enjoy yourself as you make use of these special upgrades that allow you to advance through the levels in-game.

Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter MOD APK 36.5 (Free Shopping) for Android

to advance through the game to advance through the in-game levels.

Make use of the fantastic capabilities to take on enemies

Furthermore, during your missions and battles with aliens in space, it’s possible to use the different abilities available to take on your adversaries. These abilities are easily used during space combat. So, you can make use of them to defeat your adversaries and keep the planet safe from destruction.

Engage in epic battles against several adversaries

For those who are interested, it’s possible to have fun playing through the levels while you find yourself facing a range of enemies with distinct characteristics and skills. Therefore, you must be ready for enemies who could shoot at you, or launch their spaceships in the most unpleasant ways. However, you must be prepared in case you’re confronted by intimidating enemy bosses.

Play with players online and with friends

To increase the fun, Android gamers in Galaxy Attack will also be having fun in the amazing multiplayer game Mode. You are welcome to join in the amazing PvP battles that you can play with 1vs1 or 1vs3 configurations as you take them to head. Have fun playing with your other gamers and friends anytime you are able to.

Have fun while trying to find the ultimate scoring in endless mode

Additionally, it’s possible to get the highest score in endless mode, which is filled with amazing games and fun features. In this mode, you’ll be able to fight waves after waves of opponents and upgrade your lasers to their maximum. Be ready to fight against your ever-growing enemies as you cover the longest distances, and enjoy the best scores. Challenge your friends and set your own personal records in the endless game mode in Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter.

Keep active and earn daily rewards

Furthermore, it’s also possible for Android gamers playing Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter to take pleasure in the amazing daily rewards. Simply by actively playing Galaxy Attack and having fun while playing to earn awesome rewards as you play. In addition, thanks to the stacking rewards, you’ll be able to receive your unique rewards when you’re done with each month.

You can have fun playing with a variety of accomplishments

Furthermore, it also offers various game-related achievements that you can easily earn and take pleasure in. Enjoy the traditional gameplay and take your time completing these feats. You will receive special rewards as you get better at your game and don’t hesitate to boast with your online friends and fellow gamers.

Play for free

For those who are curious, you can get Galaxy Attack installed on your mobile devices, without paying any money. It’s always possible to enjoy yourself playing the game in Google’s Google Play Store completely free.

Get unlimited cash with our method

But, as it’s a freemium game, there are still ads and in-game purchases which may be bothersome when you take on the challenges in the game. To keep the game exciting gamers playing Galaxy Attack will also find that they can play the game’s completely unlocked features on mobile devices.

Simply download and install Galaxy Attack Mod Apk on our site and follow the instructions to ensure that it’s installed and you’ll be ready to start. You are free to enjoy with unlimited money, no advertisements, and a variety of exciting features.

Audio and visual quality

Graphics of Galaxy Attack

You are free to dive into the galaxy that is Galaxy Attack with simple yet exciting and fascinating game-play graphics.

Enjoy the simplistic and immersive retro-inspired graphics that you’ll definitely find interesting. With full support and improved performance on the majority of Android devices, players will surely They will enjoy the game to the max. Additionally, the graphics are not demanding, which means that players have a smooth and enjoyable experience all through the experience.


Along with the powerful visual experience players in Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter will also have fun playing the game due to the incredibly powerful sound effects. The deep and immersive sound will allow you to feel incredibly engaged in the battles that are awe-inspiring. In addition, the enthralling strong soundtrack will keep you engaged in the action in Galaxy Attack for hours on.

Download Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter Mod latest 36.5 Android APK

If you’re looking to learn more, you’ll end up being able to play the amazing vertical scrolling game that is Galaxy Attack. The amazing shooter experience that includes engaging enemies, immersive level configurations, and a host of other features will surely impress the majority of gamers. In addition, it’s absolutely free to play and with many features that can be unlocked with our modified version, we can’t find any reason to ignore it.

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