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Fishdom is a Fish Tank Game that makes it fun and easy to create virtual aquariums that look terrific and operate flawlessly. Whether you’re an expert fish keeper or a casual hobbyist, creating your own virtual aquariums is as simple as choosing from a wide variety of tanks, decorating the interiors and exteriors, adding fish and water plants – and then watching what happens next! Packed with realistic sound effects, stunning visuals, and curious animated fish and plant life, playing with Fishdom is addictive fun for people of all ages.


Fishdom comes to life on your desktop! This game features stunning ocean-themed graphics and challenging gameplay. When you complete each level, you’ll unlock decorative objects for your virtual aquarium! Make as much money as possible by catching as many fish as you can before the time runs out. Points are awarded for every fish added to your inventory; however, beware of the red ones, because sending them back to the sea will cost you a point! Featuring 2 exciting modes of play and challenging obstacles that must be avoided or used to your advantage, Fishdom is a fresh and exciting challenge every time! It’s easy to get started… just download and install!


Fishdom is the No.1 selling match-3 game where if you haven’t played yet, you simply don’t know about it!

Fishdom is here and the future is looking fishy!

The latest version of Fishdom is a whole new experience that has been redesigned with you in mind. The all-new graphics, new building materials, and special effects will make your experience more fun than ever!

Fishdom mod apk

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Fishdom is a puzzle game where you need to create your very own aquarium. Nearly 50 million fish and 1000+ decorations are waiting for you to discover them, breed them, feed them, and make each aquarium unique. Multiple item-matching modes and Rainbow Fish that can be bred will keep you challenged through 200+ levels!

 is a challenging,

beautifully designed online aquarium and virtual pet game that has delighted aquarium hobbyists and gaming fans worldwide. The NO.1 ranked Facebook game Fishdom has thrilled millions with its captivating gameplay and stunning visuals since 2008. The game is now available on the web, the iPhone, and the iPad.

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Boost the powers of your fish by improving the environment, hiring friendly assistants, collecting bonus items, or decorating their home with objects you buy using gold coins. You can now place even more decorations in the tank and create your own unique underwater world!

Fishdom is a fun, fish tank simulation game.

You will have to use your imagination and creativity to create the fish tank of your dreams. Enjoy countless hours of fun with realistic 3D fish, interactive objects, and ingenious decorations like plants, bubbles, and coral reefs.

The professional sequel too!

is finally here! Deck-building meets fish-breeding in this addictive combination of strategy and puzzle-solving. Create dazzling aquariums for your virtual fish, add cute decorations that include a hammock for your piranha, and make your fish happy by producing organic snacks for them. The more pets you have, the more rare decorations you receive, which can be used to create ever more unique gardens! It’s all up to you in Fishdom 2!


Fishdom FAQs What is the minimum my computer system needs in order to play? Does collect any personal information from my computer? What do I get with my game purchase? When will the full version download onto my computer? I already have a Zoo Tycoon 2 game on my computer, why do I need another one? Where can I find out more about the game and its creators?

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Build your very own virtual fish tank with Fishdom! You’ll have everything you need to unlock the mysteries of an aquarium and decorate it for both peace and beauty. From ornaments and ornaments to plantlife, an eye-catching coral reef, lifelike fish, google play store there’s no limit to what you can create! Keen to make a splash in the world of match-three fun? Start building your dream aquarium today!

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