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Flip Runner, You will be able to enjoy the hilarious and addictive parkour experiences in the flip runner as you tackle the in-game challenges of this sports title. You will feel the excitement of exploring the highest peaks in the city by flipping and tricking on rooftops.

Enjoy the fun gameplay of sports with its unique mechanics, which allow you to fly off buildings and land on any obstacle. Watch your characters perform incredible parkour feats using ragdoll physics.

Our in-depth reviews will help you learn more about this game by MotionVolt Games.


Android gamers now have the ability to enjoy the simple, yet highly enjoyable, sport of flip diving and Flip master right from their phones. You are welcome to join our incredible athletes and other unlikely rivals in their hilarious quests for the ultimate parkour challenges throughout the city.

The in-game mechanics are simple. You simply need to flip your characters using different flippy moves and the correct time to execute the correct moves. You will have a lot of fun with the ragdoll physics, so make sure you get through as many obstacles as possible.

Enjoy the many levels and interesting gameplay. You can enjoy your epic runs with multiple characters. Each character has its own unique look and moves.

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These are the most exciting features of the game:

Start with simple controls and basic gameplay

Flip Runner is easy to use and fun for Android gamers. You can use the intuitive touch controls to move the characters forward and backward. All you have to do is flip the screen. The intuitive tutorials will ensure that you are able to immediately enjoy the game.

Enjoy the game with interesting physics

Flip Runner will allow gamers to experience the in-game physics. This would make the game more fun. You can enjoy the fun levels and try your funny parkour moves. The game is addictive, even though the characters may be able to fly and jump in a completely different way.

There are hundreds of incredible challenges you can take on

Flip Runner will present hundreds of in-game challenges to Android gamers throughout the game. You can have fun with the many exciting and challenging levels. The game’s escalating gameplay will ensure that you don’t find it boring. As you progress, take on new challenges and explore new elements of Flip Runner. You’ll also learn new tricks.

Enjoy the game with all sorts of characters

Flip Runner has a variety of characters available for you to choose from. You can have fun with your Ninja, Gymnastic, or any other sports mascot costume, or just a regular guy in a white shirt. You will enjoy the game in a variety of ways because each character has its own unique look and interesting in-game movements. You will be able to explore Flip Runner’s gameplay in new ways thanks to their unique abilities.

To make your in-game experience better, upgrade your characters

Flip Runner allows gamers to level up their characters and make them more powerful by using the in-game features. These features can be used to train and improve your characters for optimal parkour performance. You can take on the most difficult in-game challenges whenever you like with fully-upgraded characters.

Flip Runner: Tips for your flipping good time | Pocket Gamer

Make amazing videos of your performances

You can also record amazing parkour videos with Flip Runner using the built-in camera. To have all your performances recorded and saved, tap the camera icon anytime you are in the game. You can take a look and share them with your friends.

You can enjoy offline gaming at any time

MotionVolt Games offers Flip Runner offline, which allows Android gamers to enjoy their favorite games on the move. You don’t need to search for active Wi-Fi networks or use your mobile data.

Play for free

The game’s exciting features aside, it is still available for free to all Android gamers. You can download and install it from the Google Play Store anytime you want, without paying anything. It’s still freemium and there will be ads.

Enjoy the unblocked game on our website

Unless you don’t want to pay for in-game content, our unlocked Flip Runner version is always a better choice. You can download the Flip Runner MOD APK from our website and follow the instructions to install it. Then you can have fun playing the game. You can enjoy unlimited in-game cash, no ads, and all other unlocked features whenever it suits you.

Sound and visual quality


Flip Runner’s amazing graphics will immerse you in the 3D world. Enjoy performing parkour and jumping on top of huge buildings, while the city opens before you. Many gamers will enjoy unique in-game experiences thanks to the quirky characters and the hilarious ragdoll Physics.

Sound & Music

Flip Runner offers more than just simple graphics. It also has amazing audio experiences that Android gamers can enjoy. Enjoy the unique mobile title, and enjoy your favorite game with powerful sound effects or exciting soundtracks.

Final thoughts

Flip Runner is easy to play on mobile phones and tablets thanks to its simple gameplay and fun in-game elements. You’ll find even more reasons to play Flip Runner thanks to our unlocked and free version.

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