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Film Maker Pro - Movie Maker - Apps on Google Play

Film Maker Pro For those who want to learn more about photography or filmmaking all you require is an Android device that has a decent camera configuration to begin shooting videos. If you want to begin editing your videos in order to create them as cinematic and professional as you can, then you’ll definitely find this amazing app by Cadillac to be useful.

Enjoy using it to make stunning videos for professionals and novices. You can have fun editing your video using the built-in editor. You can also unlock several interesting features only accessible through the application. Experience a variety of styles and upgrades which can enhance your video and make it more thrilling. Explore a variety of creative editing techniques to improve your filmmaking experience.

Learn more about the application and its many features by reading the help of our Film Maker Pro reviews.

What is it that they do?

Through Film Maker Pro, Android users can easily work on the videos that they have taken and apply interesting editing effects. You can transform your videos into professional artists with many tools available. Make your own Hollywood-style films and videos with casual editing for social media, and many more.

Enjoy working with the video editor that is fully featured and video maker, which allows anyone who is new to become a professional video maker in a single click. Discover a wealth of fascinating video templates to swiftly transform your videos into stunning pieces of art. Explore the fascinating effects of videos in FX Video Editor. FX Video Editor features a myriad of innovative effects. Use filters to effortlessly modify your videos in a variety of different ways. Create unique animations with your videos, and you can easily alter the speed of the video and playback options.

You can add amazing pieces of music using the app or select any audio files that you have on your computer. You can unlock interesting text settings using diverse styles and fonts. You can enable text animations as well as cute stickers to your videos to enhance their visual appeal. The list of options is endless.

Film Maker Pro - Movie Maker - Apps on Google Play


If you are curious, you can download the no-cost application Film Maker Pro on the Google Play Store There are no fees to pay. Enjoy yourself by using the various options and begin working on the videos you like. However, to get the most out of the app there are certain ads and in-app purchases which you must be able to unlock using real cash.

To ensure that the app functions effectively on your device There is a variety of access permissions you’ll need to give to it. Therefore, you must be aware of the app’s demands when you first use it for the first time.

Like many other Android applications, you’ll have to ensure that your device is running on the most current firmware, and preferably Android 5.0 and above.

Fantastic features

Here are the top features the app can offer:

You can access the simple Videos Maker and Editor

From the beginning, Android users in Film Maker Pro will have fun playing around with the handy Video Maker and easily capture any video footage they want using its built-in camera. Use a variety of simple settings that allow you to easily alter your video with ease. You can unlock a wide range of video editing options. Create slideshows with a myriad of built-in options.

Most importantly, Film Maker Pro will feature an intuitive video editor and editor user interface that includes timelines and layers. You can now edit the interface using precise zoom-in and out functions. You can edit your videos frame-by-frame and take advantage of the numerous features available.

Film Maker Pro - Movie Maker - Apps on Google Play

Video templates that are free and easily accessible.

With the help of the video templates that are free, it is easy to create the layouts that your films will have. You can choose from a variety of intros and outros that each have their own unique layouts and fully editable elements to make your videos more interesting. You can have fun working with various intriguing themes that can change your video footage in various directions.

Fastly edit colors using FX editor

If you are interested, you are able to select the specific video FX options in Film Maker Pro, which will give you popular effects for the footage you choose. You can have fun playing with popular glitch videos, shake videos Lumafx, lumafx, and many other effects that will allow you to become excellent video experts on the Internet even if you have no experience.

Change the speed of the video and create actions

Additionally, to increase the interest in your videos, Film Maker Pro will include a powerful speed editor that will permit you to quickly create slow-motion videos or enable time-lapse videos. Adjust the speed as needed to allow professional-looking videos. In addition, take a look at a range of exciting video actions using the motion graphics included which can provide more fluidity and motion to your videos. Make sure you enable your top-quality videos to Film Maker Pro and make maximum use of its features.

Incorporate many interesting texts and stickers

In Film Maker Pro, Android users will also be able to access the incredible collection of adorable stickers as well as interesting text fonts that you can easily apply to the videos you’ve chosen. Simply choose the font style you prefer and then write whatever you’d like. Place the text wherever you want it to appear and include unique animations of text to determine how it will appear or disappear. You can unlock multiple stickers and emojis with various themes and styles to incorporate into your videos. Explore a variety of combinations to get the most out of your creativity.

Edit your videos at no cost by adding music and audio

For those who are curious, you can easily edit your videos using the music and audio tools within the application. Explore more than 100 tracks for free without copyright concerns. Choose your own voiceovers to enhance the narration. You will always have access to numerous other audio files on your device. You are free to carry out many edits on the music files you’ve selected that allow you to adjust volume, playback speed, as well as other effects that are basic. These will enable you to improve the editing of the videos you have selected.

Check out a myriad of intriguing filters and transitions

In Film Maker Pro, Android users are able to test their unique filters and video effects each one with distinctive artistic features. Begin by activating the chosen filters from the 50+ amazing options to effortlessly style your videos with any of the available themes. Make use of the camera movements that can be adjusted and video transitions that allow you to include suitable video clips between clips.

You can quickly make physical edits to any video.

For those who are curious, you can make simple edits to your video clips. You can crop your videos to eliminate any unwanted elements. Split your video into smaller and editable segments. You can also combine all the footage into one video. They are very similar to the standard video editing applications including VivaCut as well as FilmoraGo.

Have fun mixing your own videos

Additionally, thanks to the mixing effects, you can freely experiment with your videos and create distinctive visual effects on each. Adjust the brightness, exposure as well as other elements of the videos you have selected to make them more engaging. Also, make use of overlays that allow you to make these visual adjustments to the various presets available.

You can work for free on compression and the conversion of your videos

If you’re finding that your videos are too large for certain social networks, or do not have the appropriate resolution you’ll always be able to utilize Film Maker Pro to enable various useful modifications. It is possible to customize the settings of your export by adjusting resolutions, formats for videos, and more options. The application can easily reduce and transform your video without sacrificing quality. This makes it efficient for all situations.

Create your own PIP video

If you want to allow multiple videos on your video simultaneously, it’s possible to activate the beneficial PIP (Picture in Picture) options within the mobile app. It’s also applicable to your images, which means you can also make collages of photos to the chosen videos with ease. Make your seamless blends of images and videos in one clip anytime you want to.

Enjoy cinematic scenes using Hollywood styles

Not to mention for those who are looking to make HD-quality, Hollywood-styled video You can enjoy playing around by using your Green Screen and Chroma Key feature available in Film Maker Pro. It is easy to adjust the backgrounds and modify any of the elements you want to edit on the videos to create believable footage for your mobile devices.

Get the free and unlocked app available on our website.

If you don’t want to purchase a subscription to unlock all in-app purchases as well as ads, it’s an option to opt for the modified app on our site. We offer the free version that comes with Film Maker Pro with all features that you can take advantage of. Additionally, the absence of ads ensures that you’re not interrupted when editing. Download this Film Maker Pro Mod APK Follow the instructions, and you’ll be ready to start.

Final decisions

While editing your films, it’s essential to have good software to use. It’s no different. Film Maker Pro is certainly an excellent choice due to its easy-to-use interface as well as professional-grade features. Take advantage of the application to create your own videos and edit them with a variety of unique effects.


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