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Fighter Jet Air Strike Since the beginning of time, humans have always dreamed of being able to fly above the clouds like birds
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A description for After Burner Climax 1.0.4 (MOD Free Shopping)

Fighter Jet Games: Jet Air Strike WW2 Plane Games - Latest version for Android - Download APK

Fighter Jet Air Strike Since the beginning of time, humans have always dreamed of being able to fly above the clouds like birds. But it’s only when the Wright brothers unveil their first flying machine that we start to consider that this is a possibility.

Today, we’re fully capable of creating aircraft that fly extremely rapidly and at a high speed. We have jets with high-speed engines that can travel more than half the globe in one day. This is why flying has become an activity that is exciting and feasible simultaneously. of

However, if you’d like to take a dive in the sensation of flying above the skies on your aircraft and you’re interested in checking out SEGA’s most recent games that are available for Android gadgets, including After Burner Climax

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Story of Fighter Jet Air Strike

You’ll play as a new Army pilot who is eager to apply the lessons learned at the school. Engage in exciting missions and fly around in your magnificent fighter aircraft. Find the military installations of your adversaries and take down their squadrons in intense sky battles. Utilize the knowledge you’ve learned in the academy, avoid the fires of your enemies, shake them with rockets, and eliminate their defenses on the ground by using your superior weapons.

The gameplay of Fighter Jet Air Strike

Test your skills as a pilot to the test by participating in incredible sky battles. Navigate your way through a variety of challenging missions. You can access some of the modern fighter aircraft worldwide. Find out more about the amazing features of the After Burner Climax here: Fighter 

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diverse fighter aircrafts

In the After Burner Climax In After Burner Climax, you’ll have access to some of the strongest aircraft on the planet in terms of firepower as well as speed. Take a ride on the F-14D Super Tomcat by Northrop Grumman or the F-15E Strike Eagle by Boeing and fly above the clouds and break through all barriers.

Additionally, you’ll be able to have access to certain customization options that allow the paint of your aircraft according to various styles. However, you’ll be able to choose the typical grey paint that all fighter jets come with. However, if you’d like to try some camouflage then you are able to apply it. The game Fighter Jet Air comes with a special paint that helps you stand out from other jets, which can be a great idea for those who want to draw the firepower of your adversaries.

Take part in epic battles that will last for more than 20 stages

The game offers more than 20 environments with various tasks and difficulties. Additionally, you’ll be fighting on various battlefields that require different kinds of skills. Every once in a moment, you can gaze outside your home and see a variety of stunning scenery.

People who are more interested in discovered elements may enjoy finding the hidden levels that are hidden in After Burner Climax. There are a variety of games that are both challenging and rewarding. But, you’ll need to satisfy certain criteria in order to be able to access these levels.

To satisfy your pilot zeal The game also includes different jet-powered power-ups. Utilize them to the fullest and you’ll be able to transform your aircraft into a highly efficient machine.

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Additionally, if you’re bored of the single-player career mode, you could spend playing online with players from around the world. Take on challenges and win matches to secure your spot in the world rankings.

Get endless enjoyment by playing 3 different game modes

With 3 different game Fighter Jet Air Strike modes available You’ll be spending long hours playing After Burner Climax.

In addition, we’ve added the arcade mode, which lets players play exciting challenging, and enjoyable missions. Finish them with the best score you can and gain new capabilities for your jet fighters, as well as receive new enhancements.

People who wish to push their talents and skills to the limit can participate in The Score Attack Challenges.

You’ll meet other players with the same passion. You can compete with them for an entry in the leaderboard rankings and gain the respect of other players around the world.

As you fight your way through the battle, your Climax Gauge would gradually fill up. Once it’s filled you’ll be able to activate the Climax Mode, which slows the surrounding area and boosts your goals as well as the power. Make use of this ability to destroy large groups of foes before they even react.

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Gaming and control for the smartphone

The game Fighter Jet Air Strike has been designed to provide optimal control interface for touchscreen phones. In other words, you’ll feel comfortable when playing After Burner Climax while controlling your jet and shooting at your opponents. Additionally, you are able to alter the controls to fit your individual preferences. You can also make use of this Haptic Support function to feel the responsiveness of button presses as if you were using physical buttons.

Those who aren’t familiar with the touchscreen controller could switch to compatible controllers. Therefore, you can utilize the Android device as a screen to play with controls that are physically based.

There is no in-app purchase required. of Fighter Jet Air Strike

The game is completely free to play and you’ll be able to easily find and install it on Google Play Store. Google Play Store. Although it does include in-app purchases, the majority will have no influence on your game development. Therefore gamers will enjoy an honest and fair game, which is what’s important are your efforts and commitment.

Sound and visual quality of Fighter Jet Air Strike


The game has realistic 3D graphics that improve your overall experience. In addition, you’ll fly on numerous huge maps with stunning landscapes beneath. Furthermore, the gameplay is extremely smooth and will always maintain a reasonable speed, even in busy scenes.

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Sound/Music of Fighter Jet Air Strike

You’ll feel the feeling of being a pilot flying in the air.

The sound of winds roaring through your ears while flying at high speeds, and battling enemies’ rockets at your back, and much in between, and much. The whole package delivers the most exciting experiences to gamers.

Final thoughts

With amazing gameplay, stunning graphics, and lots of content that can be found it is one of the top air-fighting titles you can play playing on Android devices.

How to install After Burner Climax using the OBB data file

  • APK download it to your phone.
  • Extract the OBB file to /Android/OBB/com.sega.after burner climax. Ensure that the OBB file ( sits within the com. sega.after burner climax folder.
  • Restart the game. Enjoy!

Download After Burner Climax Mod latest 1.0.4 Android APK

It is possible to install After Burner Climax on your Android devices by visiting the Google Play Store or, respectively. Download the afterburner Climax Apk then install the app. It does include an in-app purchase option and typical advertisements, but they shouldn’t be a major influence on the gaming experience. Additionally, you can buy other items later on in the game as well.

What's new

- improved environment
- Added Spin wheel

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